Waikiki Surf Lessons

Nothing says aloha quite like a Hawaii surfing vacation. Islanders and tourists all agree: you haven't experienced Hawaii until you surf the waves at Waikiki! Formerly an exclusive retreat for Hawaiian nobles, Waikiki is located in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu. Surfers from around the world come to test their prowess and conquer the swells of this famous beach. From tourists who just want to see what surfing is all about to advanced competitors, a Hawaii surfing vacation offers an unparalleled experience. Students learn preliminary and basic techniques of maneuvering the board and braving the waves behind a scenic backdrop that will take one's breath away. The beach at Waikiki is in full view of Diamond Head and on the south shore of Oahu, the third largest island in Hawaii. All along the coastline, exclusive multi-story resorts rise like towering sandcastles nestled amidst the crystal blue waters of the Pacific. Majestic palms, some of them thousands of years old, sway to the accompaniment of a soft island breeze as tourists soak in the atmosphere that is distinctly Hawaii.

For tourists who are unfamiliar with surfing, a Hawaii surfing vacation begins with registering with a surfing school. Tourists can register for a choice of private and semi-private lessons or learn with a group. Reputable schools employ professionals with CPR and lifeguard training to ensure student safety in and out of the surf. Lessons are available for wet-behind-the-ears novices, intermediates and seasoned surfers. A Hawaii surfing vacation provides hours of fun in the sun on the best beaches on the island. Preliminary Waikiki surf lessons begin on the shore away from the crowds and last for approximately twenty minutes. Instructors get students up and running in no time. Surfers discover how to maneuver through waves and currents, gauge the ebb and flow of tides, practice water safety, and how to balance on the surfboard. Instructors also stress how to stand, turn, sit, paddle out to the ocean and hang ten like the pros! Once out in the ocean, instructors provide one- or two-hour sessions helping students apply lessons learned on the shore. Even advanced surfers can take advantage of professional advice and expertise offered through Waikiki surf lessons. The proper techniques can only enhance and improve an intermediate or seasoned surfer's style and provide the experience of a lifetime.

Surfing looks simple, but it's definitely not for wimps. Riding the waves at Waikiki is a little like learning to ride a horse. Riders are bound to fall off, but they just need to get back on. Once the horse is confident that the rider is there to stay, he will adjust to the weight on his back and keep moving. Student surfers can expect to fall and fall and fall again, but the key to conquering the waves is confidence. Just like falling off of a horse or surfboard, sometimes we can fall from grace. But God is a forgiving God and can restore us to wholeness again when we come to Him with genuine repentance. "For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief" (Proverbs 24:16). "Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon" (Isaiah 55:7).

Due to the relative danger of surfing, students with health problems and expectant Moms are prohibited from enrolling. Waves, wind and strong currents are unforgiving and can swiftly overcome smaller students and those with physical challenges. Waikiki surf lessons have certain requirements. An ability to swim independently is paramount. Children must weigh at least 75 pounds; and the recommended age is 12 years old. In order to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of little ones, kids age 14 and under are required to enroll in a private lesson. All students are required to read, understand, and sign an Acknowledgment of Risk waiver which frees the surf school and instructors from personal liability in the event of an accident or injury.

A Hawaii surfing vacation is not just about surfing. Two-hour surf lessons are usually bundled with round-trip transportation between the beach and the tourist's hotel, surfboard rental, and instruction. The beauty of Waikiki surfing lessons is that students can pick the most convenient time of the day from morning, to noon, or in the evening. That leaves plenty of time for a shopping excursion at Honolulu's upscale boutiques, or visits to Oahu's historic sites like the Pearl Harbor Memorial and the Pineapple Crater. Between learning how to hang ten with style, students can take an island cruise from Waikiki out to majestic Diamond Head to watch world-renown cliff divers amaze the crowds. A two-hour morning Waikiki surfing lesson followed by a full body massage at a nearby resort or spa is an indulgence no one would want to pass up!

Rates for Waikiki surf lessons depend on the number of students, the length of the session, and whether the lessons are private, semi-private or for a group. One-hour group lessons can run just under $70 per student for groups of five or more. Two-hour semi-private lessons can include one student and a buddy, or a couple at close to $80 each. Two-hour private lessons average between $135 and $175 for one-on-one instruction. Discounts may be available by booking Hawaii surf vacations through travel or island activity websites. Due to a high demand, tourists may want to reserve Waikiki surf lessons well in advance. Some instructors provide online registration, while others require registration in person. Surfing lessons make an exciting addition to an awesome aloha itinerary!

