Maui Travel Agent

A Maui travel agent is the best person to help plan a vacation to the Hawaii islands. Although an agent living in a person's home town could adequately arrange a trip to the South Pacific, an island consultant is an expert on the local culture and can point a tourist in a direction he or she might not have gone otherwise. So, regardless of where a person is starting out from, a consultant actually living on the island is more suitable for making a dream vacation become a reality. Biblical accounts of travelers tell of individuals providing comfort and guidance in destination towns and villages. Even with modern technology hiring a person in Boston to handle travel arrangements for a Hawaii vacation doesn't make too much sense. The Hawaiian consultant will be familiar with local accommodations, attractions, and island transportation. He or she may even be able to get the traveler off the beaten path. Therefore, the consultant is a guide of sorts. But, remember, God is the ultimate guide, and he will handle all the traveler's needs regardless of where they go. "And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not." (Isaiah 58:11) Hawaiian travel consultants can be located by an online search. There are many to choose from.

In addition to arranging such things as accommodations, a Maui travel agent can help with transportation. A savvy traveler could easily arrange his or her own transportation to the island. Keep in mind, some agents work closely with local businesses and get promotional discounts. This can work in favor of the traveler by saving them money. But, don't let a consultant push an itinerary that isn't wanted just to save a few dollars. In order to plan the trip, the Maui travel agent will need to get some basic information. Obviously, he or she will need to know travel dates. Depending on the time of year, prices may go up or down. The agent may also inquire about the reason for the trip. Some agents offer packages for special occasions. A few work with wedding planners to assist people getting married, renewing vows, or going on their honeymoon. Family, golf, or holiday get-a-ways each have details specific to them that must be worked out. Locate an agent who is helpful, courteous and knowledgeable about all aspects of island life. Most of all, find one who has their client's best interest in mind. If they start pushing a specific service or hotel regardless of what is being sought by the client, look for a new agent. Chances are good that an agent who's lived on the island their entire life can be located. They will be a valuable resource.

Generally speaking, the Maui travel agent must plan a trip that fits their client's budget and tastes. Many options exist. Some island consultants work closely with cruise lines that sail to other parts of the South Pacific. And, there are cruises that never leave the islands. The agent will also need to know how many people will be traveling. Arguably, the quality of the accommodations can make a vacation the dream it was intended to be or a living nightmare. Many hotels have restrictions on how many people are permitted to sleep in one room. Young children and infants are included the head count. Generally, hotels will charge more for each person staying in the room. Accommodations vary in quality and costs. Often times the location of the hotel affects the price. Where a room is at in the hotel will also affect pricing. When communicating with the Maui travel agent, be very specific about what is needed in a hotel room, which are rated and listed by categories. All rooms regardless of whether they are in a hotel, condominium, or luxury resort fall into one of the different categories. Generally speaking, better views command higher prices.

The first category, and perhaps the most expensive, is called the ocean front view. A person will be charged more for this type of view because if he or she stands in front of any window looking outside they will have a completely clear and unobstructed view of the surf. Although this next category sounds similar, it is different. A room with an ocean view is good but not best. A person may see some of the ocean from one or more of the windows in the room. But, the waves will be partially obscured. If a Maui travel agent gets a guest a room with a partial ocean view, the waves can be seen but not very easily. The remaining categories are minus the ocean altogether. Rooms with mountain views are on the opposite side of the hotel from the ocean. Lower level rooms provide scenic or garden views. Plenty of trees, flowers, gardens and pavement are visible. People who won't be spending a lot of time in the room or are partial to buildings can ask the Maui travel agent to book them a room with a city view. The final categories are superior and standard. But, neither of them provides much of a view. So, if a view is important and costs are not an obstacle, be specific about what is needed. A Maui travel agent can arrange rental cars, trip insurance, and maps. He or she should also be able to recommend places to eat, shop, and local entertainment.

Tourists will find that Maui activities are as endless as the spectacular sunsets when they are vacationing in the Hawaiian Islands. The tropical adventures of Hawaii activities are at peak performance on that magical island. The Pacific Ocean cradles this island getaway, and Fun-filled days will fulfill the dreams of every traveler, young and old.

The scuba diving in the islands is world class. Divers can enjoy the azure blue waters of the Hawaiian Islands from the beaches or from a boat that will take visitors into a water world of exotic fish. Dive charters can take visitors to different sites around the Island and near the Isthmus that Maui hosts. One popular dive is the extinct volcanic crater just off the coast of Maui.

Island events include other ocean fun with snorkeling voyages and snorkeling charter boats. Hawaii activities for sea lovers offer deep-sea fishing for the very popular Mahi Mahi and a variety of other salt-water fish. Don't worry about bringing fishing gear; all Island boats supply the fishing equipment and the ice. Sailing and dinner cruises are great way to end the day of water sport, and watch the fiery red sun set on the sparkling crystal sea. The beauty of these islands puts one in mind of that first garden God created. "And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed." (Genesis 2:8)

Whale watching is the most exciting of the Maui activities. Whale watching tours launch a minimum of four times a day. Dolphins and whales will swim next to your boat, giving photographers a spectacular opportunity to capture the beauty of the ocean's majestic animals in action. Anyone visiting Hawaii will not want to miss this spectacular event. Hawaii activities are for land lovers too. Exploring underground caverns will thrill you as you make your way through lava tubes that were once created by hot flowing lava. Hiking on top of Maui is also a unique experience. The island offers diverse terrains with striking coastlines, lush rain forest vegetation, and rocky craters.

