Kona Hawaii Vacation Rentals

Opting for Kona Hawaii vacation rentals can provide an exotic, if expensive, Hawaiian vacation for the whole family and then some. While there are many rental accommodations that will not necessarily break the budget, there are also many villas, homes and estates that can be rented for an extended period of time at a luxury price. Anyone who is interested in this kind of leisure investment will want to check out nearby features and attractions to make sure that activities of interest are within easy access. These Kona Hawaii vacation rentals may be located near shopping as well as near beaches, golf courses, restaurants, and beautiful scenery. Most of these properties come fully furnished and may also boast such conveniences as washers and dryers, dishwashers and other necessary appliances. There are a number of features and activities to enjoy as part of a Kona Hawaii vacation. Volcano National Park allows visitors to see the lava of the Kilauea Volcano up close. The fishing village of Hilo offers Rainbow Falls as well as many fine restaurants. Akaka Falls Park also attracts many visitors each year. In addition, there are a number of beautiful beaches that grace this exotic vacation spot. Fans of deep sea fishing and snorkeling can find many opportunities for leisure and fun in Kona. If swimming with the dolphins sounds exciting, there are adventure tours that feature this exciting option. Opportunities for horseback riding, nature walks, or even organized tours of a well known macadamia nut factory are also available.

The type of accommodation that a traveler will prefer might say a lot about the kind of vacation that they wish to enjoy. For some, time on the beach is an essential element. When this is the case, Kona Hawaii vacation rentals that feature oceanfront properties is a must. Studio apartments and condos on the beach allow travelers to enjoy the ocean up close, or from the comfort of their rental property. These apartments and condominiums will usually offer full kitchens as well as pools and barbecue areas. Some units may feature large lanais and come fully furnished. Hi speed Internet, cable television services, air conditioning, and a washer and dryer may also be available. Reserved parking is an important feature and will often be offered by Kona Hawaii vacation rentals. Reservations will usually be required along with a deposit to hold the unit. Most rental companies will also need to know the number of people who will be staying in the unit and the exact dates of arrival and departure. Some organizations may require payment in full roughly one month before the intended arrival date. In addition, some renters require that cancellations must be given at least thirty days in advance if the deposit is to be refunded. The various amenities that are offered will generally vary with each rental location.

On the more expensive end, anyone who is interested in Kona Hawaii vacation rentals might want to check out the many luxury homes that are available. If money is no object, visitors can rent one of the many estate homes that boast such amenities as lagoon style lap pools, waterfalls, and easy access to the ocean. Separate decks for morning or afternoon sun bathing and private exercise rooms complete with Jacuzzi contribute to the sense of pampered luxury. These homes often have multiple bedrooms and can house a number of guests very comfortably. But with daily rates that can run into the thousands, this luxury comes at a price. In many cases, these Kona Hawaii vacation rentals must be booked for a minimum amount of time. Some rental agencies will allow visitors to book the property for a minimum of seven days, but others may have stricter standards and greater requirements. Easy access to golf courses, restaurants, and shopping can cause many of these rentals to be in very high demand. For vacationers who value their privacy, many of these properties are fenced and gated, allowing visitors an extra amount of security. Basic conveniences such as high speed Internet, cable television, washer and dryer, dishwasher, telephone, microwave, and coffeemaker are usually included. These homes will generally come fully furnished right down to the dishes and utensils in the kitchen. Security deposits and hefty cleaning fees will generally accompany these luxury rentals as well.

There are a wide variety of different types of Kona Hawaii vacation rentals that are available. Some vacationers prefer a basic cabin for their Hawaiian getaway. Others enjoy a beach front cottage or condo. Still others are in the market for luxury homes or estates when planning a tropical vacation. The Bible speaks of the happiness that belongs to those who hope in God. "Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God." (Psalm 146:5)

Once settled in Kona Hawaii vacation rentals, there are a number of activities that a traveler can take advantage of. Both fine dining and fast food are widely available. Nearby beaches can provide many opportunities for swimming or snorkeling. Tropical scenery can include everything from cool waterfalls to spectacular volcanoes. Wildlife enthusiasts might enjoy opportunities to swim with the dolphins. Shopping venues come in a variety of styles and price points. The island's many boutiques and gift shops offer the opportunity for upscale shopping, but there are also a number of discount stores for everyday needs. Add to this the wide variety of adventure tours and it is easy to see why this area is such a popular vacation destination.

