Texas Travel

Texas travel can be an invigorating and historic adventure if appropriately planned with the foreknowledge of certain sites and to visit when the weather makes sightseeing bearable. Texas, whose capital city is Austin, became a state on Dec.29, 1845, and offers a rich history of interest to travelers. During a tour, the guide will most certainly point out that this is the 2nd largest state in the U.S. with over 268,601 square miles of land. Texas borders four states: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. The economy is supported through agricultural and industrial means.

Texas also offers a wealth of attractions for the sports enthusiast. A Texas travel agent can be sure to remind visitors of the professional sports organizations in the state. The NFL or National Football League includes the Dallas Cowboys, and the Houston Texans in their organization. The NBA or National Basketball Association prides itself in including the 2005 NBA Final winning San Antonio Spurs in their association as well as the Houston Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks. The Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros are the only MLB or Major League Baseball teams in Texas. Only one NHL or National Hockey League team exists in Texas. They are the Dallas Stars.

The Compaq center, which used to be a major sports arena, is now the site of the New Lakewood Christian Church. The fact that a church bought and uses the old Compaq center in Houston made national headlines for a long time. It was a wonderful site to see so many Christian followers gather at one location worshipping Christ, instead of cheering for a sporting team. It is the most effective use of a sports arena. Texas travel for a Christian should include a stop at this magnificent site of Christian worship. "O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him, O fear the Lord, ye saints: for there is not want to them that fear him." (Psalm 34:8-9)

Top common sights to view for a travelers include the Riverwalk in San Antonio, the Barton Hot Springs in Austin, and the Galleria in Houston. Secondary hot spots on a Texas travel itinerary include Six Flags Astroworld in Houston, as well as the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Sea World and The Alamo also top the list of sightseeing places in San Antonio. Enlisting the assistance of a travel agent can help narrow down a potentially lengthy list of must-sees. With so many varied attractions, nearly every traveler can find the type of activity which interests them most.

A Galveston cruise can be a cruise that takes a person into the Gulf of Mexico for a day, or it can be an adventure to distant lands, lasting a week. This journey starts from the port of Galveston, Texas and offer several destinations as ports of call, or offer a day of cruising Texas waters in the warm and friendly Texas sunshine. A Galveston cruise can be exciting and provides the ultimate experience in vacationing.

This type of vacation leaves the gulf and sails to other lands such as the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, or Mexico and Belize. Each of these destinations offers unique vacation adventures for travelers. Galveston cruises can be anywhere from four nights to twelve nights. This is the home port for Carnival Cruise Line's Ecstasy, offering 4- and 5-day Galveston cruises to locations along the Mexican coast.

Plan on spending a couple of days in Galveston, either before launching, or upon returning. This town is packed with family activities and attracts hundreds of tourist each year just for the seaside fun. No one will be disappointed if they take a couple of extra days to see the sights of this historical Texas coastal town. Researching all the possibilities of this vacation can lead to time best spent as well as money best spent. Research Galveston cruises over the Internet to find scheduled departures for the destination of choice.

Galveston Island has recently completed a beach nourishment project along a nearly four- mile stretch between 10th and 61st streets. Vendors along the beach sell just about everything imaginable under the sun: food, umbrellas, water toys, and more. It can all be had along the lively atmosphere of the coast. One thing that will not be found on the beach is alcohol; the beach is designated an alcohol-free area, which makes these beaches very family friendly. Many times there are specials on the Internet, and a person can book their Galveston cruise at a discount. Be sure and comparison-shop for the best special before booking any cruise. "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7).

Before taking this type of vacation, be sure and check out the Strand Historic District that dates back into the late 19th century. This town has been well preserved and everyone can enjoy seeing old restored mansions, shopping in antique shops and boutiques and grabbing a little lunch. Horse buggy rides and trolley carts bring character to a quaint afternoon spent before or after a Galveston cruise.

Florida Travel

Florida travel for most people conjures up images of sunny days on ocean shores and visits to world-renown amusement parks. Given its year-round average temperatures and its hundreds of miles of white sand beaches, vacationers find that traveling to the "Sunshine State" offers something for everyone no matter the season or the area of the state they're visiting. Many families find that Florida is the ideal place to "lie down in green pastures" with their family and find the restoration from the Lord that they need (Psalm 23:2).

