Parental Monitoring Software

Parental monitoring software allows parents to have some control over what their children view online. Without the control a child could easily find sites that are inappropriate. Internet parental control software captures everything that is typed, every website visited, all chats and instant messages, email messages being sent and received, online searches, and reviews all blog entries. This type of software can also be used by an employer to track an employee's Internet use. The program records all activity and records the information to the computer. Information can be sent by the program that includes a summary report of overall web usage including, dates and times of visits, actually address and names of websites and has the capability of being set up to block specific websites. Programs that are used to control access will also allow the user to set up keywords and phrases that need to be kept track of. The software detect these keywords and phrases automatically sending an email alert to the person supervising the program.

There are many websites on the Internet that contain graphic language and pictures that should not be viewed by children. The only way that a parent can be sure that their children are not visiting these types of sites is to purchase and install parental monitoring software. The software also allows a parent to restrict times when a computer can be used. A parent may want to initiate this option when he or she is not home to watch the children. In addition, a guardian can set up special times when the computer can be accessed.

An employer who is having concerns about employees surfing the net when they are suppose to be working might want to seriously consider purchasing Internet parental control software. Some programs can be set up to monitor an entire network of computers at one time. This not only protects confidential information on the server but it limits web browsing for personal use during work hours and does not allow access to websites with explicit content. Filtering settings do not have to be set up on each individual computer but only have to be set up once on the server computer. This feature provides convenience and security since users will not have access to the server computer and cannot access filter settings on any other machine.

Software used for examination of web surfing can be set up in advance to replace a desktop screen with a list of accessible programs by the parent or employer. Parental monitoring software allows the user to choose the games and websites that a child or employee can access making it virtually impossible to access anything else on the computer. Having this type of control will allow the parent or employer to safeguard their computer from potential viruses found on questionable sites. In addition, a program may be set up with time limits on how long the child or employee can play on games or visit specific websites.

Parents need to be aware that there are millions of porn sites that can be accessed over the Internet. All a child has to do is type in a keyword that is related and he or she can get on a site that has sexual content. Internet parental control software can stop this for happening. Normally children do not deliberately look for these types of sites but innocent searches can lead them to sites that can be harmful to them. Some other sites that may be harmful to a child are ones that contain violence, hostility, and liberal content. Most caregivers do not want their children exposed to information that can cause them distress or fear. The best way to make sure that this type of exposure does not happen is to invest in a good program that blocks access.

Chat rooms are another place that children might be tempted to go into to find new friends. Unfortunately a chat room is not a safe place for children to converse with others, simply because there is no way to know who their really talking to. Parental monitoring software can block the access into chat rooms or can be set up to notify the caregiver immediately when this type of site is accessed. Sexual offenders often hang out in chat rooms to try to get others to meet them. They talk to children for awhile and gain their trust. Oftentimes they will masquerade as someone the child's age. They may ask personal questions or try to get a child's address and phone number. Most children are very trusting and have no idea that talking to someone they do not know on the Internet can be dangerous. "A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished" (Proverbs 22:3).

Filtering software can stop a child or an employee from going to a potentially dangerous site. Some Internet parental control software has the capability of using filters to block specific website addresses and keyword searches. Programs made for remote monitoring can allow the parent to check on children when they are on a trip or away from home. Reports with surfing information can be sent via email that shows every single site a child has visited, how long he or she was there, and the date and time accessed. Caregivers should do some research and find out more information about the dangers that lurk over the Internet and become knowledgeable about ways to keep their children safe.

Porn Blocking Software

The perniciousness of the subject requires that porn blocking software be installed on the computers that are owned or used by families or individuals that recognize the "black hole" effect pornography can have on a human heart and mind. While the subject matter is becoming more and more routine with American media and a source of humor for many comedians, the reality of this medium is much more sinister than jokes about watching it would ever attest. There is the reality for many men, both young and old, that a very real addiction to sexually explicit material can become the drug of choice for otherwise healthy, thriving and intelligent men who would never consider ingesting any kind of pharmacological drug. Yet this drug of choice can be just as debilitating, just as numbing and just as much a killer of good and strong relationships as cocaine or crack because exposure to this kind of medium is like drinking salt water from the ocean; the thirst doesn't do away and in fact it takes more and harder core material to continue to satisfy the desire. Many wives can attest to the fact that somewhere along the way in a good and happy marriage, their husbands changed in an unexplained manner, but later was completely understood when the reason for the change finally was made known. Men that were once loving and attentive became secretive and demanding and began focusing on the negative physical features and lack of sexual creativity on their wife's part and complaints about those issues dominated the relationship with words that were never part of the relationship before.

Few wives would ever have a problem or an argument over installing free pornography blocking software on any computer. It is rare that a woman ever has an interest, let alone an addiction to pornography, for God has created women to be relationship driven and not visually driven when it comes to sexual matters. Someone wrote many years ago that "sex begins in the kitchen," and that is an affirmation of the idea that a healthy sexual relationship between husband and wife begins at the morning breakfast table with loving words, kind deeds and a focus on conversation that continues through the entire day. For the man, words are rarely important, sparkling conversation is not required and just a glimpse of a partially dressed woman can send him over the edge, thus the incredible power of pornography. A woman could certainly agree to porn blocking software, but the problem comes with the man. Without a real understanding of what exposure to that medium can do to a man's heart and soul, it is a joke, a simple past time and perhaps a way to vent some misogynistic attitudes. After all, a hatred or a despising of women begins to surface when sexually explicit material starts to cause a man to compare his wife or loved one to something seen on a computer screen or in a magazine thus birthing a desire to have some different experience with someone more "perfect" or appealing to him.

Many parents want their children guarded from ever accidentally coming across a site promoting explicit material and blocking software can help to accomplish that desire. One very cool way to have free pornography blocking software is to go to a site that doesn't use software, but rather helps parents configure the computer to filter out pornography by domain name. Any kind of words in a domain name even closely resembling sleazy material can be filtered out ninety nine out of one hundred times and the viewing door slams shut. While teenagers can often figure out passwords of software, the website OpenDNS can show parents how to almost certainly tamper proof this free pornography blocking software method and know if the settings have ever been changed. Porn blocking software is available to any parent wanting to protect his/her children, but it should be noted that many people with the moral and Christian desire to keep themselves and their children from this kind of harm have found all explicit site blocking software to have severe limitations and not matter how much parents want it, complete freedom from such influence is nonexistent. So if free pornography blocking software isn't one hundred percent successful, what is a parent to do?

One free pornography blocking software service is more of a detective type service, offering parents complete ability to track what sites children are visiting and even what keystrokes are being struck. The service also touts its service for those wondering if a spouse is visiting questionable sites and having online chats with other people what could be harmful to a relationship. This kind of one sided surveillance smacks of a relationship already in trouble and needing real counseling, but the porn blocking software service could be helpful for monitoring the Internet use by children from afar. IN this manner, a parent could approach a child with teaching in mind regarding the importance of guarding against harmful influences. "Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." (Philippians 4:8)

Because this subject is one not talked about enough in the topic of divorce in America, a challenge is issued to married Christian couples and those wanting to have no walls or barriers between them: talk about the husband's use of the computer. If there is a strong temptation to view pornography or lingerie ads or swimsuit ads or any other related topics, talk about the issue. Talk about how pornography can make the wife feel if a husband practices such viewing. Ask why the husband feels drawn to such material. Seek help and counseling and husbands, welcome the intervention and be honest, because someone loves you infinitely more than does an image on a computer screen.

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