Hawaii Cruise Specials

Hawaii cruise specials include accommodations, dining, entertainment, activities, service, and destinations. There are several types of accommodations on a cruise ship and each is priced differently depending upon the views and the luxury. Ships usually have a large variety of dining choices that include many types of cuisine. Cheap Hawaii cruises provide entertainment and activities so that those on board would never have to worry about being bored. Service is excellent on ships where servers are assigned to specific customers to make sure that their more than taken care of. Destinations are important because this gives the vacationers an opportunity to tour a new area, find some souvenirs and see the scenic views. The Lord acknowledges the necessity for people to have relaxation and rest times. "And He said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while: for there were many coming and going and they had no leisure so much as to eat" (March 6:31).

Accommodations on a ship are important because comfort while traveling is what most people want. The roomiest accommodations are found in the suites and mini-suites. The most popular rooms are the oceanview cabins with balconies. Hawaii cruise specials may not include the suites with large private balconies but a person may be able to upgrade by paying a little extra. The interior rooms are the least expensive and do not have a porthole or window to enjoy a view and feel much smaller in comparison with the oceanview rooms and the suites.

Dining is an important commodity on a cruise ship. Appealing to all customers is important so many different types of cuisine are available. These usually include Italian, Cajun, Asian, Sushi, Pizza, French, Vegetarian, Steaks, and Burgers. Cheap Hawaii cruises will not normally include meals with alternative dining areas. A la carte restaurants aboard some ships are on a pay as you go schedule. In addition, the customer is responsible for paying all gratuities or for any alcoholic beverages and some non-alcoholic beverages.

Entertainment varies on ships but most provide live dancers, singers, and comedians. Between entertainment and activities guests should never find that they are bored. Some of the choices for activities include educational activities such as art classes, dance lessons, computer classes, wine tasting, yoga, card game lessons, tournaments, cooking demonstrations, and personal trainers for a variety of sports. Video game rooms appeal to the younger guests along with board games, movies, and ice skating. There are massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, hair salon, and other spa services for guests. Hawaii cruise specials normally include most of the activities and all of the entertainment.

Services include specialized care for each guest to take care of all of their needs and desires. Personal attention makes each person feel very special. Even cheap Hawaii cruises offer these types of services to customers. Passenger and crew members who interact throughout the cruise often get to know one another very well. Crew members will often get to know their passengers so well that they know how to fix their eggs and coffee without having to ask but one time. Crew members can also answer any questions that a passenger may have. In addition, they can make great suggestions on what activities to join in on, or where the entertainment is the best on ship.

Destinations are an important part of the experience of enjoying a cruise. Each destination stop becomes an adventure. There are always tours available for those who wish to participate. Some ships allow patrons to book tours and excursions ahead of time so that they are an included as part of Hawaii cruise specials. If they are not available to book ahead of time they can be purchased aboard ship at each port of call. A crew member can make suggestions on things to do at each destination. The best way to prepare ahead of time is to do some research on each destination stop. Trying to cram in everything while there may not be feasible and it depends on how long the ship will be docked there as to how much can be done.

People should take extra cash with them while enjoying a cruise. Onboard photographers will take a picture of their patrons for a price. However, the patron can refuse the photograph if it is not what he or she wants. Spa treatments and salon services are normally extra on a ship but some ships offer prepackaged deals on some spa services that can be reserved and paid for in advance. Cheap Hawaii cruises usually never include these types of extra services such as photography and spa services with upfront costs.

The price of a cruise can vary depending upon the time of year, how long the experience lasts, where the ship goes, what ship a person is on, type of accommodations, the number of people sharing a cabin, and which agency is used to book with. Hawaii cruise specials are usually offered based upon a specific time period, a certain number of people, and specific type of room accommodations. Meals are usually broken down per person per day and include three meals and snacks. Entertainment that is offered includes comedy shows, piano bars, karaoke, discos, and live bands. On the Internet a person who is interested in checking the prices can do a comparison with several different cruise lines to find out which one offers the most for the money.

Hawaii cruise packages can take anyone on a wonderful tour of the Hawaiian Islands, the prized island gems sparkling in the South Pacific. Cruises to Hawaii will give everyone a chance to slow down and practice "Island Life" on island time. These travel arrangements can give an individual or family the ultimate experience in Hawaiian vacations, because cruises to Hawaii allow them to experience the highlights of several islands while only unpacking once!

Discovering exotic islands through these travel arrangements, can give a person the opportunity to see all of the unsurpassed beauty of the Pacific gems; experience the world class activities of land and sea; and relax at the same time, letting travel personnel take care of planning the itinerary and serving the traveler's every need. With these packages, cruisers will see spectacular mountains, tropical rain forests, white sand beaches, and even active volcanoes. Cruises to Hawaii will also allow travelers to enjoy multiple land and sea sports and adventures available in the unique surrounding of these tropical islands. And, cruisers will enjoy all the comforts of luxury, leaving house keeping, meal planning, transportation, and all of the detailed plans to the ship's staff.

