Hawaii Surfing Vacation

A luxurious Hawaii surfing vacation creates a memorable moment for newlyweds, families, singles, or retirees. Tourists of all ages will never forget the experience of sand, sea, and surf on the enchanting island of Hawaii. The moment tourists arrive from the mainland, they are drawn to the crystal clear oceans and pristine beaches of Waikiki, Oahu, Big Island, Kauai, or magnificent Maui where vacationers have a chance to hang ten with the pros. Surfing is a must-do for anyone visiting the islands. Learning how to conquer the wind and sea to ride the waves of the South Pacific beneath a sun-drenched sky is a surfer's dream-come-true. Miles of glistening white sand and surf stretching across more than 1500 miles of Polynesian paradise await tourists of every age. Vacationers can book a Hawaii surfing vacation in advance, which may include hotel accommodations and at least one group lesson for the whole family. Honeymooners can reserve a cozy beachfront condo and add private lessons for two along the gorgeous beaches of Oahu's North Shore. Surfing at mid-morning, followed by a private breakfast on the lanai is a perfect start to an exhilarating day on the island of Hawaii.

Families of four can take advantage of a Hawaii surfing vacation offering semi-private lessons for ages 14 and up. Beginners quickly learn how to stand, turn, and maneuver surf boards and the proper techniques for gauging waves, wind, and currents. Mom will rest assured that most instructors are professional lifeguards concerned about teaching the little ones and the not so little ones all about water safety and how to get along with other surfers in and out of the water. Surfing may look difficult, but professional instructors can usually transform even the most uncoordinated landlubber into a water baby, capable of paddling gleefully across the ocean with confidence. In less than two hours, nearly any swimmer can learn how to ride the waves and hang ten like a native Hawaiian!

As part of a Hawaii surfing vacation package, classes on land and sea may include transportation to and from the hotel and surfboards, but the gorgeous scenery is free. Who wouldn't enjoy the freedom of riding the crests of waves in the most inviting natural habitat on earth? A bright blue sky literally glistens as it is reflected off of the ocean, sparkling with jewel tones of emerald and azure. Tropical palms lean ever so slightly, towering above hidden grottos of native vegetation, flora, and fauna. Tourists are transported to a make believe world where the hustle and bustle of the mainland are all but forgotten. Trading in a business suit for a set of island print shorts and goggles is the perfect way to shed the cares of the city and get in the swing of island living. A one or two-hour surfing excursion can jumpstart a weeklong junket visiting Hawaii's finest beaches amidst luxurious tropical resorts. Sometimes, getting away from it all is necessary for the restoration of body, soul and spirit. "Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls" (Matthew 11:28-29).

From surf school at Waikiki, Oahu, Maui, or Big Island, avid enthusiasts can test their skills from dawn to dusk amidst the most fabulous ocean vistas this island paradise has to offer. Rent a moped or hop on a scooter from island to island for a weeklong adventure along the pristine shoreline. Each of the eight Hawaiian islands offers a unique experience for beginners to advanced surfers to not only catch some rays at the beach, but also to relax amidst the scenic views of secluded seaside villas of Waikiki and quaint cottages in Kauai. An unforgettable Hawaii surfing vacation begins with advance booking on the mainland from the comfort of a home or office PC. Island tourist sites may offer packages which include airfare, beachfront accommodations, car or moped rentals, and group or private surf lessons. Many surfers prefer staying in rustic beachfront condos along Sunset Beach in Oahu or on Big Island along the Kailua-Kona coast. Pricier accommodations at gated resort communities may include a round of golf, an afternoon dip by the pool, and a relaxing massage in the hotel spa. There are Hawaii surfing vacation packages for nearly every budget for two, four, and more guests.

The best time to book a Hawaii surfing vacation might be during the off seasons when accommodations are plentiful. Oceanfront properties include spacious lofts for six guests and airy lanais, perfect for a luau after an afternoon of surfing and sunbathing. Vacation rental condos and villas include everything but food and a toothbrush. Sun lovers can lease two, three, and four bedroom villas right on the beach, which will accommodate eight to twelve guests. Luxury accommodations usually include maid service, surf boards, and a private lifeguard for a weekend junket or a weeklong getaway. Guests lose all track of time catching the waves and frolicking carefree along the stretches of beach amidst lush palm trees, island flora and native ambiance.

A Hawaii surfing vacation is not just about sand and sea. Tourist packages offer accommodations near designer boutiques and quaint local shops. Vacationers can choose to sample the island fare by frequenting native restaurants far off the beaten path, or enjoy dinner and dancing under the stars at popular night spots. After a long day on the beach, a hot stone massage or spa treatment is perfect for relaxing muscles in preparation for the next day's surf. As the evening draws to a close, surfers can be seen relaxing under a spacious lanai as tropical breezes lull them to sleep, no doubt to dream about riding the next big wave along one of the Hawaii's scenic shores.

