Flip Down Car DVD Players

The discount auto DVD player actually was mentioned in the father's prayer as the family got ready to leave the driveway on a two thousand mile trip to Yellowstone and back. The father's prayer request was only partially in jest, because mom and dad hoped that the stack of thirty movies would keep the four children somewhat entertained over the next two weeks on the road. The prayer request went something like this, "God, give us a safe trip, and please don't let this junky DVD player I bought at the last second break down on the trip." An understandable prayer and one that all people in the husband's circumstances might pray given the fact that the man only paid fifty nine ninety five for a small four inch video screen that looked like the thing had been wired in the basement of a third grader.

Two weeks before the trip, the husband and wife had sat in the showroom of a car dealership and had come within a hairsbreadth of buying a new family van with, among other toys, two flip down car DVD players. This rolling babysitter buggy had one DVD for the second seat and one for the third, and get this; each one could run its own separate movie. A movieplex on wheels! This was more than a dream come true for parents; the van would make traveling like a stay at a weekend spa. The days of playing car bingo were long since gone and even a game of I Spy would only work for about seven minutes with a generation absolutely addicted to visual stimulus. But sadly, the salesman played one too many of the "I have to go talk to my manager" games and the husband walked out.

The next day, the husband started to think seriously about the upcoming long trip and knew there had to be some entertainment for the kids or his dear wife would need a wig to cover her bald spots. He wondered whether he should install a couple of flip down car DVD players that would go in the headrests, or get a bigger player with a seventeen inch monitor and mount in the ceiling just in front of the second row of seats. To say that this man was mechanically challenged would be an understatement. The husband had once cracked a new toilet after torqueing it down too tightly and then proceeded to cut the front side of a lavatory cabinet by forgetting to turn the cabinet around for modifications. Whenever this man picked up a tool, the wise woman of the house had the kids tackle the man and disarm the poor dude. He went ahead and bought the big ceiling mounted flip down car DVD player with seventeen inch screen for a cool eight hundred dollars and brought it home under cover of night so no family member would see the father had tools in hand. He opened the instructions and the words started flying at him: GUI, Interface, Inverter, RF, DTS, Crossover, Modulator, Power port, GPS and Headliner.

For a few minutes the man sat down and cried, then got up and decided that any real man could install one of these flip down car DVD players, so he thought the best thing to do was rip out the headliner and start running wires. The instructions could wait till the man had a problem. The father worked all night and by morning the deed was done. Wires, inside door liners and wiring harnesses from underneath the front dash were lying outside the garage in the early morning dew. When the father tried to start the car to move it, there was silence. No starting of the engine, and need one say, no movies playing on the DVD player. The man's wife came out and said nothing, which made it worse.

The father had done over two thousand dollars damage to the only car the family owned. The really coolest of the cool flip down car DVD players with the seventeen inch screen went back to the store, duct tape around the packing box. When the car returned from the garage the next week, there was still enough money to go on the trip that had been planned, but now the only option was down to a single very bargain basement discount auto DVD player. Sixty bucks bought a two monitor DVD system that had little pouches that slipped over the front seats to hold the screens for second seat passengers. As stated before, the wiring looked suspect, like perhaps the father had wired it up. The discount auto dvd player had a six month warranty, but the father knew the thing looked like it would never make two weeks. The father was an expert in those things. "And ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." (Ephesians 6:4)

The trip went fine and the children loved driving up within a few feet of some bears. The moose were huge and they even saw a coyote. Days of being in a swimming pool at the lodge had darkened all of them till the sun block came out, but each member of the family slept long and peacefully each night. Someone is wondering about that discount auto DVD player, right? The thing did, in fact, breakdown on the way out, somewhere in Nebraska. The player died on the third viewing of a movie about a mermaid. But the family had so many things to talk about that the player wasn't needed. I guess in the right situations, parents can be as interesting as flip down car DVD players.

