Travel By Train

Vacationers who choose to travel by train are drawn to the unique locomotive appeal for train lovers that other modes of transportation lack. Images of properly-dressed passengers sipping tea while the countryside passes behind them advance the notion that this transportation option is both relaxing and romantic. Is this true? Does a person who reaches his or her destination by the railway arrive more refreshed and somewhat more pretentious for having experienced this unique method of transport? Probably not, but the locomotive does offer some interesting benefits. Depending on where a tourist visits, it may even be the easiest way to get around, proving more convenient even than a rental car. This is especially the case in Europe where travelers can hop the Metro and enjoy an experience that is both delightful as well as efficient.

Those who choose locomotive transportation will need to purchase a rail pass. There are many different rail packages available for tourists. Trains offer the convenience of being able to enjoy the countryside without having to navigate. The iron horse, however, has the disadvantage of stopping only in larger cities. Tourists who want to travel by train and visit the small surrounding towns do have the option of bringing a bike on to the train to provide mobility once they have arrives at a scheduled stop. The Europeans have perfected railway travel to a science. Trains are prompt, the loading and unloading is a smooth transition and the ease of the experience makes travel by train a wise choice for many people. "Sing unto God, ye kingdoms of the earth; O sing praises unto the Lord; Selah: to him that rideth upon the heavens of heavens, which were of old; lo, he doth send out his voice, and that a mighty voice..." (Psalm 68:32-33)

While the rail system in Europe offers efficiency and convenience, the rail system in America offers benefits to its passengers as well. Those who would like to travel by train in the U.S. can reach such destinations as Milwaukee or Chicago and destinations farther West such as Seattle or Portland. There are also opportunities to ride the rails as part of a planned vacation. Trips scheduled to Alaska and the Rocky Mountains, for example, often include a day or two excursion so that visitors can see the vast expanse of territory that would not be visible to a car traveler. Anyone that is fortunate enough to visit either of these places can view the beautiful countryside from the window. Another fun option to consider for those that are rail enthusiasts is to experience a train ride on a local railway. Many railroads are still in operation and offer evenings of entertainment for guests. From murder mystery parties to catered receptions, these local rail events offer guests the opportunity to experience the romance of a train without having to pack for the trip.

Rail travel is offered through vacation tour companies, city commuter stations, and long distance train depots in just about any large city in the world. The railroad provides the ultimate train lover's vacation or an interesting travel method for the cost-conscious. Updated and modernized from the early train area, a railroad trip still holds a romanticized travel notion for many a train enthusiast. For first time travelers of the rail, this kind of journey offers a unique and memorable way to enjoy the countryside, city sites, and native residents of any locale. From the Smokey Mountains to the Colorado Hills, railroad junkets are still enthusiastically chosen for comfort, affordability, uniqueness and interactive qualities.

Information and reservations can be obtained through many agencies and train tour sources. Anyone can book a tour, single ticket travel or all-inclusive vacation package for a train trip. Railroad trips are widely used throughout the US, Europe, India, China, Italy and just about any other place that can be imagined. Railroad depots connect to major airports in many cities, providing seamless movement for any journey. Rail travel is more than just a commuter's train to the work place, but has become a unique experience in itself through tour packages and cross country jaunts.

The uniqueness of this kind of journey adds to the already romanticized history of the early train era. Offering rail travel riders different travel options such as personal coaches, sleeping bays and food preparation, a trip on the rails can be fun to experience in itself. Viewing the sunlit desert at breakfast while passing by on a railroad journey is a welcome notion to any train enthusiast. Listening to small, British children jabber in Cockney adds delight to any train traveler who has boarded from London's train depot. More than just practical, trips by railroad have an allure that has helped this kind of journey remain competitive in options.

