Hawaii Wedding Locations

Hawaii wedding locations and the decision to pick one of these gorgeous scenic backdrops might be the second most difficult decision to make after answering the "Will you marry me?" question all brides are posed. Few places in the entire world are more beautiful, more romantic and more photogenic than the many Hawaii wedding locations available at any of the islands that make up our 50th state. In fact, getting online and looking at all the companies that provide one stop shopping for weddings on Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui or Hawaii, the five islands that make up this paradise in the Pacific can give a bride-to-be headaches with so many choices and options. Each island has a bit of its own identity and beautiful places to have a marriage ceremony filmed and photographed, so depending on the budget, the size of the ceremony party and other details, choosing just the right place to have your ceremony in paradise will take some time and effort, because of so many choices available. Consider budget first in the many decisions to be made.

Traveling by air, the typical method to get to Hawaii will have varying costs, depending on when the trip is booked. Costs will also vary depending on which of the many Hawaii wedding locations are chosen. For example, choosing tiny Lanai, the island without one traffic light is extremely secluded and the choice of many soon to be married couples. But it also costs more to fly to Honolulu and then get a connecting flight to Lanai City. The costs for an all inclusive marriage ceremony and honeymoon may also be more on less populated islands such as Lanai than on the islands more populated, particularly if particular wedding staff or amenities must be flown to this beautiful but out of the way island.

Choosing a backdrop from the many Hawaii marriage ceremony locations can be mind boggling. The typical wedding photographs that many people remember are the familiar beach scenes in which bride and groom exchange vows in front of a spectacular sunset dipping into the ocean. Of course this particular scene might also be duplicated somewhere in California or the west side of Florida, so that might not be the number one in the list of Hawaii wedding locations. By the way, is the couple going through premarital counseling before the big day? What a mistake it can be to spend hundreds of hours planning a marriage ceremony and almost no hours working out differences and expectations for the years after. Making a strong faith in God a prerequisite for a marriage is likened to making plans without including Him. "Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it; except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain." (Psalm 127:1)

Some might choose big rock cliffs and an ocean front backdrop as the choice from among many Hawaii wedding locations and there are some spectacular settings at many of the islands. If a person has dreams of a large marriage ceremony with lots of guests, the Olowalu Plantation on Maui is ideal. With plenty of lawn room, palm trees, plantation house and other amenities, this is a perfect place for a large wedding party. Also on the island of Maui is Makena Cove, with white sand beaches and black lava rock, often chosen by photographers as a favorite of their Hawaii ceremony locations in terms of the camera image. For unforgettable beauty highlighting the foliage of the 50th state, there is the Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens in Kauai. Being able to be surrounded by many examples of native Hawaiian flowers, ferns and trees as well as viewing whales offshore and the bird life, this option among many Hawaii wedding locations is a bride's dream come true.

Yet many brides dream of a marriage ceremony in a chapel setting and the "Little Blue Church" on the big island is a Hawaii wedding locations favorite for many brides. It is located in downtown Kona and has only a few pews, making an intimate and worshipful place for many couples to have both the beauty of Hawaii and the serenity of a place of worship as components in their big day. One of the most incredibly beautiful settings anywhere in the 50th state for a marriage ceremony is the Chapel by the Sea at Kauai. This small worship locatione is thrust out into a lagoon and surrounded by ocean, mountains, French doors that open to the breeze and lush tropical foliage. From a distance, this chapel almost looks like a mirage on the water.

Choosing to have someone else take care of all the details of your ceremony may be the answer to nail-biting and obsessing that many people are prone to do in the weeks preceding the big day. Details such as minister, photographer, dress and tux rental, makeup and hair design, limo service, rose petal flower shower, cake, dinner cruise after the wedding, framed wedding certificate and even escorted service to get the marriage license are covered in many Hawaiian wedding companies' inclusive packages. These all inclusive companies have thought of everything, including the times when the sunset wedding should be planned, always varying between five and six thirty p.m., depending on the time of year. Prices vary in terms of ceremony packages and the many Hawaii wedding locations. For a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars, a bride can have a magnificently photogenic marriage ceremony that will be remembered for decades to come through pictures and video.

