Maui Vacation House Rentals

Look no further than Maui vacation house rentals for privacy, fun, luxury, convenience and a great time! Maui vacation homes are situated right in the most luxurious tropical destinations in North America. Maui is an island in the Hawaiian Islands that beckons to vacationers eager for a get-away that refreshes and relaxes. There are vacation homes suitable for almost any income bracket, so fasten your seat belts and take off for the land of the lei!

Whether searching for a one-room efficiency accommodation, or an upscale whole-house adventure, Maui vacation house rentals can provide just the right housing for any need. There are beach front homes, rooms and apartments, accommodations in the city or out in the country, with tourist attractions just waiting to be discovered. If upscale is the choice, get ready for infinity pools just outside on the patio; well appointed rooms, bathrooms, game rooms and kitchens. If work absolutely must be done, that too can be arranged in the form of a paradise getaway, complete with fax, phone, computer or any other electronic device that is needed.

If the pocket book isnt too deep, travelers will find that luxury is still in the offering and for a low price too. How about $335 a night for proximity to a golf course and partial ocean views? Get friends and family to come along and share the cost as well, and the pocket suddenly becomes quite a bit deeper! No shabby accommodations here, just vaulted ceilings, wide expansive window views, spas and an abundance of dining choices to suit any palate. If there are even 18 people traveling, that too is no problem. Opt for a 5 bedroom house right on the beach, but prepare to pay a bit more for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whatever the choice and cost, lifetime memories will be made.

There are seaside Maui vacation homes in the form of cottages, 10 acre home sites, gated upscale communities, apartments close to shopping and dining, houses situated next to golf courses, beachfront homes, homes near historical sites and even coffee plantations! There are accommodations for anywhere from 1 to 18 people, and from $129 to $6,000 per night. Some accommodations have up to 6 bathrooms, so the vacationer never need share a bathroom or bedroom while staying in paradise. While taking in all the wonderful sites, it is inspirational to understand that God created everything in the world, and it is testimony to His existence. "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork". (Psalm 19:1 KJV)

For people who dislike making all the arrangements opt for Maui vacation house rentals vacation packages instead. Travel companies and those in the islands who provide housing can also put together packages to suit any taste or style. Simply call and describe that dream holiday and the agents will do the rest. Most accommodations will require a deposit well in advance of the desired stay dates, so be sure to arrange well ahead of time. Deposits can start at about 30% of the cost up to 50% to hold the reservation. Car rentals too can be arranged, whether it is for a luxury limousine or a compact car perfect for tooling around Maui. If money is no problem, then agents can even arrange for a private jet to that special private villa on the water front.

Vacationers may like the opportunity, when seeking out Maui vacation homes, to seek out a beach resort. Resorts offer not only upscale living quarters while on holiday, but also access to white beaches, outdoor barbeque facilities, childrens pools, championship golf courses and all kinds of wonderful little shopping places and attractions to make a perfect vacation complete. If the stay will be a long one, accommodations also provide in-house washers and dryers. There are stereos, CD players, dishwashers, VCRs, cable TVs, DVD players and air conditioning. What more can one ask for?

If culture is high on the list, there are even Maui vacation homes complete with artwork in little cubby holes in them! There are wonderful paintings and other pieces of art works, all surrounding by special lighting, plush architectural details and conveniences that will take the breath away. Some Maui vacation home rentals even have yoga studios and dance studios. Now there is simply no excuse not to get that exercise each and every day. However, when staying in Maui vacation house rentals, it can hardly be avoided!

If the vacationer really wants everything at hand, some Maui vacation home rentals even have on-site concierges to ensure every need is provided. Get this the concierge is at no extra charge! That is enough to make one scream with delight! Imagine having breakfast, lunch and dinner outside on the beach front terrace every day, and afternoons spent in the pool or on the tennis courts. After the yoga session, get a deep tissue massage at the spa and relax afterwards with a refreshing tropical drink just made to order.

There are various styles and themes associated with Maui vacation homes as well. There are Polynesian style accommodations, modern styles, and rustic themes, tropical or everyday styles for any discriminating traveler. Any type of housing chosen will be within easy reach of all kinds of fascinating attractions and exciting wonders that will stay in the memory for many years to come. All one needs to do is to start searching for the perfect get away by the ocean, in the woods, downtown or at the resort. Pick the date, make the reservations, and before long those feet will be walking along sandy warm beaches and witnessing spectacular Hawaiian sunsets. All at Maui vacation home rentals. What more is there? Get going!