There are several shipping lines that offer cruises to Hawaii and other islands in the Pacific Ocean. However, fewer ships offer a strictly Hawaiian Island itinerary. The travel arrangements that travel only Hawaiian waters offer weekly itineraries, visiting ports on the major Hawaiian Islands. These trips will take one to Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, and Oahu. Some of these exotic excursions will include staying overnight, aboard ship, in the ports of Honolulu and Maui, allowing for plenty of time to see and experience all these islands have to offer. There are also Hawaii cruise packages that offer a visit to some of the smaller islands, giving tourists a true taste of the unique Polynesian culture developed through the centuries in the Hawaiian Isles.

These exotic excursions are available in a variety of options. Some Hawaii cruise packages offer a seven-day trip through the islands and other arrangements offer an eleven-day cruise. But, every ship will plan to port in the sophisticated city of Honolulu. This city is packed with attractions. World-class museums, historic Pear Harbor, shopping, and famous Waikiki beach will be part of any of these trips. "The range of the mountains is his pasture, and he searcheth after every green thing." (Job 39:8)

Travel of this sort can vary in cost, accommodations, and days spent in each port. People who are considering the thrilling adventure of an exotic island vacation, should make plans now to determine which of the Hawaii cruise packages is right for their vacation dreams. It is always advised to thoroughly investigate the ships and their itineraries before making a commitment to travel with them. Potential cruisers could ask for references and brochures or letter of recommendations from any ship's line that is being considered.

Hawaii Cruise Vacation

Taking a Hawaii cruise vacation might be one of the most fabulous trips a person could take in his or her lifetime. There certainly are many wonderful vacations possible, but many would-be travelers have dreamt of a two week shipcruise perhaps beginning in Canada or the United States and ending with an individual stop at each of the 50th state's islands. Whether they be in the Pacific , the Atlantic or even in the Mediterranean, cruises are the epitome of relaxation, fun and luxury, even if a person is staying within the bowels of the ship in an inside room. With so many things to do and experience both onboard and off, a Hawaii cruise vacation or anywhere else is a very fine choice for holiday time away from the grind of the everyday. One of the hardest things to do might be deciding where the departure spot will be.

Choosing a cruiseship line might be one of the first considerations when picking where the departure might be. Some cruiseship lines are much more welcoming of all night partiers than others, just through the type of programs and activities on board. Other lines are more conducive to what might be judged as older or more mature travelers. If a person has never been on a cruiseship before, there needs to be some investigation into the personality and culture of each line and the ship that may be sailed. No traveler wants to be in the middle of the ocean on a Hawaii cruise vacation where a spring break atmosphere is perpetually in motion if his only desire is rest and relaxation. And no one wanting to party all night and sleep all day wants to be on a ship where dinner is at four and the blue plate special is the topic of breakfast the next day. So ask hard questions of the travel agent and try to talk to some who have made the voyage previously.

Once the cruiseship line has been chosen, the departure point can be decided, but keep in mind that not all cruiseship lines use all of these departure points. A traveler might choose a Canadian, US mainland or Mexican port of departure, or just leave from one of the main ports of call in Hawaii itself, and just sail the islands for days on end. If someone is leaving from the United States, San Diego, California is a popular departure location. Los Angeles is another departure city and that city itself has many interesting places to explore before boarding and departing. Ensenada, Mexico is a port outside the United States that if often used as a departure locations. It is located about seventy miles south of San Diego and is heavily used by cruiseships as a port of call and a departure place for Hawaii cruise vacation packages. For those cruiseship passengers living in the north, Vancouver, British Columbia is also a major departure city, and that metropolitan area also has many places to visit and see while waiting the day your cruise ship leaves for that Hawaii cruise vacation.

The cost of the Hawaii cruise vacation of choice will depend on the cruise line chosen, the length of the sail and the type of accommodations that are chosen onboard. Usually the types of rooms offered are inside rooms, ocean view, veranda and staterooms. Inside rooms are the least expensive and are quite small, often about ten feet wide by about twelve feet deep featuring two single beds and no windows. Ocean view rooms, across the hallway in the lowest part of the ship from the inside rooms, are the same size but have one small window one can look out to view the other people in much bigger and more glorious rooms. Veranda rooms are not at the bottom of the ship, but comprise the next few floors and have small "patios" outside the room where vacationers can sit and enjoy both the sun and the evening and laugh at those in the inside rooms. Veranda rooms are a little larger in size and may actually have a double or queen sized bed, but make no assumptions; talk to your cruise agent. Finally the staterooms are the elegantly large accommodations in which the suite may have several rooms to actually move around in and the occupants can breathe. Many people begin their cruising experiences staying in the less expensive lower deck room, but when booking a second Hawaii cruise vacation opt for the veranda or state room accommodations.

Of course, a person can choose to fly to Hawaii and then leave on a cruise that circles the islands or may visit South Pacific island destinations and even Australia and New Zealand. Taking any cruise is a fabulous adventure because there are so many things going on onboard the ship when not sightseeing or enjoying the many water related activities. Food aboard cruise ships be it a Hawaii cruise vacation or a cruise to the Mediterranean is always one of the most talked about amenities on the trip. All inclusive in the price, the food is often available 24 hours a day and is of excellent quality. But be it a lowly inside room or a stateroom, be happy and enjoy that wonderful experience. "...I have learned, in whatsoever state I am in, therewith to be content." (Philippians 4: 11b) That kind of attitude only comes when a person truly knows and trusts God.

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