3 Day Mexican Cruise

A lot can happen on a 3 day Mexican cruise! Tourists can experience a memorable Mexican cruise along the Pacific coast in just 72 hours aboard a luxury liner, docking at popular ports of call in Mexicos famous beaches and villages. Rich in culture and history, a visit to this Latin America leisure world for fun loving vacationers offers hours of excitement touring quaint villages, majestic mountains, and sun drenched beaches. From destinations in the U.S., within Mexican borders, or internationally, tourists can sail to the resort city of Puerto Vallarta, a renown coastal town made famous by the 70s television series, Love Boat. It is no wonder that honeymooners and singles still love docking there for a romantic getaway amidst ancient ruins and Spanish colonial haciendas. Named for former 1918 state governor, Ignacio Vallarta, this coastal port is rich with ethnic culture and modern attractions. Tourists relish the exotic, regional cuisine at family friendly and upscale restaurants, shop at open air markets for local hand crafted pottery, vibrant home dcor, and authentic clothing, or bask in the tropical sun along any number of secluded beaches. Fresh air markets offer native fruits and vegetables like avocado, papaya, chilis, and maize.

From Puerto Vallarta, a 3 day Mexican cruise can include a stop in Los Cabos for a taste of traditional Mexican culture, mixed with American panache. Located at the lower tip of the Baja peninsula, Los Cabos is actually a marriage of two smaller towns, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, located at the intersecting waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes. While many no longer value marriage, a 3 day Mexican cruise is the perfect way for couples to renew vows. Getting away from the cares of everyday living to experience Mexican culture with a spouse can rekindle flames gone cold. Ephesians 5:33 encourages married couples to foster an environment of mutual love: Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband. The elegant luxury resorts and upscale hotels dotting the coastline offer sumptuous accommodations and ample opportunity for couples to enjoy a romantic ancient Aztec sunset.

Tourists at sea will clamor for a visit to the popular East coast resort of amazing Acapulco to watch awe-inspiring cliff divers catapulting from high above the gulf. Others will want to indulge in an afternoon of scuba diving and snorkeling in warm tropical waters. Roqueta, a well known tropical island, provides tourists with hours of fun navigating its waters to catch sight of exotic sea life viewed from glass bottom boats. Aside from major ports, Mexico consists of numerous points of interest to pique an adventurous travelers interest. Quaint little hamlets burst with Latin American charm, historical villages exude Spanish colonial culture, and luxury high-rise condo communities blend ancient with modern to offer the perfect setting for a memorable 3 day Mexican cruise.

Between visits to coastal ports, 72-hour junkets provide ample opportunity for shopping, sunbathing, dining and entertainment on board. Discount packages offer cost-conscious tourists a perfect excuse to take advantage of low-coast excursions to Latin America. Most 3-day Mexican cruises cost an average of $100 USD per day for accommodations, meals, and shipboard entertainment. Spas, massages, personal trainers, drinks, and personal expenditures are not included. The low cost of a luxury three-day cruise attracts college students on spring break, newlyweds celebrating new love on the high seas, or retirees relaxing from a lifetime of employment. At affordable three-day rates, some couples book rooms for an entire wedding party for a unique marriage ceremony or anniversary celebration. The food is plentiful with all-you-can-eat menus, entertainment is provided, and the on board atmosphere is incomparable for a special event.

Better than a 3-day excursion is a 4 day Mexico cruise. It will cost a little more, but theres also 24 more hours for tourists to experience. Rather than dreading the end of a three-day weekend or holiday, vacationers can book more on-shore excursions, or retire to a secluded shipboard cabin for a romantic evening under a Latin American sky, without watching the clock. On board activities like shuffle boarding, movies, or sunbathing may captivate many sea-goers; but the extra day offers a chance to visit more of the ports on the ocean liners itinerary. Four-day travel packages may include added savings on accommodations; discounts on resorts, spas, and restaurants; or specials on entertainment. Tourists should take full advantage of packaged discounts to make a 4 day Mexico cruise more exciting and more affordable.

