Alberta Travel

Alberta travel is abundant in natural and environmental wonders, and has been coined Canada's rocky mountain playground. The incredible wildlife located in the famous national parks of Banff and Jasper are among the most important things on a visitor's list of things to see, along with the Cowboy trail which was recently selected by Toyota Canada as one of the nation's best 13 scenic drives. Also included in this list is the Ice Fields Parkway, with its magnificent glaciers to view. Another Recommended stop is Athabasca Oil Sands in Northern Alberta, which is the longest oil deposit in the world. The Oil sands at this location equal the combined land areas of Florida and South Carolina.

Families are encouraged to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drum Heller. This museum retains the world's largest collection of dinosaur fossils, which is fascinating to every child. While the children enjoy the fossils, a great stop for adults is at Alberta's first fruit winery, the Fieldstone fruit wine company. Daily tours and wine tasting are offered for tourists. While the children may join the adults again for golf, they probably won't be up to the longest hole on any golf course in Canada, which is at the Nursery Golf and Country Club in Lacombe. The 782-yard par 6 11th is a straightaway monster that forces golfers to cross the course's irrigation pond at the 400-yard mark.

When considering winter Alberta travel, note that Lake Louise Ski Lodge rates in the top ten winter hideaways in the world by National Geographic and Adventure magazines, and it has been voted the best skiing in the country by many Alberta travel magazines. In addition, the largest classic cross-country skiing race in North America is held near Edmonton every February. Travel agents warn visitors to dress for the weather, which is colder than most U.S. locations during the winter months.

For rodeo fans, the Canadian Finals Rodeo is held every November in Edmonton, and the angler might be interested to know that the biggest trout ever caught was hauled out of Alberta's third largest lake called Cold Lake. This lake area is also home to Canada's largest air base. Finally, anyone with Ukrainian genes will be interested to know that western Canada is home to the largest Ukrainian pioneer settlement in Alberta, and it has the world's largest ecomuseum, the Ukrainian Cultural Village. "Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great King." (Psalm 48:2)

Lamont Country is the church capital in North America with over 47 historically significant churches. People from many religions, including Christianity, tour this country for views of these old church buildings. Most are still in use for weekly services and can be attended by any tourists. Besides church on Sunday, tourists can enjoy the most popular ice cream in Canada, which is located at MacKay's general store in Cochrane. One record breaking day, the store sold over 4500 ice cream cones, and most of those cones were double scoops. Obviously, there is something for every taste and every whim that might be represented in a group looking for adventure in Alberta travel excursion.

Travel to Canada offers many exciting different destinations, attractions, and activities for tourists looking for a place to visit at any time during the year. Nearly 20 million people come a year, most of whom are from the United States. A vast and breathtaking country full of urban cities, mountain ranges, and untouched wilderness; this can be an exciting adventure for the entire family. There are many ways for tourists to experience Canada such as cruises, self-guided tours, or the Canadian tradition of traveling by rail. Online travel companies offer complete travel packages to Canada including golf, spa, fishing and hunting packages.

Anyone can find just about any type of landscape including mountains, prairies, valleys, foothills, deserts, Glaciers, rivers, and lakes. The two main languages spoken are English and French. Some of the main attractions for those who travel to Canada are historic sites, man-made attractions, museums and galleries. There are also 41 National and Provincial Parks along with other natural attractions. Some people want to see the world's largest building, which is located in Toronto, while others head to Ontario where a person can visit Niagara Falls.

General activities available include cosmopolitan experiences like cultural events, shopping, and festivals; a wide range of outdoor activities such as backpacking, cycling, climbing, hunting, and horseback riding; water activities include fishing, kayaking, and boating; and winter activities consist of skiing, dog sledding, and snowmobiling. Travel to Canada offers an array of accommodations to meet the needs of any traveler. Throughout the country hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, lodges, cabins, hostels, ranches, vacation rentals can be found just about wherever to match personal tastes and budgets. Numbers 21:22 says "Let me pass through thy land: we will not turn into the fields, or into the vineyards; we will not drink of the waters of the well: but we will go along by the king's high way, until we be past thy borders."

While Canada is a country of its own United States citizens are not required to have a passport or visa when they travel to Canada. If a person is a citizen of the United States they may enter Canada with proof of who they are and proof of citizenship along with photo identification. A passport or a birth certificate and driver's license will get a person across the border and back just fine. So if someone is interested in traveling to another country Canada is a place a person can go to without much preparation and still have a variety of things to do and see.