Kona Hawaii Vacation

A Kona Hawaii vacation is wonderful choice for the vacationer that wants to experience the geographic smorgasbord that Big Island Hawaii has to offer. Big Island Hawaii is the largest of all the other Hawaiian Islands and is, in fact, larger than all of the other islands put together. From sun drenched beaches to snow capped mountain, the Big Island is an explorer's paradise. Kona, its main town, has the formal name of Kailua-Kona and is the home the world Ironman Triathlon championship. Its population of under twenty thousand residents surprisingly serves an international airport where many tourists seeking the paradise like tropical weather and easy living look for a few days or weeks of something other than what's happening back home.

A Kona Hawaii vacation begins by deciding where one is going to stay after arriving and the choices are many. For pure luxury, there are oceanfront condos featuring marble floors, granite countertops, waterfall showers, plasma TVs and everything one could possibly desire in a luxury accommodation with prices starting at about six hundred dollars a day during the off season, running from about the middle of September to the middle of December. There are resort communities north of the Kailua-Kona airport that are very exclusive and offer condos for rental based on availability. Four hotels in Kailua-Kona itself are very reasonably priced for some rooms fewer than two hundred dollars a night during slow seasons. But how about a tent cabin with small refrigerator, coffee pot, sink in the room and magnificent ocean views for $40.00 a night and it even has wireless!

A travel agent will have plenty of information on the kinds of accommodations that are available and can help the vacationer decide where to stay according to their individual budget. There are a number of house rentals also in Kailua-Kona. Most Kona Hawaii vacation home rentals start at about four hundred dollars a night and many have pools. Since many travel agents may not know about these privately owned vacation homes located in and around Kailua-Kona, the best thing to do is get online and begin looking for houses being advertised on the Internet. Kailua-Kona Chamber of Commerce can be contacted through the office of tourism to check on the veracity and integrity of private individuals who rent out Kona Hawaii vacation homes. Call Him a liar, a lunatic or the Lord of all creation, but you cannot call Jesus Christ just a good teacher, a wise philosopher or just another religious leader. Scripture often refers to Jesus as the Word: "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God, the same was in the beginning with God." (John 1:1, 2)

Once settled, the person on vacation in Kailua-Kona will have a number of things to do, but the greatest thing is to enjoy the fabulous weather in the area. Averaging about 65 to 70 in the winter months and about 85 in the summer, it is an unforgettable place to wash a miserable Chicago winter out of anyone's mind. From one Kona Hawaii vacation website, there are over fifty local places to visit in terms of scenery, vegetation and other geographic points of interest. For the game fisherman, the waters off Kailua-Kona are brimming with trophy fish of all kinds. Tuna, mahi-mahi, shark and other species are abundant in the 6000 foot deep waters. There are a number of charter captains ready to take out ocean warriors for a day of battle, but there are some less reputable charters so again, check with the Chamber of Commerce for information.

Whale watching is also a very big attraction in and around the Kona waters. There are a number of different companies ready to take visitors on a few hours of whale watching on their Kona Hawaii vacation, and many of the tours also offer educational information to understand this magnificent creature and its habits. Scuba diving abounds as well as snorkeling in various part of the area. Those not as adventurous might consider the possibility of taking an escorted trip up Mauna Kea, the snow capped mountain on Hawaii. This 13,000 foot dormant volcano boasts privately owned telescopes near the peak and tours are offered almost daily to see a part of Hawaii few are able to experience. It is the highest mountain in the world when measured from its sea floor base, almost six miles below.

Kona lacks nothing for those who love to bike, and many tours are available all around the Big Island, which is ninety three miles wide at its greatest girth. Bike trips may take several days to complete, but sag wagons, food and lodging along the way can be obtained if desired. Motorcycles also abound in and around Kona for rent, and provide an enjoyable Kona Hawaii vacation conveyance to see the four thousand square miles of the largest island in the United States. Many types of food abound in eateries all around Kona including Chinese, French, Hawaiian, Indonesian, Japanese and Thai. Yes, there are burger joints, so don't get excited.

Golfers can lose their minds in the courses in and around Kona. The courses are plentiful and while the greens fees may not be inexpensive, it's your vacation so play and enjoy! If one is expecting to get on and play when arriving in Kona, it might be best to call ahead even before coming to the Big Island and getting tee times. And don't forget the coffee plantations in and around Kona. Kona coffee is known the world over for its flavor and the freshest coffee in the world can be consumed right at the plantations that grow it. Enjoy your Kona Hawaii vacation. Aloha!

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