MICR Check Printing Software

MICR check printing software is saving companies across the United States, millions of dollars in check fraud and stolen funds. These programs are not only saving businesses from fraudulent practices with its unique magnetic security coding, but they also offer time saving systems that will greatly benefit any business's accounting program. Integration is the key word in business and accounting systems today, and a software program that offers not only payables printing, but also offers methods that can keep track of banking accounts, inventory numbers, accounts payable and expense figures are a must in the fast-paced business world of today. Options with an MICR printing software programs may also include multiple print options, pre-formatted printing options, foreign currency selections, and the ability to utilize several different banking accounts.

Perhaps it would be beneficial to understand just how important it is to utilize an MICR check printing software program as opposed to any other. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, or MICR, is actually a unique process that utilizes magnetic ink alongside special fonts that can be read by a machine. This process is often used with business payment writing, valuable information, and other types of documentation. This amazing technology was introduced to the country in the early 1950s, but is used by most large businesses almost exclusively today with billions of checks being processed with this technology. The magnetic ink used with these programs is detected by a MICR reader, ensuring the company accepting the check that the payment or payroll is not fraudulent.

More retail and wholesale establishments are now utilizing the technology to accept personal checks from customers, clients, and vendors. Using the MICR printing software to process payables will create an atmosphere of expedient business transactions with other businesses. When a check is accepted as a form of tender, the MICR printing software will allow for quick and efficient exchanges. Most businesses want to capture the payable as soon as a payment is received, and the MICR reader can quickly get authorization from the authorization provider or bank. Other information is also provider by the reader, such as current account status and repeat customers. Offering payments that have been printed with this software is not only protecting a business, or individual, from potential fraud, but it is also offering those who receive payment the opportunity to expediently process accounts.

Every size of business can benefit from using these computer writing and printing programs. With the expansion of technology, small and mid sized companies are finding it cost effective and beneficial to utilize computer technology for accounting needs. An MICR check printing software program should be considered, no matter the size of the agency, because the business trends of today demand productivity. These programs will benefit the small and mid sized business in many different ways, and most will work with existing computer accounting systems, if only wanting to utilize a new check printing program.

But these systems can do so much more. There are MICR printing software programs that will not need the use of pre-printed stock paper or formats and will offer flexible interfaces. Audit tracking and reporting, data exporting and importing, international payment support, unattended printing options, and a myriad of security features are part of the most basic packages. Those looking into updating or adding an MICR check printing software program will want to conduct a feature comparison exercise in finding the right system to meet business and accounting needs.

It is unfortunate, but in today's culture, it is important to put security at the top of any business objectives. Finding a software program that will enhance security is making a smart decision for the future of any company or agency. Check and identity fraud are at all time highs. The Bible speaks to the troubled heart and during the times when it seems that crime is expanding into high-technological fields, one can turn to the Word of God to find comfort and direction. "I poured out my complaint before him; I shewed before him my trouble. When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then thou knewest my path. In the way wherein I walked have they privily laid a snare for me. I cried out to thee , O Lord: I said, Thou art my refuge and my portion in the land of the living." (Psalm 142:2-3,5)

Those investigating this type of computer program package can begin the search by logging onto the Internet where many different software systems that offer Magnetic Ink Character Recognition are advertised. Some programs on the Internet will allow interested parties to download a portion of the program as a free trial offer. Be sure and price compare as well as compare feature to feature when browsing the options available. And, take steps to promoting a business's financial security with MICR check printing software.

Bank Check Printing Software

Check printing software is available to enhance the security of a business's financial processes, and the business owner doesn't have to change the style of the checks he is presently using in the process. The style of his current bank checks can be duplicated with bank check printing software, or he can design something completely different--whichever he prefers. These products are offered by quite a number of companies online. One of the conveniences they mention is not having to keep an inventory of forms on hand and not having to wait for an order to arrive before the owner can take care of his check-writing responsibilities because the software does everything for him. These products can also help the businessman to avoid chances of fraud that orders products out of the office may include. Running out of checks and having to wait for an order to come in slows down any accounting system.

Most programs of check printing software are simple enough that anyone can learn it without outside training. They also provide security and centralized control of disbursement of funds in the form of direct deposits and other electronic disbursements. In addition, bank check printing software offers security by using encryption and password-only access. Included in some of the programs is the ability to e-mail a check to the payee, with safeguards that make it impossible to print it out more than once.

Of all the benefits offered by bank check printing software, perhaps the most appealing is that with this system all the writing is done by one person, which makes the operation more efficient and frees up other employees to take care of customers. Another benefit is the ability to change the template whenever the operator wants to, so if the bank changes name or location, the business avoids discarding expensive old checks and buying new ones. This is a boon for companies that issue large numbers of documents and offers protection from fraud by giving the company greater control over its disbursements. When ordering these systems, the businessman can also acquire a bank database so that all he has to enter on the form is the bank routing number. The name and address of the bank comes up automatically, thus saving him the trouble of typing all the information onto the form. With at least one program, the owner of the program uses it every day, and when he finds things that need changing in the bank printing software, he makes the improvements and puts them on his web site for the convenience of his customers.

These systems have another benefit that pays off greatly, and that is the ability to print documents received from customers, which then are ready to be deposited immediately. The information needed to print customers' checks is sent by phone or fax, and the operator types it into the bank check printing software. This constitutes a bank draft which can be deposited immediately to your account. Because these drafts do not require a signature, (the space for a signature is filled by a legal disclaimer that says something like "This transaction authorized by your depositor, no signature required"), this constitutes a significant saving in time and effort on the part of the businessman.

Whenever customers switch to automatic payments as mentioned above in a certain percentage rate, the same percentage rate of cash flow becomes predictable. Since the customers paying automatically won't be paying late and won't have to be contacted, the business owner will not be handed lines like "It's in the mail." Employees can concentrate on providing good products and services to the customers. Having all of the check writing done by one person with check printing software, the second and/or third person who was paying some of the bills or keeping track of receipts can be better used somewhere else.

With the most advanced versions of the bank check printing software, the operator clicks a button to import the document and another button to end a confirmation. The software does the rest. The whole idea of the process is appealing to the merchant who wants to lower costs and improve the cash flow of his business. Efficiency and security are its greatest selling points, and since anyone selling a product or service wants both of those things to be present in the running of his business, there doesn't seem to be a good argument against acquiring check printing software. With as many companies as there are on the Internet offering these services, there are a variety of features and prices to choose from, so it certainly appears to be worth checking out. Check writing has never been easier. Whether we are in business, or just trying to be good managers of our personal accounts, we are encouraged by scripture to be good stewards. "As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God" (1 Peter 4:10). Researching these systems and their benefits can be a part of this stewardship.

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