Charter Flights To Hawaii

Suddenly charter flights to Hawaii are gaining a place in the news and industry officials predict an ongoing increase in the frequency and popularity of charter flights. The Hawaii Tourism Authority recently spent millions in chartering flights to assist stranded tourists and local passengers when two air carriers shut down in the same week. However, it does not take an airline emergency to appreciate the value of charter flights. They offer price, convenience and a personalized level of service nearly forgotten in the current climate of airline travel.

Just what is a charter flight? Such aircraft are scheduled on particular days and may not adhere to a regular flight schedule as commercial airlines do. The same passengers generally depart and return on the same aircraft. Typical flights are nonstop, which is advantageous for business travelers, for it can save time by eliminating stopovers and flight changes, with their accompanying lengthy security procedures. However, be assured that these aircraft are subject to the same Federal Avaiation Administration (FAA) safety and security standards as other airlines.

An individual might book a charter jet to Hawaii for a variety of reasons. Business and vacation travelers are probably some of the most frequent customers, although charter flights to Hawaii may involve wedding plans, golf trips and sightseeing tours as well. At times, booking through an online system is less expensive than group rates available through travel agents. The airplanes generally have comfortable seating, air-conditioned and pressurized cabins, and complementary beverages. Accommodations can be arranged for children and persons with disabilities. Pets are generally able to ride along as long as they are restricted to pet carriers and fall within size and weight restrictions. Check with the individual carrier before booking aircraft in order to determine specific policies and practices.

For vacation travelers, charter flights to Hawaii can offer significant savings. Generally, a travel agent is needed to arrange vacation bookings. Usually the travel company pairs airline travel and accommodations in one package; it may be difficult to determine the cost of the flight itself. Be sure to inquire about any additional fees which such agents may charge. The downside of using charters is that a missed flight can present a real problem, for another flight to the same destination may be irregularly scheduled. However, an advantage is that significant savings can result for last-minute travelers whose schedule happens to coincide with a flight, as travel agents are eager to offer special rates to fill seats on charter flights in order to increase profits. Although rates may fluctuate, generally seats are less expensive than on regular commercial airlines.

Business customers may especially benefit from charter flights to Hawaii, or other parts of the world. The ability to schedule nonstop flights to specific destinations may become a crucial part of a company's business dealings, and may give the company an edge over competitors who are unaware of the benefits of charter flights. Aircraft are available in all categories from light, medium or heavy jets to helicopters. Check with charter carriers to determine specific availability and dates. In addition to offering full service, a charter jet to Hawaii might offer additional luxury services such as hair dressers or masseuses. Catering, limousine services, and arrangements for hotels, restaurants and entertainment may also be purchased.

Vacationers to Hawaii may also be intrigued by what a charter jet to Hawaii can offer. Flights may be designed to nearly anywhere among the islands. Because they fly lower than commercial aircraft, such flights may offer a closer view of coasts, rainforests, and waterfalls. Sightseeing tours are frequently arranged to circle volcanoes or catch a glimpse of whales sporting in the ocean below. Seeing such wonders, one marvels as Job does ...speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee. Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the Lord hath wrought this? In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind. (Job 12:8-10). Custom aerial charters can be booked at additional cost. Nearly any combination of sites can be put into an itinerary, according to a customer's interests. Pilots can even remain on standby if passengers desire to stop and explore sites at length. Some outfits pro-rate fees to tenths of an hour, so the customer only pays for time actually used. Significant discounts may be obtained by booking early. Limousine services may be available at some locations. Flight lessons are also available with certain outfits.

Since safety is a concern both for individuals booking charter flights to Hawaii and island-hopping tourists or locals, companies may offer instrument-rated, two-pilot crews to reassure hesitant customers. Such crews are able to fly 24/7 schedules, unhampered by light restrictions or the possibility of threatening weather conditions. Some carriers offer free flights for infants less than 24 months old and under 30 pounds, if they do not require an additional seat. However, proof of age may be required. Always check with the carrier to ensure that specific terms and conditions apply, and take advantage of special rates by booking ahead. The next time travel plans are made, be sure to check whether charters are scheduled to the same location. A charter jet to Hawaii may become one of the highlights of a Hawaiian vacation, or the deal-clincher that allows a businessman the financial freedom to book a vacation or two of his own.

