High Definition Digital Video Recorder

When the high definition digital video recorder arrived via the big brown truck at the Gumball's house, Mrs. Gumball was not around. Mr. Gumball breathed a huge sigh of relief because frankly, the man had not talked over this $450.00 purchase from a high volume online warehouse with Mrs. G. This warehouse's specialty was video recording equipment, including the portable digital video recorder that Mr. Gumball also wanted so desperately for the business, but quickly dismissed the idea when thinking about explaining that purchase as well. As the man sat down and excitedly tore open the cardboard, the man's heart raced. Electronic gadgets to men are like shoes to women and this guy was about to try on an open toed sling back pump that was to die for. When Gumball lifted the recorder's packing box out of the shipping box, and looked at the color pictures of this electronic marvel on the outside panels, a little tear came to his eye. This moment, Gumball reasoned, would be one of those always remembered pictures in colorful detail forever, or at least until the next model came out in three months.

Gumball began drooling at the thought of being able to record all of the Sunday football games when the guy had to be out on the road doing sales presentations. The high definition digital video recorder he had purchased would grab all the high definition games broadcast on cable. Gumball had gotten a high definition television and now, paired with this baby, every pass, run, touchdown field goal would be his when Mr. G got back from the road. No more relying on some antiquated video cassette recorder that showed grainy pictures. This guy would be able to count every blade of grass in the entire stadium with a piece of electronic genius such as Gumball was about to hold in sweaty palms. Gumball could even pause the machine and count how many hotdogs with relish were being consumed on the fifty yard line. And then our hero heard the front door open and the campaign to win over the woman of the house to the urgency of this much needed purchase began.

Gumball had talked for several weeks about wanting to get a portable digital video recorder for recording favorite shows and taking them with him on the road. Gumball tried to explain to Mrs. G that after getting one of these then he could record eighty hours of television at home and then stay in really cheap motels and wouldn't have to rely on lousy antenna reception. Gumball told his wife that the four hundred and fifty dollar portable digital recorder that was desired was the world's smallest of its kind at only thirteen ounces. Gumball told the woman that it had a three and a half inch color monitor and had a high speed USB port for fast downloads. The man pleaded with the skeptical spouse to understand that this little jewel would make life easier for the salesman on the road, but the woman was not buying it. Gumball then told his wife if he actually died on the road somewhere from sheer boredom and loneliness that the tragedy would be Mrs. G's fault. The woman just sniffed and said no. "Rejoice in the Lord alway; and again I say rejoice." (Philippians 4:4)

So when Mrs. G saw the guy leaning over the box, the woman figured pretty quickly what was up and threw up her hands and left the room. Mr. G ran in hot pursuit and began the attack beginning with the technical stuff. Mr. G told Mrs. G that this was capable of recording high definition video, but that did not move the woman one bit. The wife was reminded that while a show was being recorded live, the viewer could stop, pause or rerun the entire show up to that point, but those facts only brought on more sniffs of displeasure. Gumball came back to an earlier point: nine hours of high definition recording ability, but no soap. So the husband stopped and took a deep breath and then began the final assault on the woman's sensibility. Almost shaking, Gumball said "Ok, here's the bottom line: if we keep this high definition digital video recorder, it will (and now the tears started to flow) free me up to do more chores around the house each week when I am home."

Some people said that the earth actually stopped rotating for thirty seconds on that day because for the first time in almost twenty years of marriage, Mrs. G had actually recognized some logical thinking from Gumball. The ploy for getting a portable digital video recorder was a joke, but this idea actually made sense. The man was offering to get all the jobs done that had been sitting in the job jar for almost a year, and in exchange, could watch football late into the evening if so desired. That made perfect sense. Mrs. G threw her arms around Gumball and both were so happy. And Mrs. G even came back into the room and watched the husband set the high definition digital video recorder up next to the television.

While Gumball set everything up, Mrs. G looked over all the specs on the outside of the packing box. In a minute the woman was howling. Mrs. G took out the credit card from the desk drawer and handed it to the Gumball man. "You might as well go get that portable digital video recorder you wanted." Shock and awe was present. "You might as well go get that thing you wanted for road trips because this high definition digital video recorder only works with satellite television, which we don't have!"

