Waikiki Beach Hotels

For the most part, Waikiki beach hotels and resorts are a thriving industry. Waikiki is a beach and resort area of Honolulu and is only about one and a half square miles in area. Yet, there are no less than 82 hotels in the area. Most are in walking distance of the beach. Saying the resort is densely populated and crowded is an understatement. However, the thriving tourism industry is also a testimony to the rapid growth and popularity of the region. In the early 1800's Waikiki was a retreat for Hawaii's royalty. Now, millions of people trek to Oahu to enjoy the white sandy beaches and warm ocean waves. Literally translated, Waikiki means spouting waters. The name is derived from the many natural springs and rivers that flow into the area. Obviously, the beach and surf are main attractions. But Diamond Head Crater, Kapioluni Park, the International Marketplace, Pearl Harbor, and other Honolulu hotspots are popular destinations. As the day is winding down, relax and enjoy the sunset torch lighting ceremony. A man runs along the street carrying a stick of fire lighting the torches.

Some Waikiki Beach hotels offer a consummate vacation package. Accommodations are offered in a variety of styles to satisfy any taste or budget. Guests can stay in an historic old hotel or choose to vacation in a modern and luxurious high-rise apartment complex. In addition to the hotels, there are private vacation rentals, landscaped resorts, and timeshares. Each option offers guests specific benefits that hotels may not offer. For example, timeshares are an option for people who return to Hawaii each year. Basically, a person owns a vacation or resort property. Ownership allows the person to use the resort during a specific week each year that he or she owns the property. Research any timeshare deal before agreeing to buy. Although there are benefits to ownership, there are also many negatives. Vacation rentals are generally offered by private owners. They too are a viable alternative to Waikiki beach hotels. Although some are away from the beach, many are relatively close. A vacation rental could be in an affordable house or a luxurious ocean front penthouse.

Historic Waikiki beach hotels offer many benefits and amenities too. The larger resort hotels have fully furnished kitchens, spacious living areas, and televisions with VCR/DVD players. Recreation, sporting, and fitness centers are also available. Despite the close proximity to the ocean, many hotels offer large swimming pools and spas. Business travelers to Hawaii will find plenty of meeting and conference space. And Christians need not forgo church services or put their faith on hold during their trip to the South Pacific, nor should they have to fall into the decedent trap of the alluring night life. "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith." (Romans 1: 16-17). Most Christian denominations are represented in Waikiki. And Sunday morning church services are held on the beach.

An online search indicates that Waikiki beach hotels are priced to fit any budget. Room specials run as low as $58 per night. At the other end of the price range, a four-star hotel can cost as much as $360 per night. However, a three-star room can cost only $97 per night. A travel consultant familiar with the Islands or an online booking agent can help find the best prices for Waikiki beach hotels. Generally speaking, the travel consultant plans a trip that fits their client's budget and tastes based on information given to them. Many options exist. Some island consultants work closely with cruise lines that sail to other parts of the South Pacific. And, there are cruises that never leave the islands. The agent needs to know how many people will be traveling. Arguably, the quality of the accommodations can make a vacation the dream it was intended to be or a living nightmare. Many hotels have restrictions on how many people are permitted to sleep in one room. Young children and infants are included the head count. Generally, hotels will charge more for each person staying in the room.

Like anywhere, Waikiki beach hotels vary in quality and costs. The location of the hotel affects the price. And where a room is located in the hotel will also affect pricing. When booking a room, be very specific about what is needed and expected. Room rates fall into one of several categories. Generally, better views command higher prices. The first category, and perhaps the most expensive, is called the ocean front view. With this type of view the ocean is clear and unobstructed. A guest will be charged more for this type of view. Although this next category sounds similar, it is different. A room with an ocean view is good but not best. A person may see some of the ocean from one or more of the windows in the room. But, the waves will be partially obscured. A guest room with a partial ocean view is cost less. The remaining categories are minus the ocean view altogether. Rooms at Waikiki beach hotels with mountain views are on the opposite side of the hotel from the ocean. Lower level rooms provide scenic or garden views. Plenty of trees, flowers, gardens and pavement are visible. The final categories are superior and standard. But, neither of them provides much of a view. A travel agent can arrange rental cars, trip insurance, and maps. He or she should also be able to recommend places to eat, shop, and local entertainment.

