Portable Digital Voice Recorder

A portable digital voice recorder is ideal for those on the go who might not have the time or resources to jot down a handwritten note. A small, compact device that has the ability to record voices, songs, basically any sounds can prove to be very helpful. Everyone has experienced the frustrations of forgetting thoughts, ideas or facts which can lead to embarrassing situations or time consuming resolutions. The ability to easily fit in a pocket is a quality that makes voice recorders a good idea for those on the go, participators in business meetings, students in class, or anyone who simply wants to remember facts verbatim. The habit of keeping accurate records can be quite beneficial for the purpose of remembrance and truth, as "Jesus answered and said unto them, Though I bear record of myself, yet my record is true" (John 8:14).

One of the nicest aspects of a portable digital voice recorder is the fact that it is digital. When recording devices first came onto the market they operated by recording sounds on to miniature cassette tapes. This method is effective, however, can quickly become tedious by having to occasionally switch out an old tape for a new one. Digital recorders have the advantage of not being dependent of a cassette tape. Rather, sounds are recorded directly into the system and can be connected to a personal computer for ease of the transfer of information. Another advantage of the best digital voice recorder is that recordings are of a better quality, and finding specific information or points in a conversation or lecture are easy due to the fact a user can go directly to relevant portions without having to take the time to rewind and fast forward a tape.

There is a wide variety of voice recorders on the market which is beneficial for those in need, however finding the best digital voice recorder can be daunting, as people need to find a device that will work the most effective for them. A recorder can be purchased at almost every electronic store, and through the Internet. Potential customers should research the different models available before making an investment in order to ensure that they receive the best deal. As is true with every product, there are some models of recorders that are simply better than others and stand out above the rest. In order to find and adequate design that fits all possible needs a little time should be put into researching all the different types and models and comparing features and prices.

The highest quality need not come with a hefty price tag. There are a few different models manufactured by well known companies that will not only fulfill the needs of potential customers but exceed expectations. An example of the best digital voice recorder is one that captures not only audio files but images as well. Such models commonly store up to two hundred or more MB of memory and are more than capable of storing sound files, images, and documents, as well as songs that can all be easily transferred back and forth with a computer. The selling points of quality recorders are their ability to record excellent sound. Some models feature built in stereo microphones that pick up sound waves among three different levels of sensitivity to deliver the best possible results. Such devices can record up to almost seventy hours and even have enough memory to store MP3 files.

Obviously, in addition to quality sound recordings, one of the main selling points of a portable digital voice recorder is the physical design and appearance. Manufactures follow current design trends when it comes to electronics in order to fulfill the desires of potential customers. There are quite a few different models that are stylish, sleek, and very easy to tote around as they fit comfortably in the hand and easily stored in a pocket or bag. Most are about the size of an MP3 player. Some of the features about the best digital voice recorder is size and the ability to store audio, music, images, and even presentations. All models come with a USB port that provides ease in transferring files.

Before someone runs out and buys a voice recorder there are a few points they should take into consideration. For starters, the higher the quality in sound, the less storage space is available. Those who require more than two hundred hours of recording time that exceeds two hundred hours might have to sacrifice some quality in the sound. Many models feature mass storage devices that can accommodate many types of files. People within businesses should consider potential needs and invest in a device that can handle not only audio but documents and images as well. There is a wide variety of features available, but not all are standard and every device. Buyers should be cautioned that less expensive models can look promising however the cheaper a device the less likely it is to have a USB port, which makes the transfer of information more of a hassle.

The size of a device can becoming one of the key selling points, especially as many feel that appearance is the most important. One of the most important aspects of a device is size. For example, one that needs to record a business meeting or lecture might not want a device that is bulky and obstructive that could lead to the distraction of others. Discreet designs are what help to make a portable digital voice recorder popular. Most devices range in size and are commonly smaller than a television remote. There are many models that fit easily into a pocket, and a few that are no larger than a compact cellular phone, or even a credit card. There is enough variety among devices on the market to fulfill the needs of any customer.