This kind of journey has remained reasonable in cost proven by growing city commuters, tourists and long distance travelers. Depending on the city and country, this kind of journey has varying degrees of predictable times and rates. Be aware that, particularly in foreign travel, rates and times can be changed without warning, so check in advance of your arrival for information accuracy. If you are flexible in your schedule however, traveling by train here or abroad can be a most enjoyable experience as you get a look at the countryside beauty and a flavor of local residents. Check with your travel agent or contact the rail travel depot you need for more information. "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands." (Psalm 100:1)

China Train Travel

China train travel, with good planning, can be fun and exciting, including scenic sights like rolling sand dunes, spectacular mountains towering upward, underground wells and Buddhist caves. There are cities brimming with history and culture as well as two hundred year-old Hot Springs. A vacation here encompasses one of the cheapest ways to travel and the railway is one of the biggest and busiest in the world. A ride offers four classes of seating: soft seats, soft sleepers, hard seats, and hard sleepers. Long distanced trains offer conveniences such as a restaurant that serves complete meals. One popular route is a nine day journey from Beijing, China through Russia and then on to London.

This amazing country is located in eastern Asia, and is the third largest in the world. The weather ranges from warm and wet summers to cold and dry winters. Parts of China are covered in snow year-round and parts have spring like weather year-round as well. Before engaging in China train travel, it is a good idea to research the weather for dressing purposes and also to learn about the customs and culture. The landscape has thousand of rivers and most flow into the Pacific Ocean. Religions in China include Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, and Protestantism. While experiencing a journey, one may see one or more of the five main mountain ranges. Chinese currency is called Renminbi (RMB) and the official exchange rate is 1.00 dollar equals 8.30 Yaun.

A visit to this destination offers tours to experience rich cultural relics and historical sites. Some of the sites one may get to see during China train travel, are: The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Oriental Peak Tower, Li River Cruise, Shanghai's Children Palace and the Yellow Mountains. Experiencing Chinese cuisine is a treat, with a variety of hot and spicy dishes, steamed bread and pancakes served with rice, salted and pickled cabbage dishes as well as light stir-fry with fresh meat and vegetables. The Chinese five food vocabulary consists of sweet, salt, sour, bitter and hot.

A vacation here is an inexpensive way to see the beauty of this popular destination in all its glory. This country is one of the four oldest civilizations in the world with written history consisting of four thousand years. Three of their irrigation systems have existed for two thousand years. Vacationers need to do a search on the Internet on China train travel and find out the wonderful opportunities available for a grand vacation. A trip here will renew the spirit and bring a closer connection to God's beautiful creation. "Thou hast granted me life and favour, and thy visitation hath preserved my spirit." (Job 10:12)

Travel bargains abound for the vacationer who is savvy enough and patient enough to research the many deals available. With the proliferation of Web sites oriented toward travelers, anyone with an Internet connection and some time can easily find deals. Web sites from travel agencies, airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, and all of the attractions that depend on travelers to sustain them feature special travel bargains.

Flexibility plays a key role in finding such discounts. The more leeway given, the better the chances of finding a great deal. The best travel bargain advice is to check at least three sites that sell airline tickets, including a travel agency, one of the discount airfare Internet sites, and an airline reservation department. Inquire about all fees and then determine which service offers the best fare for the trip. Also inquire if there are any promotions for a travel bargain.

Sometimes a person can find advertised special package deals. For instance, if buying airfare and hotel rooms together, a person may get a substantial rate difference than if purchasing them separately. A person can also find these kinds of deals with tourist attractions that make marketing deals with local hotels. Book a room with the hotel and they will provide discount coupons for the local attractions when checking in. Isaiah 1:18 says "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool."

The advice for finding deals on hotel rooms, car rentals, and various tourist attractions is essentially the same. Find prices quoted on the Internet through the companies themselves and also through third-party services. A person can also call the reservations departments to speak with an agent about travel bargains. Many people are surprised to find that the same hotel room for the same night can be quoted at three different rates from three different travel bargain sources and may also qualify for special discounts based on AARP or AAA membership or by having a coupon from another source.

It takes patience and perseverance, but the thrill and the savings are worth it. Other people feel that their time is just as worthy a resource as their money and would rather steward it otherwise. Whatever a person's feeling on the subject, know that travel bargains are out there, and it never hurts to ask for them.

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