Hawaii Vacation Tours

Hawaii vacation tours are a great way for travelers to the 50th state to get a taste of the entire fabric of life thousands of miles west of the California coast. The history of Hawaii is filled with many legends as well as true stories and can keep the culture buff busy for many days. But on top of all the culture, there is the incredible weather and scenery as well as the breathtaking beaches and nightlife of the islands that provide many travelers with memories for years to come. For the person who wants to avoid maddening traffic and the hassle of driving, Hawaii vacation tours are the answer to making seven or ten days fly by faster than the space shuttle across the Pacific. There are many companies ready and willing to provide the leadership, the expertise and the time to plan every detail that a person might want covered for a magical vacation.

There are so many possibilities as far as tours as concerned that once a person has landed and secured his lodging that it could take months of daily trips to cover all the possibilities. Of course all Hawaii vacation tours decisions will be made on the basis of what a person enjoys doing, and that might be dictated by age, health and other considerations. Additionally, budget considerations might be of prime importance and so there are many components that go into deciding which activities to enjoy. In order to make this come alive, let's take three married couples of various ages who are visiting Hawaii for the first time. Each twosome has decided to each land in Honolulu and are staying a various hotels around Waikiki.

The youngest couple has lots of energy, but the least amount of money to spend. Their seven day vacation allows them fifteen hundred dollars to spend for various tour attractions. Both the man and woman have always wanted to dive, so thesome books a two day tour to learn how to scuba dive. The dive experience includes transportation from the hotel as well as meals. By the time the two days are over, the couple will have spent about five hundred dollars for the experience. The middle aged couple are avid mountain bike enthusiasts and so the two book a one day tour of mountain biking to the Ka'a'awa Valley where the two will ride dirt roads and large open fields along the ocean. The Hawaii vacation tours experience includes three hours of biking, lunch and other amenities and transportation from the hotel.

The older couple wants to visit Pearl Harbor and picks one of the many offered excursions to the location. Vans pick up and then deliver tourists back to the hotel at the end of the day for most Hawaii vacation tours packages. The middle aged couple decided to board a rented Harley for a day's trip around Maui. A quick plane hop over to that island and transportation to the rental dealer and the couple was off with three other twosomes on a ten hour trip all around Maui. The groups was able to stop with the tour guide at quaint cafes, out of the way gift shops and other places of interest. When the youngest couple considered what to do next, the two considered their money and decided to book an inexpensive kayaking tour, led by an experienced guide. The couple was able to spend a day snorkeling, visiting a bird sanctuary and just catch some rays.

After a day or two of just resting at the beach, the senior couple had a busy day aboard an early morning helicopter tour of the island, and then took a guided motor tour of the entire island of Oahu, visiting dozens of sites that have been filmed for movies and television. The middle aged couple took their love of wheels to a new height when they took an ATV Hawaii vacation tours package with guides along the Ka'a'awa Valley where breath taking scenery was par for the course. Wherever a person travels in the world, he is reminded of the majesty and power of God through the beauty and wonder of nature. "For the invisible things of him(God) from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and the Godhead; so that they are without excuse." (Romans 1:20) This verse means no one can ever say they didn't know about God.

There are strictly prepackaged Hawaii vacation tours that are all inclusive. These tours may stay on one of the four main islands or may island hop from one to another. Transportation, meals, lodging and all activities are included in these types of tourist travel packages. They are usually constructed for a certain age demographic and the activities each day are designed to meet those demographic interests. When looking online at the many tour companies and the various activities that one can participate in while in the 50th state, it can be quite overwhelming in nature.

But because travel agencies know that each person has different interests and varying budgets, there are many options that can be explored when deciding what Hawaii vacation tours package to choose. Perhaps the choice will be to do what our three couples did: book a room, fly to the state and then take various packaged tours each day. Or if that is too adventuresome, take a long look at the many tours available and let a travel agency do all the work and planning for that special trip. And when you go, don't turn around if someone yells, "Book'em Danno!" The guy that used to say that died twenty years ago.

Hawaii Vacation Spots

Popular Hawaii vacation spots include exotic venues on each of the eight islands encompassing over 1500 miles of white sandy beaches and crystal clear shores. Tourists and vacationers can choose from several packaged tours; join a sightseeing group; or reserve a moped, scooter, or car to travel solo from wide open plains to mountainous terrain. Hawaii is a group of eight islands, each with distinctly different flavor. Some Hawaii vacation spots hearken back to antiquity with rustic relics of palatial mansions or quaint sea villages with sand covered cobblestone streets. Other regions include sumptuous island resorts which grace the coastline like so many pearls glistening against the white sandy beaches and majestic palm trees.