Waikiki Beach Resort

A Waikiki beach resort provides a person with close access to the beach but with more than the comforts of home. Amenities often include a private balcony with a beautiful oceanview and cultural activities close by. Lessons are available to those who want to learn to surf or go scuba diving. The golf course is close at hand furnishing special discounted rates to those who are staying in the resort. Other deals that can often be found at a Waikiki beach resort include tours to the top scenic places, competitive rates on rental cars, and information on other types of excursions and activities. Some packages found online offer free nights when so many nights are booked in advance. Offers also include a percentage off the total price when booking a certain number of nights. A vacation to a beautiful place such as the Waikiki beach can refresh the mind, body, and soul. "Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort" (2 Corinthians 1:3).

Top attractions in Waikiki include the aquarium, the nearby crater, and the zoo. A Waikiki beach resort often has thousands of guestrooms, all with beautiful scenic views. Shopping centers are close to resorts along with many different types of restaurants and some restaurants are onsite. Most resorts in Hawaii have onsite entertainment that is often performed with traditional music and dance. Guests are encouraged to learn to hula dance and join in. Other attractions that can be accessed by shuttle, tour bus, or rental car include national parks, hiking trails, views of the mountains, and scenic drives along the countryside.

Most resorts on the islands include pampering treatments with full service salons including massages and facials. They have at least one if not more heated swimming pools. Areas around the pools include places to relax and enjoy the view of the ocean while swimming in fresh water or just sunbathing. A Waikiki beach resort offers recreational opportunities that allow a person to walk on acres of beautiful grounds which often includes window shopping in souvenir shops or along the beach. People loved to be pampered on their vacation so choosing to stay in a resort is a good choice that will no doubt result in a pleasurable experience.

A person vacationing in Hawaii should consider doing some research ahead of time to plan out each day there so he or she can get the most from the experience. During the summer months there are generally more activities to do and more sights to see because these are the busiest months of the year. Outdoor concerts, festivals, cruises, exhibits, torch lightings, races, parks, stargazing, auto shows, and theaters. There are discovery centers that appeal to children along with the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the Hawaiian people. Children might also enjoy visiting Pearl Harbor and touring the USS Missouri. A Waikiki beach resort appeals to people of all ages, nationalities, gender, and religion.

The longer a person stays at a resort the cheaper it usually is. A typical Waikiki beach resort will offer discounts to travelers who stay at least 5 nights. Sometimes they receive free breakfast, dining credit, a percentage off the normal room rate, or a free night. Some stipulations might include bonus rewards for those who book early or in advance. Packages vary and some have special amenities depending upon the occasion. A romance getaway includes activities that would appeal to two people who are in love that want to be alone. Other offers are for families, small groups, and large groups. Kids often eat free if they are under 5 years old and seniors get discounts if they are 55 or older. Activities that usually appeal to children on vacation include beach games, other types of games, and shell necklace making. Teens may prefer swimming, snorkeling, bird watching, and shopping. Mom and Dad may like alone time while the kids are busy with their activities.

Guest services available to those staying at a Waikiki beach resort usually includes Internet access, accessibility options for disabled customers, shopping, business centers, transportation options, laundry and dry cleaning, safe deposit boxes, valet parking, baby-sitting services, and some resorts even have a doctor on the property. Other services that are customary include ice machines, vending machines, restaurants or cafe, banking services, and room service. Most hotel rooms include a blow dryer, coffee maker, iron, ironing board, and toiletries. In Waikiki many resorts are non-smoking facilities but may have an outside designated smoking area for customers to use.

A concierge service allows a customer to access the Internet and make appointments for dinner reservations, golfing, spa appointments, transportation, and provides a site map of the entire complex and all of the amenities. A Waikiki beach resort is a great way to have a fun vacation because there are so many conveniences and options close by. Being able to use the Internet to plan one's itinerary helps most customers to have less stress and make the most of their time. The choices are all online for recreation, dining, transportation, and for making special requests. The menu for room service and being able to order online makes it very convenient for the vacationer who needs to stay in his or her room for the evening or even for the entire day. A concierge service can make a big difference to someone who has a busy schedule and has to work while on vacation.

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