Digital Mini Recorder

A high-tech digital pen recorder makes any other sound duplication device obsolete. Reminiscent of the glamorous spy gadgets of the 70s James Bond era, these electronic pens enable users to record conversations, lectures, dictation, or personal memos clearly and without detection. Physicians, students, teachers, motivational speakers, detectives, law enforcement agents, and salespersons can all benefit by using a digital mini recorder for taping patient care notes, lectures, class assignments, talking points, criminal profiles, and marketing presentations. Imagine having a dual functioning ink pen which doubles as a mini recorder! Instead of carrying two devices to class, students can choose to take written notes or record lectures on the same pen! Doctors and healthcare professionals are familiar with using digital tape recorders, but these pens are far more versatile.

A digital pen recorder can also be a tremendous asset in situations that could cost physicians, law enforcement agents, attorneys, and employees not only their careers, but also a good reputation. Just as no one can dispute a videotaped incident, neither can anyone dispute a distinctly clear recorded voice message. Employees leery of workplace harassment can make a strong case against discrimination or unfair treatment on the job. Healthcare professionals can stop worrying about malpractice lawsuits from unscrupulous patients. Conversations, patient care plans, and notations can easily be recorded, stored and played back in defense against frivolous charges. While the Bible admonishes us to "Abstain from all appearance of evil" (I Thessalonians 5:22); a recorded message can serve as proof of one's innocence. "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good" (I Thessalonians 5:21). Accident victims can quickly make voice recordings detailing incidents as courtroom evidence. Wary parents who wisely take time to have their children's DNA stored in the case of accidents or kidnapping can go one step further by purchasing an electronic pen and teaching youngsters how to use it in an emergency situation.

Designed in an attractive black or chrome case, the digital pen recorder contains a choice of a 512 megabyte, 1-gig, or 2-gig MP3 player/voice recorder with built in microphone and flash drive. Two-Gig models can download and store nearly 400 songs or up to nearly 150 hours of voice recordings -- that's over one full week of nonstop duplication! Pens can pick up any noise detected by the human ear as far away as 25 feet in a room with relatively low background noise levels. Electronic pens also contain a built-in FM radio and a handy USB adapter and docking cable to recharge on the go. A wrist strap and barrel cap enable users to carry and collapse this high-tech gadget down to half its size when not being used as a writing instrument. Students, healthcare professionals, and private investigators can download files from a portable pen to a home or office PC using a USB interface. Transcribing recordings is a breeze! Simply push the repeat function button to repeatedly listen to parts of a message. Compatible with most operating systems, including Windows XP, 2000, and earlier Win98 and ME, a completely discreet and nearly undetectable digital mini recorder can enable every student to go to the head of the class!

In addition to the pen recorder, a high-tech digital mini recorder also comes in a compact handheld unit featuring a 36-hour phone and MP3 player. Most of these tiny devices can fit in the palm of a hand, shirt pocket, or the smallest purse. Other tiny units are available in sports watches, or as combination MP3 player/recorders. Upscale models pack a multimedia punch with combination AM/FM radios, tuners, voice activated recorder, and 1-Gig flash drive. With built-in speaker, digital clock, multiple timers for automatic recording, and file storage for up to 150 voice and radio files, these little dynamos compact a roomful of media players into one tiny package the size of a deck of cards.

Measuring just 1.5 x6 inches, portable yet powerful units like these are surprisingly affordable. Pens retail from just over $150 for a 512-MB model to slightly over $200 for a 2-gig version. Bargain hunters may be able to find pens and mini recorders priced from $60 to $90 on discount bidding sites. Digital mini recorders average under $100 new or used and most units run off two AAA batteries. The drawback to battery-operated recorders is the fact that they tend to use up batteries rather quickly, usually good for 24 hours or less. Shoppers can browse the Web for models with USB cable adapter-rechargers, which are a bit pricier, but money savers in the long run. While popular electronics stores carry micro-digital devices, online providers may offer a wide range of high-tech security recording and listening gadgets. Most online vendors accept a major credit card, with order confirmations verified through email.

Whether used for espionage and intrigue, education or evidence, a digital pen recorder or digital mini recorder make duplicating and listening to voices and music simple and discreet. Technological advances in media player design combined with innovative security and surveillance methodologies have enabled manufacturers to offer the private, public, and government consumer highly affordable and effective listening devices to aid in preserving evidence, or personally enjoying music or broadcasts in nearly every language. The trend toward an increasing usage of third generation voice and listening devices will soon turn such products into common household items. The comparatively low cost of high-tech devices is an incentive for consumers seeking to take advantage of today's technology to buy without breaking the bank.

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