Hawaii Honeymoon Vacation Package

Well worth it, a Hawaii honeymoon vacation package will add nature's beauty, a romantic setting, and memories that will last a lifetime to a person's wedding experience. Because a honeymoon is between two unique people, all packages are not created equal. "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge." (Hebrews 13:4) In fact, what will typically happen is that the wedding coordinator or travel agent will give the couple several choices of accommodations and amenities, and lists of activities and events that are available. All of these elements are then put together and offered as a package to the couple. Because they are considered a Hawaii honeymoon vacation package, the deal will include discounted pricing and may have some restrictions. The point is that the couple gets the honeymoon that they want.

Maui is a favored choice for many honeymooners because of its plentiful beaches, undulating green pastures, and magnificent rocky cliffs. Hotel and resort facilities start at approximately $150 per night and go well over $1,000. No matter the price range, there are more than enough beachfront locations. Some of the top beaches in the world are location on Maui. The second largest of the Hawaiian islands, Maui spans 48 miles in length and 26 miles in width. The beaches of Maui are legendary for surfing, diving, snorkeling. Just relaxing on the beach is a great activity to add to an Hawaii honeymoon vacation package. A simple walk on the beach can elicit peace and harmony. From sunset cruises to dolphin and whale watching, there is an abundance of activities to engage in when in Hawaii. The nurtured natural environment illuminates the birds of paradise, orchids, plumerias, hibiscus, and gingers nestled within and among the full Hawaiian cotton, enormous pepper plants, thick palms, and never ending mint.

Down the center of the island of Maui is a valley. The island is referred to as "The Valley Isle," for this reason. Any Hawaii honeymoon vacation package should include a visit to this valley that sits between two volcanic mountain ranges. The immense size and expanse beckon adventure to the couple who may swoop through the valley by helicopter in order to appreciate the vast and awe-inspiring views. A couple could also see extraordinary hidden valleys, jagged coastline, lush rain forests, and stupendous vistas when traversing the land by horseback or hiking. Look forward to the climax of Waimoku Falls at the end of the Pipiwai Trail hike. It is regarded as one of Maui's best hikes.

A couple wanting an excellent Hawaii honeymoon vacation package choice should consider including the island of Kauai. Kauai is known for its quaint guest cottages and its first-rate bed and breakfast establishments. As the northmost island in Hawaii, Kauai is also considered the oldest. One of the most majestic of all sights on this island is "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific" or Waimea Canyon; by its proper name. On Kauai's west side, this more than 3,000 foot deep canyon displays impressive panoramic views of steep narrow clefts, scabrous crags, and jutting summits. The spectacle of it all goes on for miles. Perhaps an incredible Napali Coastal view of the Pacific Ocean from the North Shore of Kauai, or maybe swimming Kaupoa Beach with its two cove-like areas divided by a rocks and its crystalline turquoise waters and dazzling white sand, or even a horseback rider through a luxuriant valley about one mile across surrounded by cliffs up to 2000-feet high called Waipio Valley will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Dramatic natural beauty is the order of the day when a couple chooses a Hawaii honeymoon vacation package. There are an unlimited number of romantic settings. Often chosen for its simple beauty is one of the delightful beaches of the Coconut Coast. Beginning on the north end of the coast is Anahola Beach. Most north coast beaches are not meant for swimming. However, Anahola features lots of great activities like golf, fishing, sailing, surfing, and scuba diving. It is located approximately 15 miles from Nawiliwili Harbor and the Lihue Airport. Nearby points of interest are the Hanalei Valley Lookout and the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. Hanalei beach is quiet and calm. With a remarkable view of the Hanalei bay, this beach is an excellent choice to just relax and hang out. Located between Haena and Hanalei Bay is the most photographed beach on Kauai; Lumahai Beach. Gorgeous scenery with clean sand and lots of shade, this beach is off the beaten path and a good pick for honeymooners. One caution though, don't go into the water. Otherwise, enjoy the sensual enchantment of this beach.

