Maui Hiking Trails

Maui hiking trails are scenic and well-marked so that hikers know exactly where to go. The landscape will most likely include lush forests, trails that slope, brushy thickets, ridges, cliffs, and the ocean. The hiking trails in Hawaii often climb to very high elevations that are easier to scope with hiking boots. Since there is no drinking water along the route people should carry their own water. The weather is normally very mild and comfortable even in the summer months. There are some rough areas around the trails through the lava flows from the dormant volcanoes. Along the way a person might see narrow coves with coral beaches with broad stretches of coastline. Some routes start as high as 6000 feet and the highest point reaches up to almost 8000 feet.

Hikers are cautioned not to drink the water unless the water is from a natural spring. Water in streams can make a person sick if consumed. Even swimming in streams can make a person sick because of an organism found in the water. In addition, the proper clothing and shoes should be considered before making a trek. Even though temperatures are usually mild the climate can change at higher elevations compared to lower. Maui hiking trails have certain rules that must be adhered to. Respecting nature is important so all trash should be put in receptacles, no alcoholic beverages are allowed, and no soliciting is allowed.

Rainforest and waterfalls provide relaxing and restoring scenery along the Maui hiking trails. Maui has a multitude of trails that can be enjoyed alone or with a professional tour guide. The route is brought alive by a tour guide who knows the history and the terrain of the area. Stories and legends about the area can make a trek much more exciting. A tour guide will also know information about the birds, plants, and animals native to the land. A backpack is a must for those who want to maximize the experience by taking pictures and swimming in the waterfalls.

There are many other outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in Maui and on the other islands in Hawaii in addition to hiking. Some of these include scuba diving, whale watching, sunset cruises, watching dolphins, kayaking, snorkeling, and surfing. Hiking trails in Hawaii include both sights and sounds that are indicative to the area. A person will find themselves in the jungle listening to all of the sounds of the rainforest and find hidden caves that are worth exploring.

Booking a tour provides some information, direction, and other amenities. Some of the amenities provided on hiking trails in Hawaii include breakfast and lunch along with hip packs, towels, jackets, snacks, and bottled water. Some toured hikes include a kayak adventure or other activities that are popular with guests. Some areas open for walks and hikes include national park areas, craters, steep cliffs, and mountain ridges. The higher views are spectacular as hikers can see the beauty down below which includes coastline, water, mountains, and valleys. The beauty of the earth is from the Lord. "And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so. And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good" (Genesis 1: 11-12).

Some of the trails are difficult and should only be tried by experienced trekkers. Hiking trails in Hawaii may include steam vents, earthcracks, cliffs, and sulfur fumes. The best advice for someone on a difficult trek is to stay on the beaten path and be aware that there may be rough and rocky terrain. For those who really want to undertake a rough trek but are very inexperienced, they should go with a professional tour guide. The length of the trail should be taken into consideration as well. Some hikes are close to 40 miles and take several days to complete. The treks that take several days normally have designated stops for trekkers to sleep at night.

Maui is one of the more popular islands of Hawaii and attracts many tourists. Maui hiking trails are one of the attractions especially for those who love to trek with beautiful areas and enjoy nature. A person can enjoy the scenic area by taking a drive along the main highway. There are museums, shops, and many different restaurants to make the trip an adventure. The view of ocean and mountains is spectacular for those who love to sightsee. Before taking a trip to Maui and the other islands of Hawaii a person should do some research, talk to a travel agency, do a search online, to have a tentative plan to make the most of the trip.

For those who want to walk through the beautiful forest there are nature walks that are based upon hours instead of trekking for days. The nature walks allows the entire family to stroll through the forests and see the native plants and birds as well as learning about the culture. A family may also want to take a helicopter ride, or kayak a navigable river. Instead of hiking a person may want to take advantage of the bike tours. Bike tours start at high elevations and are a downhill adventure. Like hiking tours, bike tours include amenities and a guide that knows the history and culture of Hawaii.