Hawaii Condo Rentals

Hawaii condo rentals are a wonderful way to get a real flavor of 50th state living away from the more touristy hotels and motels. A condo rental in among those who live in Hawaii year round is the perfect way to get a true feel of the culture and ambience of the Union's youngest state. Of course, rentals interspersed among permanent residents may not be as common as entire buildings dedicated just to rental transactions. However, living in a condo even for a week or two will force the renters to get out into the community to visit grocery, drug and other stores, giving the visitor an opportunity to truly experience the 50th state in a unique way. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of Hawaii condo rentals available for, those wishing to enjoy the spectacular weather and many activities offered on the various islands. Deciding which island to stay on is probably the first decision.

If the visitors choose the big island of Hawaii, they will most likely be staying in the city of Kona, the largest population center. The big island is chosen often because its physical size offers an incredibly diverse geographic landscape. One can enjoy sun drenched beaches in the morning, and be in the snow on the tops of Mauna Kea in the afternoon. There are lava-flowing volcanoes, rainforests and many other surprisingly diverse experiences on the big island and is an outdoor lover's paradise. Hawaii condo rentals on the biggest of all the fiftieth state's islands are like all others; they vary in cost, depending on the size, age, location and amenities of the rental property. Prices vary by how much luxury one would desire as well as the season of the year.

Staying on Kauai, known as the Garden Isle is usually a choice made by the traveler or visitor that wants to enjoy the 50th state in its most unspoiled state. It is the least developed of all the islands, leaving its natural beauty the most outstanding asset. As in all Hawaii condo rentals, pets are fine in some, smoking is acceptable in some, condos often have pools and hot tubs available and golf courses abound. Prices may range from about one hundred dollars a night to almost nine hundred dollars a night. Getting away from it all is the dream of so many people, and it's important to plan leisure time in order to decompress for life's endless pressures. But God promises that putting Him first in our lives will provide times of relaxation, maybe not in Hawaii or at some luxury resort, but he will take care of our needs. "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6:33)

The island of Maui is a have it all place to stay. Golf courses, shopping, waterfalls and just enjoying the sun are all a part of the Maui experience. Maui has many of the things that the populous Oahu has without the great hustle and bustle. Whale watching on Maui is a big deal and so are weddings and vow renewals. Prices for Hawaii condo rentals on Maui are a little more expensive than on Kauai or even on Hawaii. This is because the destination is more sought after and the competition for quality places to stay is fiercer.

Choosing the island of Molokai means the visitor or traveler wants to truly experience the Hawaiian culture. It is the least visited of all the islands, with some stunning boasts: No traffic lights and no building taller than a coconut tree! Shallow water and deep sea fishing in big on this island and a coffee plantation begs a visit to taste its Hawaiian hazelnut blend. Hawaii condo rentals on Molokai are obviously less expensive than some of the other islands. But as expected, the list of amenities are also less, with most not allowing pets, few allowing smoking, and many not having air conditioning. Pools still reign but hot tubs are not as prevalent. Prices for these condominium rentals are in line with those on Kauai.

Oahu, of course, is the island most people think of when they first consider Hawaii. The busiest, most populated island with the large metropolitan area of Honolulu has history streaming out of its everyday life. Many of the activities that are available on the other islands are also on Oahu, but the draw of Pearl Harbor and its significance and remembrance is a place many people want to experience. As one might expect, Hawaii condo rentals on Oahu widely vary in price and quality of luxury amenities. Most all are along beachfront property and many have pools and hot tubs available. The closer the location to Waikiki and Diamond Head, generally the more expensive the condo rental price will be.

When you are seven thousand miles from the place you are going to stay, a person wants to make sure that it is clean, in a safe neighborhood and close to grocery stores and other needed services. Once a condo has been chosen, calling the Better Business Bureau in Honolulu and asking about complaints and how they were handled by the condo owner would be helpful. Get creative and call a police station nearby and ask if your choice of Hawaii condo rentals is in a safe and desirable neighborhood. Once a person is in that beautiful garden spot of the world, it may be possible to move to another location if the condominium of choice is not amenable. Enjoy your stay!

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