A Hawaii wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, and Hawaii wedding services offer the magic of a tropical island for memorable island nuptials. The exotic tropical islands of Hawaii are the perfect place for a love in bloom, and a Tropical island ceremony will capture the essence of romance. There are services available on each of the major Hawaiian Islands. It is said of these majestic Pacific islands, that whatever your dreams can conceive, there are people who will strive to make them come true.

Couples may choose from many Hawaii wedding packages, including a variety of beautiful, romantic settings. A ceremony could take place in the afternoon on a warm sandy beach, in the morning on a crisp oceanfront lawn, on an evening under tropical gardens, or in the sanctuary of an old or historic chapel. The ideas and possibilities are endless when planning a romantic ceremony. Sea lovers and land lovers alike will find the perfect spot to commit their love to one another. Scripture tells us that weddings have always been happy events. "And the third day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee; and the mother of Jesus was there:" (John 2:1)

Kauai, known as the Garden Isle, also offers a beautiful tropical setting for lovers to enjoy. A Kauai ceremony could include a helicopter transport to the lush settings of the tropical forest. A catamaran cruise is also a unique way to savor your vows. Scuba divers can have an adventurous Hawaii wedding under the sea with a scuba diving ceremony! Kauai also offers historical churches set in tropical array for those wanting a more traditional nuptial ceremony. No matter what the bride and groom want, they will find the perfect accommodations for their Hawaii wedding.

There are other ideas and other Hawaii Islands to be considered. Whatever your desire for the ultimate island ceremony, Hawaii wedding services are available to help you choose sites, select flowers and catering, and completely plan your nuptials. Wedding planners are also available through independent companies or with hotels and resorts. Planners of personalized services realize the importance of seeing a dream come into a reality picture. A lavish gathering, or a private retreat, will offer personal attention and give the personal touch. Many services will include a honeymoon special in their wedding packages. Contact several Hawaii wedding services to find the service that can best fit your dream and budget.

Honeymoon Vacation Package

Newlyweds often prefer to book a honeymoon vacation package to celebrate the beginning of their union, and as often as not prefer destinations that are different from the everyday environment. "Again, he sent forth other servants, saying, Tell them which are bidden, Behold, I have prepared my dinner: my oxen and my fatlings are killed, and all things are ready: come unto the marriage." (Matthew 22:4). Part of the reason for this is that unfamiliar surroundings emphasize the couple's intimacy which makes for an even more intense bonding during that initial period of the marriage. When one adds the element of beauty to those unfamiliar surroundings, as well as the complete peace of mind that comes from being free from the stresses of normal everyday life, then that bonding experience is even more enhanced. Also, the fact that the new couple is literally on new ground that can be explored together is a kind of rehearsal for the rest of the marriage, in that by getting married the couple has chosen to explore together whatever terrain may come their way for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it is important for a couple to choose the right kind of honeymoon vacation package to ensure that this bonding period that precedes everything else experienced together will go smoothly. In other words, newlyweds need the appropriate environment and conditions suitable for concentrating only on each other. And with the right amount of research and planning, it is possible for a couple to obtain an experience, even during tough economic times, that will always be the memorable honeymoon of their dreams.

There are many very easy to use resources on the Internet that offer assistance for planning a honeymoon vacation package. And early planning means that a couple will have more time to figure out exactly which destination will suit them both. Also, when one plans the honeymoon well in advance it is more likely that the package will end up costing less. So first, after determining the length of the vacation, a couple should decide whether the destination should be exotic or not. Most newlyweds prefer to celebrate the union in an exotic place with all the amenities affordable. Then they need to decide whether it should be a hotel or a resort. Or perhaps a cruise would be more suitable for them instead. In any case, one thing is sure: a top destination is the most desirable and, although the high demand means that they are usually more expensive, if the couple books the right honeymoon vacation package in advance then even an expensive exotic destination is within reach. And the key to this is a thorough search of the Internet for an inexpensive deal. After all, the reason a top destination is widely visited is that the experiences of others have been so successful that it comes highly rated and recommended. In short, one can be much more confident that the honeymoon will be a success if enjoyed at a top destination.