A standard Hawaii honeymoon vacation package can vary from basic to full-service. Most basic services include the flight, a hotel, and a rental car. If a couple would like a more comprehensive package, it is best to hire a wedding coordinator. The wedding coordinator extends their services from just the ceremony to what happens after. That person will be able to efficiently and effectively find the traditional service providers and will also point out vacation features that are suited to the couples tastes and preferences. Candlelight dinners on the beach, private excursions, and romantic retreats are just a few of the amenities available to couples seeking an Hawaii honeymoon. Add nature's beauty, a romantic setting, and memories that will last a lifetime to a wedding experience by including a Hawaii honeymoon vacation package. The fact is the couple will be living with these memories 'til death do they part.

A Hawaii honeymoon vacation will take one to the most romantic and scenic locations on Earth, making a honeymoon the most memorable ever. With their unique beauty, the islands nestled in the Pacific Ocean will set the stage for unforgettable Hawaii honeymoons and romantic getaways. Intoxicating flowers fill the air with fragrance; spectacular sunsets fill the evenings with romance; the quiet hush of tropical forests and lolling oceans inspire hearts to retreat and relax, taking in the opportunity to get lost in the love of one another. "Sing unto Him, sing psalms unto Him, talk ye of all His wondrous works." (1 Chronicles 16:9)

A world of wonders awaits those who indulge in this location. The Islands are brimming with romantic activities and settings, perfect for couples just beginning their lives together. Each of the major islands offers Hawaii honeymoon vacations and activities for the new couple. The sunsets, moonrises, clear waterfalls and ocean waters of the Islands are undoubtedly the world's most romantic. Explore these beautiful lands together with an intimate hike, coastal cruise, snorkel/picnic daytrip, or horseback ride. Stroll through beautiful gardens or take a day trip on a catamaran. Each couple will have their own ideas about what an ideal Hawaii honeymoon vacation may entail, and any couple will be sure to find the perfect tropical activities and entertainment to fit their honeymoon dreams. There are so many events to experience and places to visit in the Islands; it is a good idea to discuss what each has in mind as the travel time approaches. Narrow down the activities most wanted to enjoy together, and begin searching for the island or two that offers the environment suited to each other's uniqueness as a couple and this will make every moment count during the Hawaii honeymoon vacation.

The Garden Island, or Kauai, has the reputation for being Hawaii's most romantic. Hawaii honeymoons should include at least a day or two on this island that hosts unspoiled natural beauty. Tropical rainforests outline the mountainsides and the beaches seem to be endless. While Kauai has retained its rustic and natural appeal, it is also the home of world-class resorts that offer luxurious amenities making Hawaii honeymoons all that they can be.

A romantic getaway should start with exploring romance packages offered by the luxurious hotels and resorts on several of the islands. Be sure to tell the travel agent or the agency booking the Hawaii honeymoon vacation of interests in any special amenities offered by the hotels or resorts are desired. Romance packages are often packed with extras such as 3 or 4 nights in ocean view rooms, champagne, free meals, and free admittance to cultural events.

Hawaii Luxury Honeymoon

Ever dreamed of a Hawaii luxury honeymoon? Perhaps one pictures a private dwelling on pristine beaches framed by swaying coconut trees, or majestic vistas of mountainsides and nightime luaus on the beachfront of a luxury resort. Maybe adventure vacations are more some couples' style: snorkeling, kayaking, horseback riding, surfing and sailing outrigger canoes. Add in a dash of history with petroglyph tours and visits to historical sites for perspective on this island state. Finally, at the end of a memorable day, take a moment to stroll along the beach together under the stars while the caress of the trade winds delivers the fragrance of tropical flowers. One thing is sure -- a couple will certainly have a honeymoon to remember.

