Student Travel

Student travel can mean anything from a school sponsored educational trip to an exciting or restful spring break trek to the beach with friends. Many students choose to earn course credit during their break times that can add to their transcripts while also offering interesting and exciting learning opportunities. The chance to study art in Italy or cooking in France can not be downplayed. Traveling can add a component of authenticity to a student's resume or course of study that nothing else can. The excitement of seeing the Mona Lisa in person or the very church in Wittenberg where Martin Luther posted the ninety-five theses cannot be compared.

Tours can take travelers to Europe, to Latin America, to Asia, Africa, the South Pacific, or the Middle East, or beyond. Students can take tours that focus on the historical aspects of a place or the artworks of a region; the cooking styles or wines of an area, or the current and future trends of the political and economic status of a country. They can visit famous theaters and ballets, museums and cathedrals, music festivals or literary or artistic events. There are several guide books available that offer valuable money-saving information for student travelers. Investing in one can add a bonus to travel plans by saving a lot of money.

Travelers can get offers for a rail-pass for train trips, a discount on air flights, and any number of discounted tour and travel packages that can make student travel more affordable. Add to that the hostels, beds and breakfasts, and groups travel offers, and students can really see some savings. Often, students are more flexible, more casual, and less particular about the amenities offered, and the options can make the financial feasibility of their travel plans grow.

Proverbs 1:5 in the Bible says, "A wise man will hear and increase learning." Traveling can be a learning experience that will be change the student's life forever. The opportunities for student travel abound with school sponsored learning excursions and travel packages geared to a younger crowd that includes course credit for completion and attendance. The benefits are immeasurable but include discounted rates, university led guided tours, educational experiences beyond measure, and a once in a lifetime chance to go to the places of interest. For more information on student travel opportunities, students need to talk with their college advisors and professors. It's also helpful to research on the Internet for chances to go abroad for work, studies or just for fun.

Student travel insurance is a wonderful idea for the student attending school far from home or traveling abroad for study. Many traditional insurers and travel companies offer the option to purchase insurance when traveling. Policies can provide coverage for trip delays and cancellations. Also, the most policies will cover any lost luggage. One of the most important features of this type of plan is emergency medical coverage.

Travel coverage is very important because of the ability to have problems with timing of the trip covered. If for some reason the trip must be delayed, most insurance providers will cover up to $500 and sometimes $1,000. In case a cancellation is necessary for emergency situations or another reason, student travel insurance will often cover as much as $20,000. This amount is provided to cover any airline, housing, or other travel expenses that may be accrued as a student travels across the country or abroad.

Many providers offer policies with the ability to cover lost luggage or baggage. This is a great offer, especially for peace of mind. Many individuals tell horror stories of lost luggage and personal belongings. Most insurance providers that offer student travel insurance will cover up to $1,000 in personal items and belongings.

Emergency medical coverage is one of the best and most important features to receive when comparing policies. Sickness, disease, and injuries can often occur when traveling to a foreign land and even across the country. Medical emergencies can not be planned and having an insurance provider that offers coverage in the event of an emergency is a great way to be prepared. Most insurance providers of student travel insurance will provide coverage up to $10,000.

Planning for the unexpected is a very important consideration when studying abroad or across the country. In case of delay or cancellation of the trip, travel insurance will cover any costs that may arise. Policies will also cover the loss of any luggage or personal items while traveling. Most importantly, emergency medical coverage is available through many policies and should be considered before traveling, especially to a foreign country. For those who choose not to purchase coverage, it is necessary to understand that adversities may still come. For a Christian facing these trials, it is necessary to lean on the Lord for help. "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding." (Proverbs 3:5)

Travel To Europe

Travel to Europe can provide a vacation full of culturally diverse sights and sounds. Of the 45 countries and 16 major cities in Europe, people often wonder where to go first. Paris has to be the most widely recognized, but don't forget London, Rome, Florence, Venice - the list goes on. Paris is an ideal place to begin a vacation abroad. It features the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre and much more in between. Paris is the most glamorous city in Europe and considered by many to be an authority on style. Dotted with over 150 art galleries, museums, and an innumerable amount of cafes and restaurants, the variety of style and decor is hard to beat. Theatre is at the forefront of entertainment while many classical concerts take place in the fine architectural settings, especially chapels and churches.

After absorbing the rich culture of Paris, London is an excellent next stop for anyone planning to travel to Europe. London is Europe's largest city with a population just shy of eight million. It is also the most diverse metropolis in the country where close to 200 languages are spoken. London is the hub for news and economics as well as the location where the central government resides. Among London's traditional sights are Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Buckingham Palace. It is also a shopper's paradise with its many boutiques and markets and there are plenty of places to eat along the way. The diverse culture of this major city has prompted many people to travel to Europe.

A third memorable destination on most travel itineraries is Rome, a historically significant city history, rich in art, monuments and exquisite views. Pilgrims, scholars, and millions of tourists from all over the world travel to Europe with Rome as their prime destination. Rome comes from a meager beginning of a small settlement of shepherds and farmers along the Tevere River. Often referred to as the "Eternal City", Rome has been shaped into a place of culture and beauty with its spectacular ancient monuments and new art galleries. One cannot travel to Rome and miss visiting the Vatican, which sits on the west bank. The Vatican operates as a small, independent, city founded in AD 90 on what is believed to be the place of St. Peters martyrdom. The Vatican has acted as an independent state since 1929 and since then, has led a separate existence from the rest of Rome. The Vatican's main sights observe a strict dress code and no visitors who wear clothes bearing their legs or shoulders are allowed in. Even though the Vatican is duty-fee, credit cards are not accepted, so travelers need to arrive wish cash in hand.

Europe offers many memorable vacation destinations for tourists of all interests. Perhaps the toughest decision will be which ones to visit in the limited time most tourists have. Indeed, the Lord has created a beautiful and glorious world for us to enjoy. O taste and see that the LORD is good (Psalm 34:8).

Travel to London can not only enrich a person's perspective of different cultures, but also be a great vacation getaway. Be ready to experience the ambiance of what the city has to offer. London offers romantic spots where lovers can have a memorable lunch at a nearby cafe. Anyone can stroll along London's streets with a significant other and take in the sights that have people wanting to be there as much as possible. People take the amazing tours the city has to offer. Some of these tours offer routes to the palace where the Queen and other royal figures reside. Some people try to make the guards who protect the palace smile, even though they are known for not moving a muscle.

There are people from all walks of life. They might be decked out in their own personal style as well as popular fashion trends. When a person wants to travel to London they will not only experience today's society, but get a rich history lesson when visiting the cathedrals and appreciate their ornate beauty. Their high ceilings and elaborate finishing have people wowing and in awe of the masterpiece they've become. When traveling, take these tours as part of the vacation package and soak up all that the city has to offer. Not only is London a great vacation spot because of its beauty and rich history, but it's a great place known for its hospitality and fine cuisine.

A fun and thrilling scene includes fairs that are taking place along London's boardwalk. Though the weather might be rainy at times, that doesn't stop people from enjoying travel to London. There are dance clubs that are promoted by the nightlife as well as restaurants where movie stars can be seen enjoying a late dinner. God wants everyone to get to know all people in His world. This is important in order to share His message and to create worldwide community.

London is also a great place to make business connections and meet people that are affluent and part of high society. Forming business relationships with people won't be a let down. It is well known for its banking industry and the success it has on the economy. Whether the reason to travel to London has to do with business meetings or leisure, making the trip will be worth it. Enjoy the comforts and familiarities of home while learning about new and exciting traditions that this country provides. It's views of the city, wonderful cuisine, and laid back atmosphere will have anyone desiring more.

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