For a pictorial view, vacationers can trek to the National Park on Big Island and take in the monumental lava floes, one of several famous Hawaii vacation spots frequented by tourists from all over the world. Carved from molten lava which leaves an indelible imprint on the island landscape, the Park is a virtual outdoor classroom for youngster of every age. Big Island also boasts the Kona Coast, home to world-renown Kona coffee and some of the island's most opulent four- and five-star resorts. Guests can sample freshly ground coffee, tour the fields, relax inside a secluded bungalow, or try their hand at deep sea fishing in a quiet lagoon. "Oh taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him" (Psalms 34:8).

Other hot Hawaii vacation spots include the pearl of the Pacific, Waikiki Beach on the southern shores of Oahu. Tourists get the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Polynesians kings and queens and imagine what it would have been to live in an ancient island palatial mansion. Throughout Waikiki, natives and tourists alike revel on the white sandy beaches for afternoons of snorkeling, deep sea diving, or fishing off of a fabulous yacht. Luxury resorts welcome guests to kingly surroundings appointed with large private suites or sumptuous beachfront accommodations. Behind a backdrop of once active volcanoes lies a tranquil yet opulent resort town, nestled amidst towering palms that whisper ancient secrets under a starlit sky. Walk where Hawaiian kings and queens held court and vacationed in island palaces. In addition to surfing and deep sea fishing, Waikiki is known for its lush landscape, fragrant tropical flora, and exotic fish.

Nature lovers will love cruising around Hanauma Bay's coral reef for some A-1 snorkeling and a chance to savor the sand, surf and seaside offered at one of several unique Hawaii vacation spots. Tourists can watch divers perform Olympic feats or try their hand at diving off of the smaller precipices crafted just for beginning divers and vacationers. One of a kind brilliantly hued tropical fish frolic beneath the ocean, much to the delight of young and old, as they view the exquisitely exotic sea life from glass-bottomed boats. The Bay offers scenic views, swimming, deep sea fishing, or cruising to stops along the way to a neighboring out of the way island retreat. While group tours are available, some guests may prefer to rent a kayak to paddle downstream and view the wildlife, tropical birds, or indigenous faun and flora.

Hawaii's islands not only offer tourists a chance to have fun frolicking or sunbathing on pristine beaches, but certain venues are also educational. Parts of the island provide unique experiences for young history buffs, nature lovers, and environmentalists. Most of the venues and natural habitats have been preserved for future generations to enjoy the majestic palm trees, lush grottos, and wildlife sanctuaries that make up this South Pacific paradise. Developers are careful to integrate 1,000-year-old trees with modern architecture; and each of the Hawaii vacation spots put the spotlight on maintaining surroundings in their natural state.

Some tourists may come for the beaches, but others come to taste the luscious tropical fruit. A must-see on everyone's itinerary should be the 30,000 acre Haleakala National park, reached via a scenic three-hour drive just 52 miles from the Kahului Airport. Vacationers can hike through an enchanted rain forest full of fresh papaya and pungent eucalyptus trees; or sample fresh fruit from pineapple orchards planted below majestic natural waterfalls and towering volcanoes, long silenced through time. Beginning and professional golfers will love putting on the lush green courses of Maui carved out of the Hawaiian landscape. 36-hole courses surround luxury resort hotels appointed with private decks, perfect for viewing a romantic sunset or a glorious sunrise. Tourists can rent clubs or bring their own for 18 or 36 holes on some of the finest courses on the globe, crafted by world famous greens designers. A visit to Hawaii vacation spots on the island of Maui include opulent dining at first-class restaurants; shopping at several designer boutiques on the docks, or relaxing at a resort spa for a soothing hot stone massage, skincare treatment or sauna.

Fun and sun lovers, newlyweds and retirees, families and friends will all love hiking along the mountainous terrain of Maui, catching sun rays on the white pristine beaches of Diamond Head, or paying homage to fallen U.S. soldiers at Pearl Harbor, Honolulu. The island of Hawaii has something for everyone--from toddlers to teens, adolescents to senior adults. There is no reason why anyone should put off booking Hawaii vacation spots throughout the region for a weekend or weeklong unforgettable pleasure excursion. Vacationers should consult online tour guides and booking agencies for the best rates at the most convenient times. Surf the web for plenty of discount offers and vacation packages, which combine airfares, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and tickets to venues, exhibits, dining and entertainment. If the island of Hawaii is your destination, bringing a dream vacation into reality is as close as the next PC.

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