Waikiki Hawaii Vacation

Christians planning a Waikiki Hawaii vacation will have available to them a wide variety of spiritual, recreation and entertainment opportunities geared toward individuals, couples, and families. The literal translation of Waikiki is spouting water. Online sources indicate that the name is derived from the many natural springs and rivers that flow into the area. Waikiki is a resort and beach area of Honolulu, which is located on the island of Oahu. The resort and beach was once a favorite playground for Hawaii royalty and covers roughly one and a half square miles. Despite the small size, the Waikiki Hawaii vacation recreational opportunities are nearly limitless. So the area is a popular vacation destination. Obviously, the white sandy beaches and warm ocean are major reasons tourists flock to the island year-round. Relaxing on the beach for a week is a great way to unwind.

But the resort is culturally diverse and teeming with all type of activity, so the area can satisfy any Waikiki Hawaii vacation need or taste. Within Waikiki there is an aquarium and the International Marketplace. Shopping, dining, and theaters offer up a multitude of ways to get away from the beach and water activities for a while. One problem a vacationer might have is choosing where to stay. Amazingly, there are no less than 82 hotels in Waikiki, so the ocean and most other attractions are within walking distance. Lodging facilities range from historic old hotels to modern high-rise resort complexes complete with all the amenities available for a consummate vacation. Prices range from specials as low as $58 per night for budget accommodations up to $360 for a four-star room. But a three-star hotel room can be found for about $97 per night. Many online booking services can help with pricing and finding discounts, which will keep a Waikiki Hawaii vacation affordable. In addition to hotels, there are private vacation rentals, condominiums, resorts and timeshares. Each has benefits and pitfalls, so travelers should do some research on each type to determine which will satisfy travel needs.

Obviously water is a main attraction. Refreshing and inspirational, water is a source of both physical and spiritual life. Listing all the uses for water would be impractical, if not impossible. People have always been attracted to ocean shores, beaches, and river banks. And a Waikiki Hawaii vacation offers abundant opportunities to enjoy the refreshing power of water. Even a leisurely stroll down the beach or playing at the edge of the surf can be tremendously uplifting. Romantic interludes on distant exotic beaches are the stuff dreams and movies are made of. Couples and groups sharing quiet moments seaside have strengthened relationships not only between themselves but with Christ. As mentioned earlier, water is a source of spiritual strength. Pick up a concordance and read through the Bible's many references to the power and strength of water. Christians need not look any further than Baptism by immersion to witness the importance of water to growing in faith and walking with Christ.

The Book of John contains a very significant passage that equates water to life, both physical and spiritual. In fact, one to the most significant verses in the Bible is found in John. "Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God." (John 3:5) Water nurtures, feeds, and protects people. However, water does also destroy. Consider the parting and closing of the Red Sea. Lives were saved and lives were lost. A Waikiki Hawaii vacation can be a spiritual pilgrimage of sorts, if a person chooses to make it one. Work time for spiritual renewal into the trip itinerary. Popular tourist areas rely on a strong nightlife and all the decadence that goes with it. But Christians don't need to fall into that trap. Keep in mind spouting water is flowing, living water. Make the connection. Living water will flow from those who believe in Christ. So love, faith, and water are a powerful combination. A verse in Song of Songs describes marital love as one of the strongest and most unyielding forces known to humanity. Even the waters of the deepest ocean can't quench or wash love away. Water won't wash true and honest love away but it can make it stronger. Arguably, Christians and non-believers alike believe this to be true. Water activities are fun, but there is a greater attraction.

Christians seeking a Waikiki Hawaii vacation should plan to attend Sunday morning worship services on the beach. An online search revealed that most Christian denominations are represented in the resort area. In addition to the many recreational opportunities available within walking distance of almost any hotel in Waikiki, a number of other attractions are only a short distance away. Diamond Head Crater, Ko' olau Mountains, the 500-acre Kapiolani Park, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, and many other places of interest are on Oahu. Visitors can also snorkel, sunbathe, surf, or go on group canoe rides. For beginners, surfing lessons are available. Take to the air and view the island by helicopter, or go under the sea on a submarine ride. The best place to start a Waikiki Hawaii vacation is with an island travel agent or consultant. He or she can help arrange flights, lodging, rental cars, and tours. For those people with musical interests ukulele lessons are available. As the sun sets over Waikiki Beach, view the torch lighting ritual. According to several online sites, a man runs down the street carrying a stick of fire lighting the torches.

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