Oahu Horseback Riding

For outdoor lovers, Oahu horseback riding may be the perfect way to see Hawaii. Riding a horse along the shores of sandy beaches or through the rough terrain of mountain trails has become the preferred mode of travel for many vacationers who want to visit out-of-the-way places and meander at a comfortable pace through some of Hawaii's most beautiful rainforests, woodlands, ranches, and tropical fruit orchards. Oahu, the third largest and most populated island in Hawaii, is home to several ranches offering horseback riding vacations to tourists. On Oahu's North Shore, resorts offer a choice of several rides from 40-minute canters to one- and two-hour galloping jaunts across vast pastures and lush tropical forests, hidden from view and seldom seen by motorists. The experience of riding on the back of a gentle steed through historical sites like the USS Arizona Memorial, a tribute to American servicemen who died at Pearl Harbor, or past restored World War II bunkers to view some of Hawaii's secluded ranches or national parks rich with island flora and fauna, is unparalleled.

Most Oahu horseback riding vacations provide tourists with guides or instructors to ensure that riders are familiar with horses and safety precautions. Horses of an appropriate size and temperament are teamed with riders. A well behaved horse is one that has been tamed and trained to obey its master. Bits placed in the horses mouth firmly remind the animal to turn in the direction the rider chooses. But, James 3:7-10 tells us that, in contrast, man's tongue is an unruly member which is not so easily tamed. "For every kind of beasts, and of birds, and of serpents, and of things in the sea, is tamed, and hath been tamed of mankind: But the tongue is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. Therewith bless we God, even the Father; and therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God. Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be."

Tamed horses and their handlers accompany riders along Oahu's Windward coast for engaging or adventuresome two-hour treks through Kaaawa Valley, which runs between three of Oahu's most formidable mountains: Puu Kanehoalani, Puu Manamana, and Puu Ohulehule. The view is breathtaking, as tourists catch sight of majestic peaks arising from a valley carpeted with native plants, flowers, and gentle streams. In a picturesque setting, tourists on horseback riding vacations can take a leisurely pause to photograph wildlife or sample a sack lunch along a natural creek bed. While moderately skilled riders may enjoy a sedate stroll on horseback through wooded areas, experienced horsemen can traverse other island trails for a refreshing ride through sand and surf. Oahu's beaches provide an excellent backdrop for skilled riders to gallop along the shoreline with sea spray enveloping the horses hoofs, much to the delight of their four-legged companions.

A particularly popular site for Oahu's horseback riding vacations is the 150-year-old Kualoa Ranch. Hearkening back to the days of Hawaiian cowboys and luaus in the wild, Kualoa Ranch provides hours of equine entertainment for young and old. Tourists can traipse through well traveled trails beneath majestic mountains, alongside crested ocean waves, or cascading waterfalls. A one-hour tour at the southern end of the Ranch includes an awesome view of Mokoli'i island, also known as Chinaman's Hat because of its unique shape. Riders can also stop by the Kaneohe Bay to view koi and other exotic fish swimming in the 800-year-old Moli`i Fishpond, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Horseback riding vacations on the Kualoa Ranch, Gunstock Ranch, and other Oahu stables also include activities for little people. City children unfamiliar with horses or horseback riding will love the experience of a docile, yet fun pony ride within enclosed areas. Some resorts and condominiums also offer therapeutic rides for children with physical impairments. The rhythm of the horses movements, coupled with the touch of a gentle animal helps physically and developmentally challenged youngsters achieve more grace and balance, while introducing them to the wonderful world of horses.

An Oahu horseback riding vacation is relatively inexpensive. Hour-long tours that offer a unique equestrian experience combined with an impressive island tour start at roughly $60 per individual adult or child. The two-hour vacation on horseback is just under $100 per person, adult or child. Tourists can essentially get a two-hour tour for the price of a one and a half hour excursion. Of course, prices are subject to change without notice. Vacationers should browse websites of island stables for current pricing. The rules and regulations of Oahu horseback riding are designed for the safety of both the rider and the horse. The minimum age for trail riders is seven years old, with parental permission. Children under age 7 are only allowed to ride smaller, pony rides with professional trainers leading the horses around an enclosed area.

For safety purposes, stables also recommend that riders wear sensible clothing: sturdy boots or tennis shoes, long pants or denim jeans, and long sleeved shirts. Women should avoid wearing dresses or skirts and high heeled shoes, both for personal safety and to protect horses from being injured. Stables also recommend that riders wear protective biker helmets when riding on horseback or ATVs. Tourists may make reservations online prior to visiting Oahu, but they must read and sign a liability waiver holding Oahu horseback riding stables harmless in case of injury or accident. Naturally, no alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are allowed on the riding trails. Parents are responsible for the safety of minor children. For tourists looking for an alternative to Hawaiian island hopping via moped, boat, or automobile, seeing the natural sites of Oahu, the tropical gathering place, on horseback is sure to provide a unique and memorable experience.

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