Maui Vacation Rental

Christians seeking an affordable Maui vacation rental need not compromise their values or water down their fun. A plethora of options are available to the Christian traveler. So, finding the perfect accommodations to satisfy need, taste, and budget will be more logistically challenging than actually finding a place to rent. Location is everything when it comes to finding a quality place to stay. Some luxury rentals close to the ocean may cost as much as $1300 per night. Generally speaking, the closer a place is to the ocean the higher the price. Also, a quality view drives the price up. Some rentals such as a smaller and more intimate cottage can be found for as little as $185 per night. Cozy places can be found that will comfortably sleep one or two people. But a spacious place that comfortably sleeps 13 or more can be rented too. Many companies offer weekly rates or charge based on double occupancy. Commercial rental companies aren't the only option available. Private owners often rent their homes to vacationers. Obviously, location and size are not the only factors that affect pricing. Amenities and services provided to the traveler are also considered.

An upscale Maui vacation rental may have stereos and televisions with VCR and DVD players. Amenities include barbecues and large pools. Bed sizes can range from futons to king-size. Air conditioning is available in many places. However, a quick online search indicates that Hawaii's weather remains fairly constant and comfortable year round. Basically, there are three main options available to the traveler to Hawaii: condominiums, resorts, and private vacation rentals. Condominiums are ideal for families or large groups of people staying in one place. Prices typically range from $155 up to $800 per night. However, budget minded travelers can find a studio and kitchenette at lower rates. Resorts generally cost anywhere from $260 to $800 per night. Resorts are a prepackaged vacation deal. Amenities include spas and fitness centers. Mini-bars, entertainment centers, and large spa bathrooms are available. Children's programs, waterslides, Jacuzzis and large pools are offered. Golfers can find championship caliber courses. Vacations are a time to escape the daily strife and grind of work and everyday living. And many Christians prefer a quieter or slower pace. And, in fact, the Bible suggests a quiet and peaceful existence. "Better is a dry morsel and quietness therewith, than with an house full of sacrifices and strife." (Proverbs 17:1) A private Maui vacation rental provides travelers with an excellent opportunity to enjoy the Hawaiian Islands away from the busy hotel districts.

Rooms, regardless of location, are rated by view. Better views command higher prices. The first category is the ocean front view. A person will be charged more for this type of view because standing in front of any window looking outside they will have a clear and unobstructed view of the surf. Next is a room with an ocean view. A person may see some of the ocean from one or more of the windows in the room. But, the waves will be partially obscured. If a Maui vacation rental has a room with a partial ocean view, the waves can be seen but not easily. Rooms with mountain views are on the opposite side of the facility from the ocean. Lower level rooms provide scenic or garden views. Plenty of trees, flowers, gardens and pavement are visible. People who won't be spending a lot of time in the room or are partial to buildings can book a room with a city view. Rooms with superior and standard views don't provide much of a view at all. So, if a view is important and costs are not an obstacle, be specific about what is needed. Accommodations can be packaged with rental cars, trip insurance, and maps.

Keep in mind that Maui has strict zoning laws, which lists and considers some types of vacation rentals as transient vacation rentals (TVR). Fortunately, it's likely that a Maui vacation rental will not be a problem. As a result of the zoning, some places may be rented illegally. However, most are not. According to a website, some magazines have warned travelers that Maui County is attempting to close down illegal TVR. According to the website, the magazines also suggest that hotels are the only option available to tourists. This doesn't appear to be the case. TVR have been an issue since Maui County announced a tougher enforcement of current zoning laws. As a result of the enforcement effort, some transient vacation rentals have been shut down. Zoning prohibits rentals in residential areas that are completely outside of areas zoned for hotels. But, most TVR exist legally in areas zoned for hotels and vacation rentals.

Travelers who have questions can simply ask the owner of the Maui vacation rental if he or she has a Maui Business License. Also, owners of transient vacation rentals pay a transient accommodation tax and general excise tax. Bed and breakfast accommodations that fall outside the hotel zone are not strictly prohibited, so they are a Maui vacation rental option. If a traveler is unsure if the accommodation is legal, just confirm with the owner they are licensed to operate a transient vacation rental property. Overall, a variety of Maui vacation rental choices provides many options to the traveler and offers a larger selection of amenities than just company owned hotels. They may also cost considerably less. Depending on how much a traveler is willing to pay, some rentals offer catered meals, grocery stocking services, wireless internet, well-equipped kitchens, private lanais, and some rental companies arrange tours. Check with a travel consultant for more details.

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