Maui Helicopter Tours

Maui helicopter tours can be a perfect way to see what is considered by many to be the most beautiful of all the Hawaiian isles. Maui has often been mentioned as the number one desired tourist destination in the world by many travel experts and there are reasons why. The island has breath taking beauty that is often not easily accessible by conventional means. Tourists must plan off the path excursions often led by guides to see some of the more picturesque scenery. Many visitors choose to view the scenery by air and helicopter tours are the preferred way of doing it.

There are the normal things that tourists do on Maui, including luaus, golf, whale watching, snorkeling, horseback riding, ATV adventures, parasailing, biking, fishing, shopping, cruises, vegging and a dozen more possibilities. Everything that the sedentary and active visitor would want in vacation activities are on this garden paradise. Among all visitors, both active and inactive, are those who want to view what photographs and even high definition television cannot do real justice, the interior and hidden beauty of the island. While some people may deny there is a God, the Bible declares that the beauty and grandeur of nature are living testimonies of His power and majesty. " For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly see, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse." (Romans 1: 20)

Instead of spending several days hiking or driving into back country to see the many faces of the island, Maui helicopter tours can do it all in a one hour guided tour. Almost like a young child who talks non-stop for three minutes explaining about the macaroni and cheese at school, the descriptions of the Maui helicopter tours is almost one breathless dialogue. The choppers travel over the dormant and active volcanoes of Maui and big island Hawaii, fly over tropical rainforests and lush green valleys, soar over jagged sea cliffs and hover next to waterfalls, then span pineapple and sugarcane fields as well as hovering over the grave of Lindbergh, seeing the state's tallest waterfall on Molokai, and flyovers of Hana, Seven pools, Upcountry, Hookpia and other locations. Whew! There are several companies on Maui that own and fly whirlybirds, but they all cover the same general landscape.

When a tourist chooses a Maui helicopter tours provider, they will not only get pretty much the same tour, but they will more than likely be given the same basic service as well. Modern state of the art choppers that meet state and federal standards are used as well as qualified and experienced pilots. In typical fashion these tours have piped in music over the passengers' headsets while listening to the pilots describe what is being viewed. Often, the chopper company offers a DVD of the trip that the passengers took. Various time lengths of trips are offered and prices will vary by time span of the tour.

Prices for these tours from company to company. The companies are often sensitive to economic downturns and will lower prices to maintain business. Regular prices run a little under three hundred dollars a person for a one hour trip, but check with their websites to find out current fares. Most companies have an all inclusive price, but there is a fuel surcharge that may be added to the bill at the time of arrival to the heliport. There is one foot note that most chopper tour providers have: those weighing over a certain weight will have to purchase at least another 1/2 seat and perhaps a whole seat with others. Maui helicopter tours are often linked with other activities such as horseback riding, scuba diving and ground van tours.

Most of these helicopters seat up to five or six passengers. There are no restrooms on board the choppers and most of these Maui helicopter tours use birds that have panoramic glass to insure good visibility for all passengers. While each company advertises certain sights that will be seen, there are times when inclement weather will interfere with the planned itinerary. Companies try and plan for such contingencies and have alternate plans and sites to visit, but nothing can be guaranteed. Because of the high liability issues, flights will be cancelled or postponed to a later time in the day or week. If you get sick on the rollercoaster, you might want to think about using an over the counter medicine for motion sickness. Those with disabilities and are wheelchair bound may find assistance into the chopper by mechanical means, so check with the Maui helicopter tours providers to see if that service is offered.

Sometimes a potential passenger considering one of the Maui helicopter tours available will be a bit squeamish about flying, especially fearing a mechanical failure. When choosing one of the helicopter tour providers, that worried passenger should not be afraid to talk to the pilot and any other staff person about the company's maintenance programs on the various helicopters and the safety record of the company. Feel free to ask about the assigned pilot's training and experience and ask any question that may come to mind before boarding for your tour. All chopper websites recommend wearing dark clothing in order to minimize window glare. And for the really daring, there are some companies that offer no door flights.

Hawaii Helicopter Tours

Planning Hawaii adventure tours begins with choosing among a long list of exciting activities. The Hawaiian Archipelago, located about 2400 miles off the California coast and approximately 3900 miles from Japan, is made up of eight major islands and numerous other small isles and atolls. From Hawaii, the Big Island, the chain stretches north to the Kure Atoll, a distance of approximately 1600 miles. The country's fiftieth state is obviously a lush tropical paradise, but it is so much more than that. With a diversity of landscapes from an active volcano to breathtaking waterfalls and snow-capped mountains, Exciting trips are designed for a variety of activities on land, on and under the water, and Hawaii helicopter tours provide an exciting experience in the air.

