Hawaii Volcano National Park

Hawaii Volcano National Park is a must see for those visiting the islands. The park is intended to educate visitors on the formation and history of the Hawaiian Islands and does so by describing what exactly resulted by the end of nearly seventy million years of volcanic activity. Visitors to the park can choose to spend anywhere from one to five hours either driving by car or hiking across the grounds on foot. No matter how one chooses to experience the park, they can be sure to witness awe-inspiring landscapes and breathtaking beauty all while learning about majestic mountains of fire.

The Hawaiian Islands were formed by volcanic activity which means the islands are more than mere land masses but the peaks of several dormant volcanoes which formed more than six million years ago. The formation of the tropical islands was the result of volcanoes erupting out of the floor of the sea, with the last eruption having occurred during the eighteenth century. Native species to the islands are believed to have arrived long before human inhabitants through several ways, by wind, waves from the sea, and wings, meaning that many of the species of the islands arrived even without the aid of humans. An interesting fact to keep in mind when visiting Hawaii is that the islands are home to the greatest number of endangered species than any other place in the world, so visitors should keep a watchful eye. The Hawaii Volcano National Park, in addition to dormant and active mountains of fire, contains thousands of flowers, millions of insects, plants, and birds.

The Kilauea Visitor Center should be the first place visitors stop at upon entering the Hawaii Volcano National Park. The park is the most popular attraction of its kind in Hawaii with over two million people coming to Kilauea. The Visitor's Center helps to start people off with an introduction to volcanoes and volcanic activity and offers exhibits on everything from the formation of the islands, to ecosystems, rain forests, native wildlife, and more. People can learn interesting facts about volcanoes in the area like Loihi. Loihi is the youngest volcano in Hawaii, and is located on the coast of the Big Island. According to researchers the young volcano is full submerged under the water, but is taller than Mount Saint Helens. The only known seismic activities were record in 1996 however, no other activity has been known of since. While the Visitor's Center aims to educate tourists, the Park itself offers opportunities to gain first- hand knowledge through several activities and many seminars offered throughout the year.

There are three main areas in the Hawaii Volcano National Park, which are the Summit Area, Wilderness Area, and the Kipahulu Area. The Summit Area is one of the highest peaks and those daring enough to hike to the top are rewarded with a spectacular view. Depending on favorable weather conditions, it can be possible to see three other islands of Hawaii from the top of the peak, truly offering a mesmerizing experience as the sky below is as blue as the ocean. For those who would like to experience lush greenery, the Kipahulu Area is for them, as trails extend all along the rugged yet gentle shorelines. For adventurous tourists biking down the side of a dormant volcano can prove both exciting and awe-inspiring. Visitors desiring an extended stay can do so as the Park encompasses two campgrounds, Namakanipaio and Kilanaokuaiki. People interested in visiting the Hawaii Volcano National Park would benefit from perusing the park's website as it offers lots of information about events and seminars including updates on current volcanic activities on Kilauea.

The island's volcanoes span over two hundred thousand acres encompassing dessert areas and rain forests making for beautiful landscapes contrasted with areas destroyed by past lava flows, a combination which draws attention to the Island's and demands for exploration. The best way to do so is by helicopter and there are several volcano helicopter tours to choose from depending on whatever island one happens to be on. Volcano helicopter tours are unique in that they enable passengers to actually 'go inside' dormant volcanic mounds and get as close as is safely possible to the majestic giants. Those interested can utilize the internet in finding what flight service works best for them, and several websites offer video clips of what can be seen during different flights. Reservations are required for most tours so it is recommended to plan ahead.

Volcano helicopter tours actually fly people over the mouths of active mountains of fire. Passengers get to soar through the blue skies of Hawaii while being flown by experienced pilots over active volcanoes and into the mouths of those long dormant. Flights offer spectacular sights that are accessible only from the air. One flight company flies passengers over the area where more than 180 homes were destroyed in 1990.Those on board can even catch a glimpse of molten lava, truly illustrating how "The hills melted like wax at the presence of the LORD, at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth" (Psalm 97:5). Most tours take passengers into the heart of dormant volcanoes. Vegetation can be seen as it has grown up amidst the charred landscapes, while dozens of waterfalls cascade gently out of the sides of the craters. Volcano helicopter tours provide people with amazing vantage points allowing them to see massive clouds of hydrogen sulfide gasses resulting from lava flowing into the ocean. Once in contact with the water, lava explodes, causing the formation of unique black sand beaches, which make for a dramatic contrast with much of the Islands' white sands. All who visit the Hawaiian Islands should take advantage of learning and seeing all they can of the volcanic land masses.

The Hawaii volcanoes that are visited by millions of tourists each year actually form the existing Hawaiian Islands, an amazing and beautiful vacation state. When visiting this destination, the history and the unique beginnings on a Hawaii volcano tour will teach visitors that the islands were actually formed from volcanic activity. These formations continue to mold and reshape these tropical islands today. A visit can teach tourists much about not only the rich history of this state, but about the actual activity of the environment. A trip can be researched over the Internet, as vacationers plan to see all of the exciting and exotic features of the Hawaiian Islands.

Each of the Hawaiian Islands is formed from active formations that peak from the Pacific Ocean. Taking a Hawaii volcano tour can give tourists an up close look at the environment and tourists may even view live lava flows that are dripping into the Pacific Ocean at this very time. The unique topography of the Hawaiian Islands and the unique coral reefs and banks below the islands are contributed to a hot spot of volcanic activity located directly under the big island. Hikers can walk around the national park there, and discover the realities of Hawaii volcanoes and their mysterious power.