Digital Media Player

With technology growing at super-speed, the digital media player is becoming the most popular alternative to storing and using information with CD players, computers, or some other larger means. It's no wonder that these players have nearly become common household items. The portability and convenience of these devices gives them a strong advantage, allowing people to carry around gigabits of information right in the palms of their hands. Popularity of these products has soared, especially among young people. This age group seems to take advantage of new technology more because they usually have disposable cash and tend to have a stronger interest in the latest and greatest technologies. Whether young or more mature, customers should shop for these products with wisdom. The Bible says "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding" (Proverbs 4:7). For some people, buying an MP4 media player can be a major financial sacrifice. Therefore, it's important to make comparisons and choose the device that meets the individual consumer's needs.

People can use one of these products for storage and play of songs and videos. Music is the most popular item stored on these devices. Looking at a CD player and a media player, there's just no comparison. The CD player can't hold music files and can only play CDs individually. In order to listen to another CD, the one inside must be removed and replaced. Each CD only hold 25 to 30 songs at the most. Digital players, on the other hand, can hold hundreds of music files at one time, access them, and play them. The number of songs held really depends on the amount of gigabit space on the device. Thus, this feature tends to be what consumers really pay attention to. Generally, the more gigabits the MP4 media player holds, the higher the price. An 8GB player can typically hold somewhere between 1500 and 2000 songs, but this really depends on the length of the songs and the file types. Some consumers are more interested in storing videos than songs. If this is the case, gigabits are still important. An 8GB player can store between 10 and 20 hours of video, depending on the quality and file size. Those consumers who need less than 10 hours of video space or only want access to less than 1500 songs at a time can shoot for less than 8GB and pay a lower price.

Playability is another important factor when choosing a digital media player. Depending on the purpose of the device, some people may need to be able to play all types of files. Others may stick with only certain types or have no preference about file formats. Virtually all products will play MP3 files. The MP4 device is relatively new and actually plays MP3s. The new name is only a marketing term meaning that it's the next version of MP. The ability to play other formats varies greatly from product to product. The file formats can be broken down between audio and video. The great news is that a few other companies or people have already compiled comparisons of what typical devices on the market play. Simply use a major search engine to locate comparison charts and review them.

Some consumers look for eye candy, even when it comes to technology. The MP4 media player has to look slim and sleek. For others, it's all about the size: the size of the whole device, the size of the screen, or the size of the buttons. A person with poor vision might want a device with a larger screen, so he can see videos better. A business woman might prefer a small device that is easy for her pack on her travels. Plenty of manufacturers offer their devices in different colors and styles. Some even have different styles and colors of protective cases. Plenty of accessories are available for many gadgets. The good news is that plenty of pictures are available online too. If appearance is a major factor, the consumer can search the Internet to see some photos of different players by different manufacturers. Another option is to visit some local stores that carry these devices. Seeing the device in person could be quite different from what a picture shows.

Product reviews can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to figure out if a digital media player is worth the purchase. Once the consumer has narrowed down the list of possibilities to three to five, it's time to read some product reviews. The source of these reviews is extremely important. The site should be neutral ground. Consumers should avoid websites totally devoted to bashing one particular product or praising some other product as though it is flawless. The important fact to remember is that no player will be flawless. Every product comes with disadvantages and advantages. On a neutral site, there will be customer reviews that are both negative and positive. Pay special attention to negatives that would affect important factors. If a consumer thinks that a clear video at full size is important and he sees many negative comments about videos skipping, appearing fuzzy, or shrinking, this product may not be the right choice for that customer.

Choosing the right MP4 media player or other media playing device can actually be fun. Like shopping for a new pair of shoes, it takes time to find the right product that fits the individual. Asking family and friends for recommendations is always a good idea. Many people decide to get a certain player because someone they know owns that same device and gave them a chance to test the product out. The important key here is not to make the purchase based on what's supposedly cool. This changes from week to week. When a consumer spends over $100 and up to $500 on a product, it should be for the right reasons. The product should be of good quality, lasting for years to come. The digital media player also needs to hold the right amount of gigabits for and be physically appealing to the consumer who buys it. By making the purchase for the right reasons, the consumer won't feel the need to sell it when the next fad gadget hits the market.

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