Employee Time Tracking Software

For business owners, quality employee time tracking software can simplify timesheet maintenance while watching out for a company's bottom line. Whether the need is for recording staff attendance, tracing worker hours, or keeping organized records of project based work, there are a wide variety of programs that can help businesses keep track of this important information. These applications automatically calculate data that once consumed hours and hours of work in the areas of billing and payroll. Accuracy in the recording of worked hours is another benefit of this approach. Other areas of staff member behavior can be tracked as well by using employee tracking software. Some of these areas could include employee performance, instant message chats, log ins and log outs, USB device monitoring, file and folder monitoring, keystroke monitoring, web site and program monitoring, as well as the ability to create screenshots of worker activity. These applications can go a long way in helping employers keep an eye on worker activity and make sure that productivity is continuing smoothly throughout the day. Automatically generated reports on issues such as worker tardiness, errors, or absences greatly simplify staff monitoring and payroll procedures.

There are many things to consider when choosing employee tracking software. One important consideration is that of finding a program that will work well with a company's network and other software programs. An application that will trace not only hours worked, but the location of that work and the job that is being performed is another important priority. Just knowing the amount of hours worked without following the work that is being done can lead to unnecessary overtime and a reduction in productivity. When overtime is necessary, a system that will easily handle this is a plus, as well as one that will easily process vacation days, personal days, or holidays. A program that allows space for extra information such as notes on specific jobs or extra billing charges is important. Flexibility in an application can be valuable as well. Each company is a unique entity with individual needs. A program allows the user to customize reports to their own specifications can be a very helpful feature.

Some employee time tracking software is geared more toward small companies. These programs help small businesses set up web sites that allow employees to clock in or log on using these sites. A variety of businesses can benefit from this approach including restaurants, non profit organizations, educational organizations, or banks and professional offices. In addition to programs that monitor hourly workers, there are applications that allow employers to keep an eye on employees who are salaried or who do work on a project basis. These programs are generally extremely flexible and allow users to customize the features to suit their needs. The Bible talks about the importance of good works along with faith. "What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? Can faith save him?" (James 2:14)

Many businesses have special requirements in the area of security. There is employee tracking software available that has the capability of fingerprint verification. This feature helps an employer make sure that a staff member is actually on site when they log in. While these systems can be more expensive than other types of employee time tracking software, they provide important security confidence. Such applications work very simply. Rather than a password, staff members can only log in by fingerprint. The log in procedure involves an employee entering their username, followed by a fingerprint rather than a password. Special readers are generally attached to each personal computer using a USB connection and additional software is needed as well. If not all employees are required to use this extra security measure, these systems can generally be designed to accommodate that. One fingerprint reader can often be used to log in more than one staff member.

A number of other issues can also be addressed by employee tracking software. When employers wish to monitor the work activity of staff members, these programs can help them do this without the employee's knowledge. Some applications will take random screenshots of the computer screens of staff members. These screenshots can either be saved or they can be viewed by managers using computers at another location and can be viewed in real time. The programs that staff members are using can be monitored as well. Some applications can generate automatic reports on all employees, or just a single worker. Key stroke recording is another valuable feature. Every key that a staff member presses can be logged for future examination, or can be seen in real time as well. Even the files and folders that workers open can be detected and monitored. If a particular staff member has a weakness for instant message chatting that is not related to the work environment, these chats can be recorded and monitored.

If a USB device is connected to a company computer, many of these programs can detect this and create a record that includes both the name of the device and the time that it was connected. These applications can even be customized to analyze the overall performance of all or selected staff members. If there is concern over the types of web sites that a staff member may be visiting, this activity can be tracked. In this age of the internet, employee time tracking software that offers these kinds of features can be very beneficial to employers who wish to keep employees on task.

School Administrative Software

School administrative software that helps keep the modern learning facility running takes computer programming that meets the very specific needs of each broad based learning facility district, and even more specifically, each local learning center. In case the reader might be wondering how big a market educational center specific software might be, there are fifteen pages filled with two hundred instructional center scheduling and administrative software companies, each vying for a specific niche market, that include parameters such as small, mid or large instructional centers or districts, private or public learning centers, elementary, middle and high schools and college, special education student needs, private and community art schools, student lunch accounts and many other highly specific markets. With federal and state mandates continually breathing down the neck of institute's administrators, and many parents demanding daily access to their children's homework, grades and general progress, it is essential, even life or death in terms of government funding, for a learning institution's system to have just the right educational administrative computer program for reporting and liability protection. Included in this discussion is school scheduling software that really falls under the broad umbrella of the administrative responsibility. While there are literally hundreds of individualized types of educational management computer programs, for this particular article, an examination of one large, overarching type of program will be examined and all of the general concerns this program could address.

When a local educational district considers purchasing school administrative software, the leadership of that educational institute's system is looking for a comprehensive product that can creatively synthesize data files drawn from every interest corner of the educational district. Because of the strict federal and state laws and mandate regarding school funding, school scheduling software as well as the umbrella computer program for all interests must be able to produce reports germane to those governing entities. From custodial purchases to overdue books at a library to tuition and book fees, sports fees, and concession profits from athletic events, reports that check on whether teacher lessons plans are conforming to state standards and attendance records are often interrelated as the right software can help make sense of it all. In addition, the computer program must address parent-teacher conferences, budgetary issues, teacher observations, state proficiency test results and dozens more issues often must be blended into reports that make sense and are available for immediate retrieval and perusal. Many companies offer computer programs that have many of these capabilities.

Here are the functions of one such computer program. It offers all learning institution information on a real time database, including student, family and staff demographics, medical records and course history and present class enrollment. It allows any meeting from any staff person to be entered for the record of a specific child. Immediate records of a child being enrolled are available for a teacher's enlightenment if allowed. The program performs all billing of school services as well as payment for vendors, and supports all lunch room business, even on an individual student basis plus library transactions and billing, and bookstore transactions if applicable. The computer program offers reporting on almost one hundred and fifty areas of interest based on data entry and the ability to create a custom report from chosen parameters. In addition, the school administrative software handles security issues, with password protection for sensitive information entry.

This particular school scheduling software and management program allows users to email with one click and provides email address lists for specific groups without building from another database and also provides the ability to attach learning center calendars, progress reports and other pertinent information. The result is that all learning institutional data sits in one database, and promoters of the computer program tout the totality of the software, eliminating the need for add on modules. Report cards are automatically generated, student performance is analyzed by gender, ethnic background and other parameters, and a survey feature allows parents to be polled on a number of questions about academic performance and the results tabulated automatically. The computer program allows some streamlining of redundant information efforts and gives a much clearer of the learning institute in overall terms. "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way." (Psalm 37:23)

Whatever type or kind of school scheduling software or school administrative software is chosen by a public learning institution or private institution, educational conditions in America demand the computer program take an holistic approach to information gathering because more and more activities, relationships, guidance and instruction are recognized by educators as being all interrelated in terms of the student's life. For example, the ability to check on a student's progress after a series of sessions with a school counselor may speak volumes about the counselor's abilities as well as give a better handle on effective or ineffective ways to motivate a particular student. School scheduling software and attendance software may allow teachers or counselors to discern distinctive patterns in absences and draw some conclusions from those patterns. But just as important as those characteristics are for any school administrative software system, it is just as vital that the program offer ways for parents to participate in an ongoing basis on homework assignment deadlines and completions, all test grades, the ability to ask questions online and receive answers plus the function of being able to view all calendars regarding academic and extracurricular activities at any time. The leadership of a school district or a single school will quickly recognize if a particular information gathering program can offer the kind of "linked together" philosophy that has been shared in this article.

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