High Definition DVD Recorders

High definition DVD recorders have gained in popularity over recent years. With the onset of technological advances that brought about the development of high definition have come changes in the way people view and experience movies and music. Many look to high definition as being the future to standard DVDs and the gateway to further advancements towards ultimate viewing experiences to bring satisfaction to the masses, "O satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days" (Psalm 90:14).

DVD stands for either, 'digital versatile disc', or 'digital video disc'. Such a disc looks just like a CD, the difference being the amount of data that can be stored, occasionally having almost six times the storage capacity, which makes the format ideal for many uses that require a lot of storage space. An HD, or high definition, DVD can store even more information than the original discs. High definition televisions were among the first to incorporate the ability for crisp images and the clearest in audio, which quickly led to the need for HD DVD recorders. Many people who view high def systems for the first time are taken aback by the clarity of the pictures, which at times look as good as looking through a window. Everyone knows how frustration watching a program can be when the reception is fuzzy, blurry, or when the screen exhibits the 'popcorn' effect where blurry lights and loud buzzes can become such a problem that they distract from the very program one is trying to watch. The advancements in image projection have done away with fuzzy screens, and as time progresses, the technology is becoming more and more available to the general public.

The increasing popularity in high definition television sets has helped to bring about the onset of high definition DVD recorders. As increasing amounts of programming becomes available on air and otherwise, viewers desire to record specific programs with the same ease as older recording equipment. This is possible, however, consumers should be aware that not all systems are compatible with different types of media, and caution should be exercised before blithely buying the 'next best thing'. HD DVD recorders have quickly become the most sought after alternative to the older VCRs, video cassette recorder however, the equipment is still relatively new and can have a few quirks that might need to be worked out.

HD DVDs have enough storage space of up to five and a half hours to deliver full length movies in addition to a plethora of extra bonus materials, such as deleted scenes, previews, behind the scenes footage, and even interviews with actors and producers. The market has seen tremendous increases in sales as a result of mediums popularity which has helped to make the viewing of movies easier and more convenient than in the past when people commonly had to deal with video cassettes. An added benefit is the consumer's ability to play older DVDs and those in high def all with the ease of the same player, greatly increasing the versatility by rendering as little as possible ineffective which serves in saving consumers a lot of money and frustration. However, compatibility is not the same when it comes to most high definition DVD recorders.

The compatibility that come with certain players, unfortunately does not always apply when it come to recording equipment. Compatible systems are finding their way onto the market, however, a standard DVD recorder simply cannot perform to high def standards. This is due to the fact that high definition qualifications require a lot more memory and storage that simply does not fit onto the original medium, meaning that the new mediums simply cannot be played back on the older equipment.

People who are in the market for quality HD DVD recorders should research several possible purchase options before settling on one system. As the technology is still relatively new and advancements are being made on a regular basis, prices are subject to rise and fall accordingly. Such equipment can easily cost upwards of a thousand dollars or more, so a little bit of time put into researching possible options can prove to be a very good investment which could very well lead to future savings. Those in the market have several options available to them in order to conduct imperative research. Almost every electronic store would be a good source as there are experienced and knowledgeable individuals on staff to help answer questions and help solve any possible problems. Those familiar with the Internet can visit many websites that are full of descriptions and possible options for high definition DVD recorders, and there are also price comparisons available to ensure that one can be sure of getting what they pay for.

Many designers and movie gurus are constantly on the lookout for ways in which to enhance the past time of watching movies. Entertainment has come a long way from the old black and white films that featured no verbal audio, simply images and occasional tunes. The progression of years has seen much headway into improving methods for viewing and nothing is spared to promote crystal clear images and clear audio that serves as a treat for the eyes and ears of viewers young and old. HD DVD recorders are just one of the many examples of just how far technology has come. The way has been paved for future advancements, with the only problem being the fact that many electronics become useless and out of date at a rapid rate. In fact the turn over for high tech gadgets can be surprising and frustrating for those who want to be on the cutting edge, yet very nice for those who might not be able to afford the latest in design. Ultimately, in the long run all can benefit from manufactures to the millions of people around the world who invest in such products.

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