An Internet search will reveal abundant (even somewhat overwhelming) options for choosing a honeymoon vacation package. Even in the pursuit of romance one may have to go about things in a more scientific manner. First of all, decide together with your future spouse just what expectations each has for the Hawaii luxury honeymoon. Surprise! Each person may have totally different ideas about what makes the most wonderful honeymoon. One may have visions of experiencing the ultimate in adventure vacations, while the other may be looking forward to lying in the sun, undisturbed and unscheduled. One prefers quiet nature walks, or tours of historical sites, while the other can not wait to see a live volcanic eruption. It is much better to find this out now, and work out some compromises, before a couple experiences some major eruptions of their own.

Once the couple has survived that stage of negotiations, another perilous minefield awaits. That is the matter of a budget. Decide together on a realistic amount to set aside for the honeymoon vacation package. Be realistic, yet optimistic, for wedding money gifts may allow for some upgrades. If a Hawaii luxury honeymoon is a dream for both, let guests know. Most will be relieved to contribute money instead of having to search for the perfect wedding gift. Take account of miscellaneous expenses which add up quickly: marriage license fees, passports, luggage, clothing, fees for wedding ceremony officials or limo drivers and other expenses like flowers and location fees. Gifts for the wedding party, limo rentals, wedding cakes and party favors can take their own share of wedding funds. Run through the whole day in order, taking note of additional items which may be needed. Afterwards, examine these expenses to see if they are really necessary, or are only a reflection of someone else's expectations of wedding necessities. While one may need to be flexible (especially if someone else is contributing to wedding expenses) and considerate of family ideas of what is appropriate, the couple should have the final say in determining the things which will make their wedding day special.

Since the couple has negotiated through these expectations and financial pitfalls, they are now ready to search through the multitude of options available. Nearly any kind of Hawaii luxury honeymoon can be assembled. Accommodations range from simple private huts in a beach setting, with arrangements for food and entertainment available at the nearby hotel facility, to luxury resorts brimming with amenities and bustling with activity. Many hotels offer complementary activities to guests such as snorkeling or sailing, or tours of nearby historic sites. Others offer crafts like learning to assemble leis or the opportunity to learn how to cook native foods. Some resorts offer the option of staying at several of their facilities, in order to get a taste of various aspects of island life and activities. In short, there are plenty of options available to create the experience of any couple's dreams.

Whatever choices are made, be sure to follow up with a deposit to hold the reservation. Coordinate the availability of airline reservations with hotel or villa rental dates before signing any contracts. Proverbs 14:15 says, ...the prudent man looketh well to his going. In other words, he gives thought to his steps. It is not good to commit to a honeymoon vacation package and later realize that there are limited available flights to one's destination. If the wedding ceremony will take place in a Hawaiian setting, banquet facilities and wedding service providers (flowers, limousines, food, photographer, etc.) will also need to be coordinated into one grand schedule. Most resorts will offer some type of discount on the accommodations for wedding guests if a number of reservations can be guaranteed.

Because of the multitude of areas which need to be coordinated, some couples choose to hire a wedding planner. Such a person will be familiar with Hawaiian resort facilities and wedding service providers. A honeymoon vacation package can usually be arranged at a lower cost than selecting airline reservations, wedding facilities and associated services separately. Besides, this leaves the couple free to concentrate on other arrangements for their life together. However, if the additional expense of a wedding planner is prohibitive, these same areas can be arranged independently.

For sanity's sake, do not procrastinate on making honeymoon arrangements. There is a substantial amount of work involved in putting together a honeymoon vacation package, yet once crucial aspects such as determining expectations and budgets are complete, the setting for a dream wedding and honeymoon can be obtained with a few phone calls and Internet contacts. Some resort websites offer articles about preparing for a Hawaiian wedding and honeymoon. Some articles include a timetable for completing each step of the preparations. This is helpful because it lists various details which may otherwise be forgotten. So talk about, research, reserve and finally, enjoy together the experience of a Hawaii luxury honeymoon.

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