MP4 Video Player

When it comes to portable media players, the MP4 video player allows the user to enjoy the best of both worlds in visual and audio entertainment. In the area of portable multimedia players there are a wide variety of consumer choices available. These devices are so tiny that they fit in the palm of the hand, yet they provide a plethora of audio and video entertainment choices. Whether a consumer wishes to enjoy a favorite song or music video, or would prefer to watch an entire movie or share personal photographs, the MP4 digital player presents these and other entertainment options at the touch of a finger. Understanding the features offered by this device and its adaptability to other media files is key to making a wise purchase choice. With the huge volume of products that are available in this growing area of consumer electronic goods, careful research and price comparisons should be the first step before investing in one of these devices.

An MP4 player plays more than just music. A variety of media files can be played and it is possible to convert MP3 music files into MP4 files, adding to the versatility of the device. The device is both lightweight and relatively simple to use. Developed in the People's Republic of China, the name given to the device has become a catch all term for products that came after the MP3 and serve as a multimedia device. Learning from American companies who had pioneered MP3 technology, industrialists in Southern China decided to enter the marketplace with a whole new product that would play video as well as audio files. The Bible frequently mentions the blessings of music. "The Lord is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he is my God, and I will prepare him an habitation; my father's God, and I will exalt him." (Exodus 15:2)

Many consumers prefer the MP4 digital player to the MP3. The convenient size of these players has added to their popularity. Because of their versatility in the types of media that they play, the demand for these devices has leapt ahead of the MP3, which can only play audio files. The size of the liquid crystal display screens on these players can differ greatly, with the larger models commanding correspondingly higher prices. Another attractive feature is the device's AV/IN and AV/OUT capacity. The ability to play back movies or video images onto a television screen is seen as a real plus of this product as well as the possibility of recording television programs onto the device. Voice recording, data storage, calendars, and an alarm clock function are popular features as well. A consumer can also watch movies and other media by attaching these players to the home computer. This kind of flexibility, plus the wide array of features and choices, has contributed to the status of these devices.

There are many styles and variations of the MP4 video player. Memory storage in these devices can range from just a few hundred megabytes up to as much as four gigabytes or larger. In appearance, these players can be purchased with a subtle black body or are also available in a wide variety of chrome plated aluminum covers in several different colors including pink, pale green, light blue, turquoise, magenta, and even metallic chartreuse. Things to keep in mind when researching and selecting the right MP4 digital player might include the functions available of a particular model, the memory size, how user friendly the model is, and which computer platforms are compatible with the device. Most models sell for a few hundred dollars. It is also a good idea to check out the owner's manual before finalizing any purchase. Some manuals provide information that has not been carefully translated from the original Chinese, making these manuals somewhat hard to follow.

The specific features of an MP4 video player can vary from model to model. Most will support a variety of files including jpeg, MP1, MP2, MP3, ASF, WMA, WAV, and WMV files. Some models even boast an e-book reader, allowing the device to serve as a mini library. A built in digital voice recorder and rechargeable lithium battery, which can power the device for hours of use, are all added conveniences. Some models are made to be shock resistant, making them perfect for use while playing sports. As for size, some models are slightly smaller than a playing card, yet can store an abundance of media files. A back lit LCD screen can vary in size but provide amazing clarity and detail. Many also come preloaded with music that can be listened to right away as a user begins to build their own collection. Accessories that are often included with the device might be a set of earphones, a hand strap, or selected software.

An important thing to consider when in the market for an MP4 video player is the ease of converting files from MP3 players into audio files from the MP4 digital player. The files that are used in the MP3 are audio small files that can also be played on a personal computer. The files that are used for the MP4 are audio and video files. These are the same kinds of files that are often used on some cell phones and for video streaming purposes. Special programs can be purchased or downloaded from the internet free of charge that allow MP3 files to be converted for use on an MP4 video player.

Discount MP3 Players

The three teenagers wanted one of the discount mp3 players displayed like dazzling gold pieces at the neighborhood big box shop. Restated, each teen wanted a device for their own, because everyone has to have a DAP, you know. Ah, the days of the eight track! These little marvels are about the size of a credit card and can hold a hundred or more songs. They are bought and sold like bottled water at the beach because of the device's inexpensive costs to buy them and download music. The digital devices are easily lost, easily stolen and easily bought for a few weeks' or months' of an allowance. For young generations, they are the have to item to have after a cell phone and are growing in popularity among middle aged consumers also.

Even the best mp3 player can also be called a portable media device because some of them can support video, either from a computer web site or a video game. These devices are usually listened to through small headphones that can often barely be seen, and this fact can be attested to by many substitute teachers! The best mp3 player is able to employ what is known as shuffle mode, which presents songs in a random fashion to relieve boredom by the listener. However, the shuffle mode is not the default setting when first purchased. Whether the device is the best mp3 player or one of the discount mp3 players, these miniature entertainment centers have one of two types of internal makeup: Flash based, or hard drive based.

The three teens in the store are going back to the flash based devices because of one thing. They drop them all the time! The flash based models have no internal parts and have more resistance to goo, gum, makeup, smoothies and parents throwing them across the room than the hard drive models that have sometimes been called digital jukeboxes and can store thousands of songs. But electronics have become so inexpensive that even the so called discount mp3 players or DAPs have some amazing capabilities. Consider the device some of the teenagers have on their wish list and want to buy.

For $29.95 at a big box store, the girl can buy a two ounce video and mp3 file player. Highlights include a 1.8-inch color screen, FM radio and voice recorder. The device has 1 GB of memory that will store 500 songs or four hours of video downloads. The device has an almost two inch color screen and a built-in fm tuner, the ability to record FM stations and will play up to 15 hours on its rechargeable lithium battery! But do not drop this device because the device is not among the best mp3 players with a well known name and reputation and may have lesser quality materials in its construction. "Be therefore followers of God as dear children." (Ephesians 5:1)

Other discount mp3 players can be as little as $25.00 and can record one hundred and twenty five four minute songs along with being an FM radio that can be recorded on its flash drive. And if you want to give a player to that gondolier in Venice as a tip for a glorious evening of drifting the water to see the sights, it supports six European languages. Ciao! For about sixty dollars, a person can purchase a simple mp3 device, but having the brand name almost everyone would know if mentioned. For one hundred and twenty dollars, get another well known brand name mp3 player with the ability to store two thousand three hundred songs or fifteen hours of video, and have FM radio with thirty presets.

So let's get to the high end stuff, the best mp3 player, the kind many teens can only dream about-at least till Christmas! With a cost of two hundred and sixty dollars this well known player can store twenty three thousand songs or one hundred hours of video. I did not stutter. For four hundred and seventy dollars, a person can get a device weighing almost a pound and two ounces that stores ninety thousand songs or two hundred movies, over a million and a half pictures, and also record favorite TV shows, And with the best mp3 players for seven hundred dollars you can actually explore the rings of Saturn. Okay, that's not true but it was fun to write. Consumers often buy way more computer than they will ever need, and this writer can sometimes eat more than I'll ever need, and some Americans live in much larger houses than they'll ever need, so most Americans would want, but who really needs a $750.00 media player that gets hauled around all day every day?

But here is the deal. Almost everyone likes music and needs some from time to time to soothe the savage something or other. But perhaps it has become almost impossible to bear silence, or even contemplate it. Few people ever crave silence just for the silence. Silence wanted for reading is not silence so that the soul can catch up with the body. If we have to have it noisy all the time, what can it be that all of us don't want to hear? Did we lose the art of meditation, or is it hidden under the noise that we keep at a fevered level so we don't have to listen to the still small voice of God?

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