Sightseers may choose a morning drive to Haleakala National Park on Maui. The dormant Haleakala volcano, also known as the House of the Sun, rises ten thousand feet above the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. Once at the top, visitors can backpack along hiking trails that lead past sparkling pools and unique tropical vegetation. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park boasts over 150 miles of hiking trails, including the four mile Kilauea Iki trail. The gigantic Kilauea Volcano is said to be the most active volcano in the entire world. From its rim, hikers descend 400 feet and follow the trail through a native rainforest to reach the lava flow beds in the crater. Those who would rather ride than walk can sign up for Hawaii adventure tours that take vacationers sightseeing in vehicles, on horseback, even on donkeys. These trips may be in the volcanic regions, through mountainous valleys, or guided tours through working ranches and plantations. The length of these activities varies, but may include wilderness camping as part of the package. Hiking, camping, and horseback riding are only the beginning. Sports enthusiasts can also find places to ride bikes, speed around on all terrain vehicles, rappel down cliffs, and spelunk through caves.

The breathtakingly beautiful landscape of the Hawaiian Islands is surrounded by the clear warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Literally hundreds of beaches attract sunbathers, surfers, and swimmers. Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular activities that give fascinating glimpses into a tropical underwater seascape of fragile coral reefs and colorful, exotic fish. Green sea turtles, dolphins, and even some species of sharks can be encountered while enjoying one of these Hawaii adventure tours. From about mid-December to mid-May, vacationers can take catamaran boats out from shore to photograph the humpback whales. These giants come from their summer homes near Alaska to these Hawaiian waters to mate and give birth. Some boats are equipped with hydrophones that are lowered into the ocean so that tourists can hear the mysterious whale song of the male humpbacks. Vacationers also can rent kayaks and sailboats or sign up for glass-bottom boat and submarine rides. Whatever water activities that vacationers choose, they will surely go home with exciting memories of their once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For a bird's eye view of paradise, vacationers have many Hawaii helicopter tours from which to choose. Companies offer a variety of experiences. Some helicopters provide more seating and are more luxurious than others, though, of course, these types of upgrades have an affect on the price of the package. Before departure, vacationers go through an orientation with the pilot or a guide. Each person will also need to show valid government identification, such as a driver's license or passport. The flight may be as short as forty-five to fifty minutes or last several hours. The longer flights could include the special bonus of landing in a secluded spot for a picnic. Imagine the restful experience of eating lunch beside a clear blue valley pool, surrounded by cliffs and waterfalls, that can only be reached via the sky.

To ensure a memorable and safe flight, savvy vacationers should ask questions about a company's safety records, the pilot's flying experience and ongoing training and equipment maintenance schedules. The companies that offer Hawaii helicopter tours will have various policies that also need to be discussed to avoid any misunderstandings. The company may limit the amount of luggage or bags that can be brought aboard the flight. For safety reasons, they may even have a maximum per person weight limit. Vacationers should clearly understand the cancellation policies, whether they need to cancel or whether the flight company needs to cancel because of weather conditions. The considerate tourist will also want to know the company's gratuity policy.

Whatever activities tourists participate in, they will experience spectacular beauty that inspires breathless praise. "Sing unto the Lord a new song, and his praise from the end of the earth, ye that go down to the sea, and all that is therein; the isles and the inhabitants thereof. . . . Let them give glory unto the Lord, and declare his praise in the islands" (Isaiah 42:10, 12). With many vacation packages, tourists can choose to participate in a festive luau, a tradition that dates back to the 1883 coronation of King Kalakauna. The customary roasted pig, cooked in an "imu," a large sand pit, is the main dish. Other traditional cuisine may include poi, fish, chicken baked in coconut milk, pineapple, and tropical drinks. Hula dancers in native costume entertain the guests with their lovely and expressive movements.

Tourists have so many options and amenities to choose when planning their island vacations. They can choose Hawaii adventure tours to explore the diverse landscape of the islands or their undersea mysteries. They can reserve Hawaii helicopter tours to get a bird's eye view of paradise. Packages can even be combined so that vacationers enjoy many different kinds of experience during their visits. A festive and traditional luau is the perfect ending to a perfect day,

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