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1. India travel reveals excitement and drama.

To travel to India is to experience cultural drama. The country is diverse in religion and history, making it a rich and dramatic encounter. Your trip will expose you to ancient ruins, abandoned cities, and decaying temples. The experience will enliven you with its beautiful beaches and stimulating scenery. Such a vacation is for those who want to journey to and experience the unpredictable.

2. A trip to India is perfectly safe for tourists.

It is not always safe because several regions are prone to flashes of conflict. Territorial fighting or political violence can erupt in certain areas. Cautions are advised and those who want to go there should decide on which parts of the state to visit before entering the country. Check with consular advice before you plan to travel to India.

3. To travel to India, one needs to take precautionary health measures.

India travel can expose a tourist to health risks. Before entering the country, one should check with officials to confirm the types of shots needed for safety from Cholera and other serious transmitted diseases. There are occasionally epidemic outbreaks, so staying informed of health issues in India is always advised. By talking to and working with a vacation agent, you can have all of the necessary preparations met ahead of time. It is your agent's responsibility to help you get overseas legally and safely.

4. Before India travel, tourists should consider tsunami damage to the region.

Anyone who wants to travel to India should be aware that the tsunami of December 2004 hit the coast and island territories hard. Properties were severely damaged, and lives were lost. Much of the areas are recovered or are in major recovery status, but vacationers are advised to check with officials before your India travel. Your vacation agent will know what regions to avoid if you choose to work with one.

5. When going to a foreign country, it is wise to gather information and advice about that country.

Proverbs 13:10 - Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is wisdom.

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