To book 3 day Mexican cruises or to reserve onboard accommodations for a 4 day Mexico cruise, tourists can log onto travel websites and type Mexican cruise into the search engine. Vacationers can browse for the appropriate number of days and links for more information. Several links will appear on the screen leading to travel sites which offer discount travel packages, cruise ship information, and all-inclusive Mexico vacations. To reserve space on board any Pacific-bound ships, tourists can fill in an online request form indicating city of departure, date of departure, date of return, the number of adults and children in the travel party, and their proposed destination. Websites will process forms and give electronic quotes regarding airline information, shipboard accommodations, and available discount travel packages. A 4 day Mexico cruise may cost fewer than $100 more than 3 day Mexican cruises. Both options will have certain restrictions. Travel packages must be booked within a certain time frame for departures and returns and may limit departure to one day of the week. Rates and inclusions are subject to change, so tourists should check to verify costs before booking.

Group Cruise Travel

Group cruise travel can be one of the most exciting vacation trips because it involves traveling to a unique location on a luxurious ship in the company of many friends or family. Travel consultants are ready to help travelers plan for that vacation to a favorite destination. The packages include many different choices, from a weekend getaway to several weeks in places as exotic as Hawaii or as culturally rich as the Mediterranean.

Travelers can just see themselves on the deck of a ship, the sun streaming down on their toes as they curl in their sandals. The sound of the lapping of the ocean waves and the gentle rocking of the ship create a dream-like atmosphere that relaxes every muscle in their body. The rock-and-tumble world back home seems just a hazy memory during this group cruise travel. In a few moments, the traveler will be enjoying the cuisine of an expert chef, a bountiful feast that never seems to end. An array of activities like swimming, games, shows, and conversation keep the family hopping from one exciting adventure to another.

Vacationers will be surprised by the affordable deals and the packages available today that just about anyone can get. With the click of a mouse, travelers can bring up last minute travel deals and information that will save time as they plan a trip. Perhaps the vacationer wants to leave the planning to their travel consultant or the traveler could be the type of person who likes to micromanage plans. Either option is available. Clicking on group cruise travel online can make expense management a breeze. Consumers will see exactly what the charges will be before pressing that final "choose a cruise" button.

Eager visitors can see Mexico or travel through the Caribbean and enjoy the Spanish cultures of those areas on a beautiful ship. There are even options to see Alaska and other amazing destinations for 3, 5, 7 or more days at a time. Such a trip is a great way to see the world and other countries with travel, room and food all included in the price. There is no worry over a long car ride, expensive gas prices or high airplane tickets. Travelers don't have to think about booking a hotel or determining where each meal will come from. On the ship, it is all taken care of. Group cruise travel packages conveniently have just the vacation to fit anyone's desires. "LORD, thou hast heard the desire of the humble: thou wilt prepare their heart, thou wilt cause thine ear to hear" (Psalm 10:17).

Cruise reservations can be more complicated than simply buying a plane ticket or making reservations for a favorite hotel, when planning a vacation. When buying cruise tickets, consider the entire vacation get-a-way plans. Some travel agents simply book a single cabin reservation as it is requested. Other travel agents book groups of cabins, which allow them to negotiate better prices and lock in the price even if the company raises the price.

There are many new travel agencies on the Internet today, offering many options at various different prices. While the vast competition has driven the market price down, most of the agencies over the Internet are not cruise reservations specialists, and lack full knowledge of appropriate information. Also, most general travel agencies do not book enough cruises to directly negotiate with a company to have access to the best deals available. Before making cruise reservations, be sure and comparison- shop different companies.

It is impossible to change ships in the middle of an ocean voyage. Doing a little research on the ship before making cruise reservations is highly recommended. To find information on the actual ship, go to the cruise line and find the section for ship stats. This information should guide anyone in determining when the ship was last refurbished, gross tonnage, crew numbers, and passenger capacity. 1 Thessalonians 3:8 says "For now we live, if ye stand fast in the Lord." Christians are also instructed to use God's money in a responsible manner. When booking any vacation take these two commands into great consideration.

When making plans, it is important to know about the personal cabin. As a passenger, this room can make or break a vacation. On the website of the cruise line, there should also be an area with pictures and explanations of the cabins available on this ship. Helpful information should include, cabin features, square footage, bed arrangements and amenities. Cruise tickets will vary in price depending on the amenities chosen for the room.

The bottom line is to spend money wisely on a vacation that will truly be enjoyed. After researching the the purchase of cruise tickets someone might realize that the cost is too high right now and it would be better to wait for another time. No fun will be had if too much money was spent on the perfect vacation. Before buying cruise tickets, spend time researching all the options available. If there is any doubt about what path to take regarding vacation plans, pray fervently and seek wise Godly counsel.

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