Computer Network Services

1. Computer network services involve the linking of two or more technological devices together.

In computer network services, devices are linked together for the purpose of sharing data or information from one device to the other. These can be built with both hardware and software. One important choice that consumers must decide is whether to choose a wireless or wired connection. The speed and connectivity will often depend on this choice.

2. There are two main types of computer network services.

With regard to geographic area, it is possible to categorize services into two different types. The first type is called a local area network (LAN). A LAN has the capability to reach across a home or office. The other type is the wide area network (WAN) which can reach quite a bit further: across the world. LAN connectivity is most often used in home offices or small businesses while a WAN may be more common in large businesses, especially when international transactions and communication are important for the business. A large company with franchises in many countries would benefit from a WAN.

3. Computer network services language is called topology.

The language used in technology is called protocol. Classification of systems can be completed according to protocol. The most common protocol found on the Internet is TCP/IP. This abbreviation stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. This is the protocol that is used in most homes.

4. Computer network training courses are available online.

Computer network training classes can be taken to obtain a certificate, an associate degree, a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Many colleges and universities offer computer network training classes online. Make sure that the school and courses that are being taken have the proper accreditation. Without accreditation, the courses or programs may not be helpful in receiving a job or position after graduation.

5. It is wise to seek help before seeking computer network training, especially from a school that does not have accreditation.

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