Internet Privacy

1. It is very important to be concerned about Internet privacy and security.

While the Internet makes life more convenient, it can also provide access to anyone's personal information. This can put a person or family at risk for identity theft, credit card theft, or other crimes inflicted by thieves using the Internet. Hackers and harmful viruses can destroy a computer. Security should be a concern for anyone using the Internet today. Businesses can also be at risk for such problems. Files, information, financial reports, and a variety of documents that hold valuable information will be very appealing to a hacker or thief.

2. Internet privacy and security means primarily preventing a virus from infiltrating a computer and destroying files.

While security is intended to prevent a computer virus from slowing down systems or destroying computers and computer programs, it is also concerned with protecting a family, personal financial information, and even businesses from Internet crimes. Preventing crimes like this before they happen can save time and money for a family or business.

3. Internet privacy and security is difficult to obtain because our personal information is available to anyone wanting to have access to it.

Privacy is a simple matter of routine maintenance. Using strong or complex passwords, installing firewalls, and regularly running updated virus protection software can protect any computer, whether it is at a home or office. The ability to protect computers and private information advances as technology changes and advances.

4. If a person suspects that a virus has infected their computer, the incident should be reported.

To provide ongoing Internet privacy and security any infection of a virus, or any incident of hacking, should be reported to the Internet provider and software vendor. If any credit card information and account numbers have been stolen, a report should be filed with the credit card company as well.

5. The Bible tells us to repay an evil deed with harsh punishment.

Romans 12:21 - Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.

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