Walking Vacations

1. Walking vacations are offered worldwide.

Walking vacations are available in practically any location in the world. Popular ones include viewing North American national parks, South American rain forests and European countryside or mountain ranges. These types of tours offer an amazing opportunity to see nature in different parts of the world up close and personal.

2. A walking vacation only involves walking.

Many walking vacations are supplemented with boat rides, horseback riding and other means of transportation. Depending on the tour and location, you can also go snorkeling, explore ancient ruins and caves, experience fine European dining and more. They are usually done in groups and family rates are available. It is very easy, however, for an individual to join a group tour as well.

3. A walking vacation requires that you be physically fit.

Walking vacations require the ability to maintain a certain degree of physical stamina. Walking tour companies and web pages will list the physical level required for the tour, and many people begin walking more before taking it. This allows them to enjoy the views without as much exhaustion. Tours in mountain ranges, in particular, require that you be able to hike up and down slopes. However, on islands, or places with low elevation will require a lesser degree of physical stamina. You should make time on your trip for resting before and after your tour. Be sure to bring water and comfortable shoes to wear.

4. A walking vacation is costly.

Because the main means of transportation is your feet, these kinds of tours tend to be very economical. Tour packages can include food, lodging and transportation to and from the location and more. As always, it is wise to compare rates for locations once you have picked a location. Be aware of those who are older or weaker as you plan for your tours. Conside taking shorter tours if you must accommodate a sensitive traveler.

5. A walking vacation can be a way to enjoy God's creation.

Psalm 96:12 - Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein: then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice.

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