Maui Vacation Condos

Exquisite Maui vacation condos abound along the 120-mile coastline of Hawaii's second largest island. Over 100 condominium properties nestled against the multicolored sands of this mild tropical isle welcome over two million visitors each year. Maui is made for tourists who want to experience the Aloha lifestyle to its fullest. Vacationing in an upscale condo furnished with luxurious accommodations, overlooking the ocean and lush tropical surroundings, is the epitome of South Pacific travel. Beautiful resort and condo communities can be found in West Maui, including Napili, Lahaina, and Kaanapali Beach. Napili is known for its secluded beaches and shoreline, perfect for watching nearly extinct humpback whales or deep sea fishing. Lahaina offers a taste of ancient history and graceful period architecture, giving tourists a whole different perspective on Hawaiian culture. Kaanapali Beach is a virtual playground of glistening sand, upscale restaurants, and charming sidewalk venues.

No matter which area of tourists choose to visit, there is something to delight every taste and suit every budget. From high-rise, multi-family, luxury dwellings to single story studios, or one- and two-bedroom units, Maui vacation condos offer modern amenities and conveniences that rival the best resorts and hotels on the Island. Air conditioned oceanfront units amidst tropical lagoons and manicured lawns feature attractive floor plans with private lanais and balconies and expansive living areas, perfect for entertaining guests. Many Maui vacation condos overlook golf courses or tennis courts and include private or communal swimming pools, saunas and spas. Fully equipped kitchens include full size refrigerators and microwaves; while living areas feature wide screen TVs with cable, high speed Internet access, and telephones for accessing the mainland 24/7. The indoor amenities and breathtaking scenery are incomparable and the close proximity to beaches for scuba diving, boating and snorkeling make Maui vacation condos a perfect choice for a complete Hawaiian vacation experience.

More than a temporary residence, Maui vacation packages are designed to provide tourists with unique sampling of exotic Hawaiian travel fare. Singles, couples, families, and retirees will all love living in Hawaiian style luxury with all the convenience and seclusion of a private home. Condos are beautifully furnished from living and dining areas to bedrooms and baths. Bed linens, towels, dishes, glassware, flatware, and accessories are all included in Maui vacation packages. Maid and laundry service free tourists to concentrate on relaxing and unwinding on this enchanted isle. And activities abound. Singles will love riding horseback along the shore or kayaking down a meandering stream through lush tropical foliage and swaying palms. Families will rediscover the simple pleasures of swimming, snorkeling, or riding mopeds and scooters along a winding mountain trail to view a crystal clear blue sky. And active senior adults will bask in the warmth of a Hawaiian sun from a covered balcony overlooking panoramic island views.

The lush, natural setting of a tropical island provides a soothing backdrop for tourists to relax and unwind from the everyday cares of life. Cool island breezes, a warm summer sun, and crystal clear ocean bring vacationers an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature in a serene setting. Withdrawing from the stress of a busy career or harried household can do wonders for the spirit, mind, body and soul. God's way of restoring man is to call us into quiet rest and reflection in a place of beauty, solitude and stillness. Maui is the perfect place to find peace and tranquility. "And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness shall be quietness and assurance for ever. And My people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places." (Isaiah 32:17-18)

Tourists can find hundreds of Maui vacation packages online at travel websites. Listings and locations of the best resort and condominium properties include photographs, complete descriptions of amenities, current and discount rates, and activities. Vacationers can view nearly 8,000 units from casual and comfortable to lush and luxurious. To find an affordable Maui vacation package, tourists can log onto Hawaii leasing sites and explore all that this island of nearly one million residents has to offer. Current rates, arrival and departure dates, the number of expected guests and number of bedrooms are all vital information to enter into site search engines. Tourists should also specify a preference for a specific area of the island. Maui is a popular choice for condo living, with many rentals offering vacation packages including car rental or spa and entertainment discount coupons.

Guests can browse for rates for four- to six- night stays, or up to as many as seven nights or nearly a month. Studio, one, two, three and four bedroom units are available during certain months of the year and rates are subject to change depending upon the leasing season. Higher rates are charged from late December through mid-April, while lower rates typically apply from mid-April to late December. Tourists can cash in on average savings of nearly $50 per night by booking condos after mid-April, but before Christmas. Rental agents can clarify about discount rates and seasonal specials. Maui condo rates are also subject to Hawaii's state and accommodation transient taxes; and some agents may charge application fees and deposits. Websites usually include floor plans and color photos, virtual tours, and maps, which are helpful to navigate around the islands and condominium complexes.