To find information on such a vacation for a family's the best view of the landscape, potential vacationers can search the Internet through a major search engine. Traveler can also look at the official websites for the state and its tourism. Hawaii volcano tour plans can easily be researched, planned, booked, and paid for online with a variety of travel agents that offer diverse experiences in this state. There are several Hawaii volcano tours to choose from, so vacationers should investigate the options available, deciding before arriving, which tour will best fit their family or individual tastes.

The Bible tells us of God's glory and majesty speaks to us through His creation. What wonderful insight into God's creative nature is revealed through Hawaii volcanoes. "For thus saith the Lord that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited; I am the Lord; and there is none else." (Isaiah 46:18) Those that visit the Hawaii Islands and take a Hawaii volcano tour will praise the Lord for revealing His awesome power in creation.

Hawaii Adventure Tours

Taking advantage of Hawaii adventure tours can add zip and excitement to a relaxing Hawaiian vacation. From tropical luaus to exciting helicopter journeys, these special vacation activities can be enjoyable for entire families. Most of these tours are geared toward a specific sport or mode of travel. Many organizations offer visitors the opportunity to snorkel in the Pacific ocean. Hawaii has many beautiful waterfalls and incredible natural vistas. Visits to sugar plantations and strenuous nature walks might also be enjoyed. Exploring the many island volcanoes that this beautiful state is home to is another exciting option. The specific interests of visitors might be catered to by some tourism organizations. Those interested in astronomy might enjoy activities that revolve around the beautiful evening skies of Hawaii. Bird watchers and nature lovers can participate in outings that explore the island's native birds and stunning plant life. Many of these outing take place on one of the state's beautiful wildlife preserves. Hikers and climbers can enjoy their sport of choice through guided hiking and mountain climbing expeditions. For those who enjoy a more relaxed approach to leisure, the standard helicopter tour of the islands may be a good idea. There are also many outings that include guided journeys on horseback. These and many other interests might be covered in Hawaii adventure tours.

Many travelers come to the islands just to enjoy the sheer beauty of the place. These Hawaii adventure tours can add a new dimension to a visit to this beautiful state. Expeditions may be geared toward groups of any size from the very large to smaller, more private groups. Outings that explore local marine life are very popular as well. History buffs can enjoy a tour that explores the events that took place at Pearl Harbor at the beginning of America's involvement in World War ll. Whatever the interests of the individual vacationer, there are Hawaii adventure tours that can accommodate. These exciting tours might include a zipline expedition. A zipline outing will involve hiking and picturesque zipline crossings over beautiful and breathtaking vistas. Families will naturally have safety concerns and should ask around about the reputation of the various local expeditions of this nature. Reputable tour companies will take pains to make sure that all equipment is in good shape and is inspected on a regular basis. Additionally, there are usually specific age and health requirements that participants must meet. Children under the age of ten are usually not permitted to participate in a zipline tour. Participants will also usually be required to sign a liability waiver before taking part. Women who are pregnant or travelers with heart conditions or problems with the back or neck are also precluded from enjoying a zipline outing.

Another popular example of Hawaii adventure tours are expeditions that feature all terrain vehicles. Many areas of the Hawaiian islands are not reachable with standard vehicles. This can mean that ATVs offer the vacationer the opportunity to see a side of Hawaii that they would never see otherwise. Most of these vehicles are relatively easy for the average person to operate. Included on many of these tours are snacks and beverages along with the help of an experienced tour guide. These guides can inform participants about the features of the local area along with interesting historical facts. Private tours for smaller groups are also widely available. Vacationers will want to bring several items with them that will add to the enjoyment of the outing. These items might include sunscreen, binoculars, bottled water, and cameras. Elderly guests and pregnant women, along with very young children are not generally permitted to participate in these expeditions. Additionally, a guest must be at least sixteen years old to operate an all terrain vehicle. Most tour organizers will have specific requirements in the area of dress. Open toed shoes are generally not a good idea for these kinds of outings. Long pants and jackets are usually recommended. Most of these tour providers will also offer goggles, gloves, and helmets to participants. Rain gear is also available in the event of inclement weather. As with other physically demanding Hawaii adventure tours, participants will most likely be required to sign a liability waiver.

For the courageous vacationer who is in search of Hawaii adventure tours, there is the shark cage tour. These two hour adventures allow visitors to see the sharks in their own natural habitat. Explorers can opt to enjoy the tour from the safety of a boat or they can climb into the actual shark cage for a close up view. The Bible instructs believers to be strong and to trust God when they are afraid. "Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not: behold, your God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompense; he will come and save you." (Isaiah 35:4)

Another example of exciting Hawaii adventure tours are tubing expeditions. Many of these outings will combine the thrill of tubing with tours of Hawaiian ranches, sugar cane plantations or other private areas. Participants can enjoy the island's natural beauty up close as they glide down through engineered ditches, tunnels and flumes. The outing may end with a picturesque picnic in a tropical setting. These expeditions are geared toward enjoyment for the whole family and offer a unique view of this tropical paradise. Whatever kind of adventure a vacationer may have in mind, the Hawaiian islands offers many memorable opportunities for family fun.

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