Maui Jeep Rentals

Maui car rentals provide an excellent way for tourists to view all the sights and beautiful sceneries that make up the island. Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, the seventeenth largest in the United States, and encompasses seven hundred and twenty-seven square miles of breathtaking beaches, wondrous waterfalls, prolific palm trees and more. Tourists who take advantage of Maui car rentals have the ability to set their own schedules and see what they want when they want to and generally relax and truly enjoy the vacations. In addition to touring the island, vacationers can cruise up the side of a dormant volcano, or down the Road to Hana, a highway that takes drivers by majestic mountains, waterfalls and unique black sand beaches that resulted from lava flows into the ocean. Displays of beauty abound in the island and truly illustrate that "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork" (Psalm 19:1). Many hold the opinion that tropical settings are a veritable paradise on earth.

Renting a vehicle can provide the means of exploring in ease and style and Maui car rentals have many types of vehicles to choose from. There are several car rental companies that are on the island which boast outstanding service and deals with huge selections of vehicles. Most are able to be booked online through the various companies' websites, and in fact doing so is encouraged as it provides visitors the ease of simply picking up their pre-chosen transportation on arrival. Rental services are conveniently located at both of Maui's airports so that customers can easily gain access to and start enjoying the island as soon as possible. The laid back atmosphere prevalent among locals of the tropics carries on throughout all aspects of life, evident even as most companies offer free millage, no additional fees for additional drivers, do not require payment until after arrival, and allow customers to cancel at any time. Maui car rentals are quite convenient and some companies even provide vehicles with GPS devices for an additional fee yet quite beneficial for those coming to the island for the first time.

The most popular way to tour the island is by Jeep, in fact, they top the list for the most rented vehicles in Maui. Over the years Jeeps have become a symbol of freedom due to the fact they can be driven anywhere in almost all types of terrain. Jeeps are the only vehicle in North America that is referred to as light duty, due to the placement of the axles in the front and rear of the vehicle this allows for bigger tires which allows for more ground clearance for going over rocks, branches and the like. Jeep Wranglers are especially excellent sporting vehicles being compact to fit in tight places and turn on a dime. Maui Jeep rentals allow those who desire to experience the island while driving to do so with the wind in their faces. Much like convertibles, a Jeeps' top comes completely off allowing for unlimited views of the island from any seat in the vehicle while being open to the elements; truly a means of transportation for those wishing for the full experience of cruising through tropical settings.

In addition to Maui Jeep rentals, there are also guided tours of the island via Jeep Wrangler. According to locals the best way to really gain a sense of the beauty the volcanic island has to offer is by exploring the depths of the lush rain forest, take in the crashing of crystal clear waterfalls, gaze into tropical pools and more. Locals also claim that in order for one to truly experience the mysticism of the island and the culture, a tourist must be immersed in the landscapes. A guided tour by Jeep allows access to more of the island than is possible on foot, and also allows for more adventurous tourists to get away from the crowds of other tourists and enjoy the wonders of Maui.

The Internet is a very good way for potential vacationers to reserve a vehicle of their choosing. Websites for Maui Jeep rentals suggest booking early; in fact doing so is imperative if one wants to insure Jeep availability especially during the peak tourist season. Several Maui car rental agencies offer free mileage and no additional fee for drivers between twenty-one and twenty-four, and believe the easiest way is to access websites and secure a vehicle before arriving at the intended destination. Most companies have websites that offer comparisons in rates, including price differences during off seasons and peak seasons. A little research can ensure customers to get the most for their money. Rates are subject to seasons, however the average cost of renting a Jeep wrangler runs around fifty dollars a day to over two hundred per week, during the busy season tourists can expect to pay a little over sixty a day to over three hundred per week, and during the peak season, eighty dollars a day or a little over four hundred. These are simply average rates and are what tourists coming to the island can expect to spend for Maui Jeep rentals, and also good to keep in mind is that renting jeeps are generally cheaper than a regular car or SUV and also a great way of taking in all breathtaking beauty and wondrous scenery the island has to offer.

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