To begin with, the search for the honeymoon vacation package should be conducted both independently and with the help of a reputable travel site, preferably one that specializes in honeymoons. Because using the search engines on one's own will help to better evaluate what the site has to offer. Of course, the basic elements of a package should be flight bookings and reserving accommodations. Bear in mind that the purpose of arranging a honeymoon vacation package is enjoying the destination while free from as much stress as possible. Therefore all expenses, such as food, local entertainment, golfing, and spa visits, will be paid in advance with an all inclusive package. For example, on a cruise there is always something to do, entertainment is often available, and there are plenty of opportunities to dine in a relaxed fashion. In any case, a couple can ascertain which activity opportunities to include that appeal to both by each making a list, and then choosing matching items from the lists. In this way, the vacation activities will be tailor made for both.

Typical exotic destinations are Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora because these islands offer the paradise environment most couples want for their honeymoon. For example, Tahiti is renowned for being one of the most romantic destinations in the world. But Moore and Bora Bora also offer peace, beautiful beaches, spas, and resorts where honeymooners can have the luxurious seclusion they crave. On the other hand, the vacation need not be at an exotic destination to be wonderful and exciting. For example, both San Francisco and Las Vegas are very popular destinations for honeymooners. Because of course one can still experience a great deal of luxury and seclusion at these top domestic honeymoon destinations. As an illustration, with proper advance planning, it is possible for a couple to arrange an economical package including elements such as champagne upon arrival, elegant swimming pools, extravagantly furnished suites, fine dining experiences, and spa treatments in conjunction with the availability of top notch shopping and thrilling nightclubs, among other amusements.

In fact, the only downside of such a vacation would be the cost. However, as stated before, a honeymoon vacation package is the most cost efficient way to enjoy the luxuries and tranquility newlyweds usually require. This excellent option will eliminate the danger of any of the mishaps that occur as a result of either not planning or making the wrong plans. Incidentally, during the Internet search a couple will find that some sites are so helpful that they also contain a honeymoon registry for the wedding gifts, which is another welcome convenience. All in all, when a newlywed couple embarks on their first outing together with the aim of bonding and exploring the world together, a honeymoon vacation package provides the best framework for this important experience of a lifetime.

A Honeymoon cruise for newlyweds provides a luxurious ship that takes the new couple to exotic ports of call and offers moonlit nights on the ocean. Gentle rolling seas, calming crashing waves, and warm sunny days bring ambiance to a ship, making this means of travel a wonderful way to experience the ship and each other on the way to an exotic destination. This kind of travel is the opportunity for a new couple to truly experience the ideal in honeymoon vacations, and often, newly-weds can find great honeymoon discounts or free upgrades for their vacation.

Newlyweds will truly get lost in one another as there is no stressful planning, meal arranging, or confusing itineraries to be dealt with. The ship staff takes care of every need, providing plenty of time to relax, enjoy, and be pampered. Couples will love island exploring, water activities, or scenic tours for day excursions, only to return to the luxurious accommodations of the ship at night. Honeymoon cruises take couples to destinations that allow for that kind of adventure off the boat. What other vacation offers the opportunity to see and do so much, and only unpack luggage one time? A honeymoon cruise will bring the perfect setting to rejuvenate after all the planning and business of a wedding. "And Jesus answering said unto them, The children of this world marry, and are given in marriage:" (Luke 20:34)

Couples planning honeymoon cruises should start by determining where their ideal dream vacation should take them. There are literally thousands of cruises to different parts of the world; with scenic Alaskan excursions, where untamed wilderness is viewed from the deck of a boat; Bahamas cruises, where the tropical fun and beach life will take you away; cruises to spicy Latino countries like Mexico and Brazil, and there are lavish getaways to the Mediterranean Sea. Whatever your desire, a ship can probably get your there, and get you there in style.

After a couple determines where their ultimate honeymoon cruise lies, then choosing a shipping line and a timetable is the next step in planning a honeymoon cruise. Many ships offer extra amenities to honeymooners, so a traveler will want to be sure and ask about all specials and accommodations when comparison -shopping cruises. And, best of all, honeymoon cruises can be experienced on a budget. There are special cruise deals offered by travel agencies and specialists on the Internet, so "sail" the Internet before booking that ultimate excursion.

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