Grand Canyon Tour

1. A Grand Canyon tour is available from the months of June-September.

Explorations are mainly done in the summer months. This is because of the location and the possibility of severe weather conditions at other times of the year. The majority of explorations do not operate in the winter and spring.

2. An auto Yosemite tour is available from late May to November.

You can take a Yosemite tour via your car on Tioga Road from late spring to late fall. Although there are other scenic roads, Tioga Road is the most famous. It is a 39-mile drive from Crane Flat to Tioga Pass. One can see all of the beauty of the national park from their car window and make a few stops along the way for photographs of the natural settings and views.

3. There is not a whole lot to do on a Yosemite tour.

There are many activities to take part in during your visit at Yosemite National Park. Apart from simply viewing the wildlife and majestic beauty of the mountains, you can hike, fish, horseback ride, ski, go boating, go kayaking or enjoy some bird watching among many other things. Many vacationers come to national park to camp out with friends and family in a beautiful, natural environment.

4. Grand Canyon tours of one day will only take you to the Grand Canyon.

Many explorations provide stops to the Hoover Dam, Old Historic Route 66, as well as the Southern Rim to see breathtaking sights. There are various forms of transportation you can use to get around. From horseback riding, buses, helicopters, airplanes, rafts and Hummers, there are a variety of transportation options for a Grand Canyon tour. Your trip can include viewing via air, bus rim, sunrise and sunset, helicopter flight and hike. These packages allow you to see this amazing natural wonder from all angles.

5. Taking a Grand Canyon tour or a Yosemite Tour is a way to enjoy God's creation.

Psalm 89:11 - The heavens are thine, the earth also is thine: as for the world and the fulness thereof, thou hast founded them.

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