Remote Server Monitoring Software

Remote Server Monitoring Software has become a standard tool of information technology groups. This tool typically is a variety of programs that in some cases will be in one software application. Remote Computer Monitoring Software in general can be used for a server or for a regular home computer depending on the needs of the person or persons that maintain the computer. One of the tools used within basic Remote Computer Monitoring Software is ping. This particular program is used to send a signal to a remote CPU in hopes to receive a response from the remote computer. Very similar to a ping pong ball, a person sends a ping when the ball is served to the opponent. The amount of time taken for the opponent to hit the ball and the ball to return to the servers paddle is one ping. Based on the amount of time from each ping a person can determine network slowness problems or worse. If the connection is running slow based on the Ping results a program named Traceroute can be applied. This program is designed to provide a list of all of the devices that are connected to before reaching the Internet.

Traceroute is another Remote Computer Monitoring Software that is basic to most operating systems and software. With this information anyone can contact their Internet service provider and Virtual Networking Computing also known as VNC has been around for some time but most recently businesses have really opened up to the capabilities that this program has. VNC is probably the best Remote Server Monitoring Software as this not only allows the user to monitor but also to control a remote computer. This truly is a versatile server based software as it can be installed on virtually any computer whether using an Apple, Windows PC, or a Unix based PC. The install of VNC is fairly easy for any operating system. Once the remote server monitoring software is installed the user has the option of simply monitoring or allowing a computer or a set of computers to take control. Many businesses are setting up a form of VNC to monitor what their employees are using the computer for.

Assuming that some type of remote server monitoring software is in place at work is important in order to remain within the guidelines of the company. Likewise, the employer has a legal responsibility to educate employees about the type of system being used. VNC is the most through and accurate monitoring system available and should be strongly considered when choosing the type of system to purchase for company use. Running VNC to control a computer is a fairly easy setup as well. For the most part using a VNC client is the same as sitting at the physical computer as the user is able to do virtually anything with the processor other than insert media such as a thumb drive or a compact disk. Keeping detailed record of employees Internet activity will not only help the employer to better understand how employees are using their time, but also help determine problems within the Internet connection or mainframe hardware function.

Simple Network Management Protocol also known as SNMP or RFC 1157 is a rather old form of monitoring. In simplest definition SNMP is very similar to Ping as it is one of the TCP/IP protocols but is not specifically restricted to the TCP/IP networks. SNMP is mainly used in networks that have a need for performance monitoring. Two types of devices exist in SNMP agents and managers. An agent is simply a device that provides information about the network to the manager application. The Manager application will then typically run a separate computer or device and provide an IT manager statistics that can be outputted to a program to chart the performance. These statistics can be used to evaluate how to better use employee time, staff during the appropriate times during the day, or project optimal performance of any computer program or system. This information leads to a more profitable business while using time most efficiently. Restructuring of a company may result, but the end result could be better job security for the employees as well as better use of a workday leading to higher self-esteem of employees. In addition, lower turnover will result, again, more profit for the business. If a business has a high functioning system in place then fewer instances of viruses will lead to a more profitable business. "And the men answered her, Our life for yours, if ye utter not this our business. And it shall be, when the LORD hath given us the land, that we will deal kindly and truly with thee." (Joshua 2:14)

It is important that when looking for a Remote Server Monitoring Software or service that the user has a full understanding of what will be monitored and recorded. While a company doesn't want to spend too much for the software or service they want to make sure to not purchase the cheapest option as this action may be sacrificing more quality than the saved amount is worth. The Internet service provider performs remote monitoring in a rather simplistic form whether they broadcast that information or not they are very concerned with the remote computer monitoring software they are providing. In some cases, depending how much is spent on the connection, a provider will actually create a trouble report before contacting them on the phone. This form of monitoring is partly done with Ping, Traceroute, and SNMP.

Free Server Monitoring Software

When searching for free server monitoring software, the Internet is an excellent place to begin. Anyone can find companies that offer programs to provide daily, weekly, and monthly information logs to fit the needs of a growing company. The designers of these programs developed them to be compatible with all kinds of PC and Mac programs. Many are designed to run in real-time so that the entrepreneur can keep on top of everything in his business. They come in many languages, including English, Italian, German, and Russian. Some of the extras available are options and graphs for capped users, room for multiple users and selectable adapters, and network and dialup connections. So no matter what the business may need, the web server monitoring software can service the opportunities available.

One feature available with free server monitoring software is a pop-up message warning when servers are not working. That relieves the owner of checking the servers frequently so that no business is lost. This ping utility will ping IP addresses and free-definable intervals. More options include checking any Winsock service, pinging a host, checking an NT process, checking available disk space, retrieving a URL, or checking a database. Valuable time can be saved by using these programs to oversee processes that can be time consuming. These programs work without an agent and can go across serving systems. This will allow the business owner to give his web-site visitors the best possible experience. Web surfers normally click off a site if they experience any glitches or delays, so having free server monitoring software can make the difference between achieving a sale and losing a sale. When a company has reliable networks, it can accomplish more in less time with less hassle. With web server monitoring software, the business owner receives up-to-the-minute reports on what his site is doing and the quantity of hits he receives. Some programs allow the business owner to sign up for a certain length of time at no cost to try out the service.

Because of the high technology, using the Internet for business can be a trying experience. If people on the Internet cannot locate the site, then business will fail. On the other hand, by taking care of business and acquiring the best equipment, the owner can capitalize on the rich business activity now available. The Internet is the wave of the future for the wise businessperson. Today, no one can afford down time, and that's what free server monitoring software can do for the wise entrepreneur. These inventions will enable the owner to check out several thousand system parameters at once. Different test applications can locate and identify performance problems--before problems get too big.

No matter why a company uses the Internet, downtime costs profits and frustrates the bottom line. Today, firms use computers to move data, enable communication, and hold basic operations. In the future, networks, the Internet, and computers will become more integrated with business plans. That makes it more essential to recognize problems before anything happens so glitches can be reversed or fixed. A continuous overlooking program will find those problems before they can shut down the whole system. Some web server monitoring software can give access to bandwidth and network usage data that will improve the performance of the network. This will allow better network performance management and avoid bottlenecks. When developing new programs, the businessman can do load testing to make sure that the program will hold up under the traffic expected. This can highlight any future problems that may arise.

It may be difficult to find that combination of employees who can keep a website up to date and interesting to the reader. The free server monitoring software can help with that. The program can track visitors and mark what happens if the content changes. It can keep track of network traffic generated by visitors, the number of times a certain product was downloaded from the website, or tell a person if he is getting everything out of his investment. No one can have eyes on a project at all times, so these programs can help put a set of "eyes" on the website at all times. The user can set up the equipment to provide different types of warnings.

Running a company or having a personal firm gives great satisfaction to many people. Being able to choose the path of success brings lasting rewards. The Bible says, "What man is he that desireth life, and loveth many days, that he may see good?" (Psalm 34:12) Choosing web server monitoring software can contribute to the good of the company, and bring about increased profits if used properly. In the future, businesses will increasingly rely on this technology to supervise day-to-day operations and to scrutinize the types of people who visit the website moment by moment. That's because once a system goes down, it can delay all the others because of the integrated nature of the technology used in corporations today. These delays can cost man hours and equipment. This is the key to better performance over the long run. It will build up the infrastructure and prevent problems that could cost dearly in time and sales. And the wise entrepreneur doesn't have to spend a fortune to achieve these results. Another important aspect for these programs is the kind of security they can give to the company. They can watch logon, logoff, privilege usage, and impersonation with a full source code included.

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