Perhaps the best- known Maui activities are with the renowned resort hotels. Guests are completely pampered, and resorts bring the very best in entertainment, food, and family adventures. Golf, tennis, shuffle- board, and more are included in resort packages. And of course, shopping is always a part of a get away stay, bringing home a treasure from the Island of treasures in Hawaii. Searching the Internet can give you even more information on Hawaii activities. Planning a vacation ahead of time saves you money and precious time for enjoying the activities of Maui. Surf the Internet and start you island vacation planning today!

Hotels In Kihei Maui

Considering the amounts of hotels in Maui Hawaii, affordable vacations are possible for many who desire relaxing in the tropics. Hotels in Maui Hawaii have much to offer as many are located within walking distance of white sand beaches and provide relaxing atmospheres. Some hotels offer several packages visitors can choose from which allows for a more customized and personal stay. Not all include package deals but those who do include anything from discounts on rental cars, to several rounds of golf at a couple of the island's breathtaking courses. Maui is an ideal vacation destination for avid golfers who enjoy the beauty of the tropics, as every course is in and surrounded by majestic mountains and scenes of the sea. Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, the seventeenth largest in the United States, and encompasses seven hundred and twenty-seven square miles of beaches, waterfalls, palm trees and more.

For those who want a taste of living in the island yet desire modern amenities, then they have many options open to them in addition to the many hotels in Maui Hawaii as condos, and even private cottages abound. There are several home-style cottages available for tourists to rent that offer comfort, and privacy all affordable prices. Cottages are available that span over seven hundred square feet decked out with ceiling fans, full kitchens with granite countertops, appliances, washers and dryers, private pools, and more. In most cases rental cars are included in the rates offering vacationers the ultimate dream vacations. Those who wish to do so can experience all the island has to offer in comfort and style. The Hawaiian Islands are a popular destination for newlyweds and select hotels in Maui Hawaii offer special packages for couples seeking to spend time together can choose from hotel packages that include not only the night's stay but complimentary chocolates and discounts on jeep and or car rentals for exploring the island for rates anywhere between three hundred to four hundred dollars per night.

Located on Maui's southern shore is the small town of Kihei, an up and coming tourist area. Over recent years the area has gained in popularity and made significant advancements in the tourist industry. The many beaches, restaurants, and shops in addition to balmy days and cool nights make hotels in Kihei Maui some of the main attractions of the island. Kihei used to be a fishing village but has become increasingly industrialized over recent years. Local legend concerning the history of Kihei is a mystical tale of how to warriors of the clouds fought against each other. Neither one prevailed so as a truce between the two they left a patch of blue in the sky. The patch of sky became known as the Alanui o Lani, which translates to the highway to Heaven. Fishermen were the first to call Kihei home, and they remained the main inhabitants for many years. The area began to be developed by the government in the early 1930's in the hopes of attracting tourists. Toward the 1950's the area started to gain in popularity. The once quaint fishing town is now a rapidly up and coming tourist attraction. Some regret the loss of the rural lifestyle, but change to the area is inevitable as increased tourism brings more permanent residents to the area making for crowded beaches and the disappearance of the simple life.

Not all regret the loss of rural life, in fact many of the residents welcome the diversity tourists bring to the area. The many hotels in Kihei Maui make vacationing easy and affordable. The area is not a large one yet has many beaches and natural attractions as it is home to two volcanoes, Haleakala and Puu Kukui. The best way for tourists to experience the beauty and culture of the town is by taking a walk, or preferably a bike ride. Services are still held in an open-air church known as Trinity by the Sea Chapel, built in 1853, and provides a place for people to truly "worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness" (Psalm 29:2).

Tourists interested in Scuba diving are in luck as locations can be found along almost every beach in Kihei. The town is also good for those interested in canoeing and kayaking, and the area also attracts whale watchers, being the Home of the Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. The Sanctuary was established in 1992 to protect the endangered whales and spans over one thousand square miles. Ten thousand humpback whales migrate to the Hawaiian waters for mating and calve bearing. Many people are flocking to Kihei as they find the area appealing with the tropical atmosphere, plethora of jobs, and cheap living.

In addition to the hotels in Kihei Maui there are many condominiums and single bedroom apartments that vacationers can rent for a day or longer. They are affordable and allow for more privacy than hotels, and provide more of a 'get away from it all feeling'. Condos are fully furnished and some kind be found that even provide beach equipment such as umbrellas and chairs, and lists of the best restaurants and shopping in the area. The internet can be a very useful tool in finding the best deals on hotels in Kihei Maui. Savvy travelers can surf the net and find copious amounts of information on the best places to stay, and rates for everything from a few nights in a hotel, to a month or longer in a beach house. The tropics are a popular destination for an island get-a-away and the many affordable hotels in Maui Hawaii make the island no exception.

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