Tourists can make reservations for condos or condo/car packages online prior to travel to the Islands or upon arrival. Travel agents will furnish online quotes or answer questions via toll free phone lines about the availability of properties on the island. Maui vacation packages usually include promotional codes or reference numbers, which are helpful for accessing detailed information or for online booking. Like most rental properties, Maui vacation condos require deposits and/or partial payment to hold reservations. Because popular properties are a hot commodity, tourists need to book well in advance of travel plans in order to secure reservations.

Maui Vacation Package

Obtaining a Maui vacation package is an economical way to experience the delights on one of Hawaii's most beautiful islands. "In the same quarters were possessions of the chief man of the island, whose name was Publius; who received us, and lodged us three days courteously." (Acts 28:7). And this fact holds true whether an individual needs a Maui vacation package for a romantic getaway or a family vacation. Even though this island, once considered a lovely well-kept secret, has become very popular it is still possible to save money by finding a Maui vacation package that suits an individual's needs and desires. Accordingly, these packages come in a variety of styles. Furthermore, when a person chooses a vacation package, then making reservations automatically becomes much easier. However, one must not take the contents of a package for granted. Because desirable contents such as complimentary dinners are not always included. Which is why the prospective vacationer bears the full responsibility for reading the fine print before purchasing a package.

To begin with, it is necessary to realize the importance of planning the Maui vacation package as early as possible. The reason for this is that the supply of these packages has a limit. And then a person must choose one of several methods for booking the vacation. For example, an individual could decide to enlist the assistance of a travel agent. Of course a person can choose to do attempt this on their own. However, one should be aware that this method may turn out to be a longer, time-consuming endeavor. At any rate, experts recommend utilizing the services of an online service. Because this method will not only save a person time, but also money. But even with the help of a professional service, an individual should not simply assume that they are getting a great deal. Therefore, a person should carefully read the material to be certain everything they desire and need has been included. And so this is another reason for planning the Maui vacation package as early as possible: namely, a limited number of packages being available online to a great number of people.

Where package contents are concerned, a person should be aware that airfare and accommodations are basic components. From here a person attempts to add features that appeal, such as a dinner cruise. But it goes without saying that the starting point is deciding where on the island the individual chooses to reside. Then, keeping that area in mind, a person should pursue a package suitable for vacationing on that part of Maui. For instance, if one plans to spend their vacation inland, then a package offering lots of beach access is not a bargain after all. But as said, there is a wide variety of Maui vacation packages available. As an illustration, many hotels offer packages. And the majority of airlines are connected with hotels thus making it possible to obtain a discount on both flights and accommodations.

Moreover, hotels usually offer additional discounts when package deals are booked. For example, for every certain number of days a person stays at the hotel, the hotel will provide an extra night at no cost. In addition to this, Maui hotels arrange instruction for a variety of activities. Examples of these lessons are: sailing, snorkeling, and windsurfing. Ordinarily, at least one restaurant is conveniently located on the premises. Also, there is usually a spa and/or fitness center where an individual can both relax and stay in shape. And of course, if a person is not fond of the beach for some reason, most hotels have a pool they can relax beside. Besides this, hotel establishments are usually quite willing to provide information about excursions that interest a vacation guest. Finally, there is the advantage of free transport via the hotel's airport shuttle. Not only that, but families can also benefit from hotels supplying babysitters for their children when the need arises. And the babysitter will often arrange entertaining activities for their young charges. Lastly, there is the reassuring fact that staying at a hotel is very safe.

So in conclusion, even though this island is extremely popular, with careful planning well in advance it is possible to arrange a wonderful Maui vacation package. An important thing to remember is that early booking is essential for ensuring the desired location, activities, and price level. In this way, an individual is sure that their package will include everything they want but at a discount. And happily, there is a wide array of activities to choose from: whale watching, bamboo pole fishing, guided outrigger canoeing, helicopter rides, luaus, putting greens, tennis courts, long scenic drives along the coast in a rented car, sightseeing, many different island adventures tours, dining experiences, visiting a volcano, biking, canoeing, pole fishing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, glass-bottom boat rides, hula lessons, hiking, lawn games, and just plain relaxing upon a beautiful beach. But just keep in mind that if one chooses to stay at a hotel during their vacation, they should be aware of certain facts such as the need to adhere to the establishment's usually very strict check in and check out times. But be all that as it may, whether the purpose of the trip to Maui is to spend a romantic honeymoon or quality time with one's family members, or time relaxing and having fun with a group of friends, it is difficult to see how a Maui vacation package will disappoint.

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