British Columbia Travel

British Columbia travel will take a tourist to the western side of the great country of Canada to an all season tourist destination with skiing, snowboarding, and dog sledding in the winter and rock climbing, and white water rafting in the summer. Travel agents suggest water activities throughout the summer such as whale watching, kayaking, fishing, and scuba diving. This beautiful destination is famous for its renowned golf courses, comfortable lifestyle, and old world charm. It is home to a plethora of historical museums, nature preserves, and other environmentally friendly centers. The language spoken is officially French; however, English is commonly used around the larger cities.

This vacation spot is broken into six parts. An agent should provide a visitor with a map of the area that outlines the six parts. They are named: Northern British Columbia, Cariboo Chilcotin Coast, Vancouver Island, Vancouver and Coast, Thompson Okanogan, and Rockies Kootenay. The capital city is Victoria on Vancouver Island. A British Columbia travel package would not be complete without a trip to Vancouver Island, the largest North American island in the Pacific Ocean. It stretches 280 miles long from Victoria to Cape Scott, and 50 miles wide.

Vancouver Island is the center for island hopping to the many smaller islands in the vicinity. Vacation agents suggest experiencing the island as the natives do. On the northern end of Vancouver Island, exist friendly cities, colorful fishing villages, long sandy beaches, rivers, lakes, and jagged peaks, and can be accessed by ferry. British Columbia travel packages usually include a ferry pass to see beautiful Vancouver Island. The island enjoys a nice climate year round for all the adventurous types. Sporting activities abound in such a place, and more competitions are being held in Vancouver Island every year.

Travel guides are available for tours of the cities. These tours can include visiting the native art galleries, a stroll in renowned gardens, or a day of relaxation in the bubbling hot springs. This destination is full of night life as well. Each major city offers sites of interest to families as well as adults. These include aquariums, zoos, and museums. In certain parts of the area, rainforest, mountains and additional seas can be found; however these places cannot be driven to, there is no road access. Those interested in British Columbia travel should contact their agent for a list of accommodations and packages available. The official tourism website for this vacation spot can provide travelers with ideas for how to enjoy their visit. "Behold that which I have seen: it is good and comely for one to eat and to drink, and to enjoy the good of all his labour that he taketh under the sun all the days of his life, which God giveth him: for it is his portion" (Ecclesiastes 5:18).

Canada adventure travel is thrilling those who are looking for the ultimate in outdoor escapades and experiences. When rugged outdoor enthusiasts are looking for scenic tours that offer the challenges of sport, a trip to this country will bring the supreme in experience. Exciting tours are often booked from 5 to 10 days and will include lodging, meals, and travel within the tour. There are also various tour options available, and the Internet can give potential guests the convenience of exploring the various tours available. Rugged and wild, Canada will not disappoint adventurers with its beautiful landscapes and unique wildlife.

A Canadian trip can be a number of different ideal adventures. This beautiful country offers backpacking in the mountains, horseback tours through national parks, white rafting tours through wild and untamed forest, and whale watching from shore excursions. Alpine hiking can be experienced with whitewater rafting in some of the Canada adventure travel tours that offer multi-sports packages. And, there are exciting tours that can take visitors on a dog sledding expedition, or great hikes through forest for wildlife observations. Moose, caribou, and eagles are some of the thrilling sites tourists will see and love in this beautiful country.

The Internet can be a great place to find the perfect Canadian tour for the adventurous spirit within. There are tour agencies that advertise their adventures online, and vacationers can gather information, book an exciting tour, and pay for the adventure tour, all within minutes in the convenience of their own home. Be sure and shop several tour agencies and explore the various options available. It is also a good idea to price compare, and get the best deal available. Discounts can occur in off-season, or with bookings far in advance. Be sure and ask for references and read all documentation associated with the adventure tour. Travel insurance is another good recommendation for those who are planning a Canada adventure travel tour.

God's creative handiwork is displayed throughout Canada in her wild and untamed beauty. Those who explore the country will find themselves in awe of our majestic creator and his love of nature. The Bible employs us to worship and praise God for all He is. "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handy-work. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge." (Psalm 19:1-2) God reveals Himself in a mighty way in a Canada adventure travel tour.

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