Because Florida is a peninsula, the state has thousands of miles of ocean shoreline, which is perfect for families to enjoy the climate. The Sunshine State boasts average temperatures of 60 to 78 degrees in the winter months and 75 to 89 degrees in the summer months. Being closer to the equator, the southernmost parts of the state are warmer than the northern, and they enjoy sub-tropical climates nearly all year long. The great weather is one of the reasons that Florida travel is a big industry. During the winter, many people from the northern states and Canada break from the frigid temperatures and snow to bask in Florida's warmth. Foreigners also come to the states to experience the many amusement parks. In addition, due to its excellent year-round climate, the state offers year-round golfing, fishing, tennis, and other outdoor sports.

There are many well-known destinations for traveling. Some of the better-known destinations for Florida travel include Daytona, Miami, and the Orlando/Kissimmee area. Daytona is located on the Atlantic seashore and boasts 23 miles of family-friendly, sandy beaches. Millions of visitors go to Daytona every year to enjoy not only the beaches, but also the Daytona International Speedway and the more than 20 championship golf courses. Miami is located on the southeastern coast. The city's cultural diversity is an attraction in itself for many visitors. Almost half of Miami's population is Hispanic, and the Spanish language is just as prevalent as English. Those traveling in Miami may enjoy a sampling of the Hispanic culture through visits to Little Havana, the Latin American Art Museum, or an evening of music at a Latin nightclub.

Orlando and Kissimmee are other popular travel destinations that are located nearer to the center of the state. Although everyone knows Orlando as home to Disney World, the city also boasts many other theme and amusement parks, including Sea World, Wet 'n Wild, and Adventure Island. A short drive from these Florida travel adventures can bring tourists to the Kennedy Space Center, home of America's space program, and Gatorland, an alligator farm which has been billed as the best half-day attraction in Florida. Whether the family's idea of a good vacation is swimming in the surf of the ocean, experiencing the thrill of roller coasters, swinging a driver at the links, or just taking it easy poolside, they are bound to find it traveling in the Sunshine State.

A Bermuda cruise sails to the charming Bermuda Islands, where travelers enjoy beaches, shopping, and a unique culture, full of charisma. Pink sand beaches, charming architecture, fantastic colorful gardens, and a quaint atmosphere make Bermuda a special place to visit. Passengers will find island atmosphere charming and attractively reserved. British etiquette dominates the culture, with subtle and smooth African undertones. Bermuda cruises are an experience out of the ordinary and an ideal way to see and encounter the island and the unique culture there.

The ocean liners sail through the Atlantic Ocean, 600 nautical miles from North Carolina to the colorful appeal of Paradise. The proximity to the U.S. makes this destination ideal for U.S. vacationers. Bermuda cruises will most likely depart from Boston, New York City, Baltimore, or Philadelphia. They take about a day and a half to arrive at the shores of the small island. Once the Bermuda cruise has arrived, the island fun can begin. Most ships spend a couple of nights at two of four or five different ports to choose from.

The beaches there are something special to set sight on. "And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters." (Genesis 1:6) A Bermuda cruise can take one to the unique pink sands of the shores of these islands. The beach sand is made from finely pulverized calcium carbonate shells and the skeletons of corals, clams, and other shells. The water temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean are cooler than the Caribbean. During the winter, water temperature can drop below 64 degrees, so Bermuda cruises are seasonal cruises. The cruise season is from the months of April through October, which unfortunately is also hurricane season for the Atlantic Ocean.

The Bermuda government charges an arrival tax that is pricey and can put this destination on the higher financial side compared to others. There is also a charge per night for every passenger on the boat. When comparison- shopping cruises, keep this in mind when researching prices. Ticket prices will include the additional taxes, making ticket prices higher. However, taking a cruise can still be a very economical way to enjoy a vacation. Taking a Bermuda cruise, allows the enjoyment of a host of activities aboard a ship and on the island, without the hassle of plans and reservations. This can be a wonderful value because the basic cost includes accommodation, meals, activities and entertainment.

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