Church Video Surveillance System

A church security system is an asset that will provide security for members and staff as well as protecting property. As churches continue to grow the need for security becomes more important. A church video surveillance system can be placed in high traffic areas both inside and outside the building. They can also be placed at all entrances into the building and placed to monitor the parking lot and grounds. Detection systems with an alarm can be placed at all entrances and exits to alert the staff of any unauthorized personnel trying to enter or exit the building. Unsecured grounds can become a potential area for a lawsuit if someone walks on the property and happens to get hurt or causes vandalism. Unsafe areas should be petitioned off with signs to discourage people from using them. Dark areas that are poorly lit should be surveyed and monitored for possible intruders.

Windows can become a temptation to criminals if they are not secured and monitored. A church security system should have alarms that connect with all windows as well as all doors. All members of the staff and the church should be aware of the security measures in place to keep out unwanted intruders. Members will appreciate any church that wants to provide a secure place that they can come and worship the Lord without fear of theft or vandalism. "And of Benjamin He said, The beloved of the LORD shall dwell in safety by Him; and the Lord shall cover Him all the day long, and He shall dwell between His shoulders." (Deuteronomy 33:12)

Rooms that are used to handle money and valuables should be restricted areas to all unauthorized members and have a sign that lets people know that it is restricted. A church video surveillance system should be set up to monitor areas that are restricted. A sign should be posted in high traffic locations that suggest members keep their valuables on person or leave them at home, that the church is not responsible for theft or vandalism. Fire exits need to be in plain sight and easily accessible just in case of a fire or other threat.

Each church should have a plan to initiate in case of emergencies. This would include any alarms going off whether they are security alarms or fire alarms. Staff members may want to carry pagers or cell phones to communicate with one another in case of emergencies. The clergy and staff should know if the area that the building is located in is in a high-crime area and should consider the amount of security needed based upon this information. One person should be in charge of making sure that the church security system is operational at all times and should oversee all the details associated with that position.

People are much more fearful today than in past times because of the daily news about crime and terrorism. Some people do not like to be in places where there are a lot of people because of the threat of terrorism and the increase of the likelihood of theft and vandalism associated with public places. A church video surveillance system will offer members a secure and safe place to worship God with other believers especially for those who see it as a growing necessity in today's world.

Another concern in today's society is the prevalent need to keep children safe. Unfortunately with divorce rates up children are at a greater risk for being victims. A church security system can provide attendance tracking and child security for every member of a family. Self check in technology can make it easy and flexible for each member attending services. One person can go to a computer screen and sign in the entire family. Before a person can pick up a child they have to be able to use the check in system with security code. This eliminates the possibility of someone who is not authorized to pick up the child.

High tech equipment is able to use surveillance that includes enhanced night vision and tracking features. Motion detectors allow the church video surveillance system to target in on any motion and follow it as long as it is detected. Equipment that is tied in with a computer assisted operation can allow the operator to set the controls to high alert so that an alarm will sound in case anything or anyone moves in front of the view of the camera. Some systems that are much more expensive can even detect motion behind walls. Others include infrared technology that picks up on anything that gives an energy signature so that anything can be detected in spite of bad weather or other types of interference.

Some high tech cameras for surveillance have a protective casing to protect them from vandalism and some are very small and can be hidden from sight. Technology in this area has become so advanced that the computer can be programmed to zoom in and scan items that may be hidden under clothing such as guns or other objects that can be harmful to others. This type of technology is already being used by some law enforcement and government officials. In some areas cameras on toll roads can take a picture of a car and bill that person for toll fees. Cameras stationed at traffic lights can take a picture of a car that has run a red light and bill the owner for a traffic violation.

Business Alarm System

A business alarm system can help to protect the business owner's assets through services that provide an alert in the case of theft or vandalism. A business owner can choose between a system that is hard-wired or one that is wireless. A commercial alarm system that is wireless is usually less costly than one that includes wiring. The main power source for a unit is usually installed in a closet and is connected to a landline telephone. When there is an alarm a signal is sent via the telephone line to the monitoring service and emergency services are notified. Before settling on security resources a business owner should pray and ask the Lord for guidance and help to make the wisest choice. "For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of His mouth cometh knowledge and understanding" (Proverbs 2:6).

Most units include motion detectors that can detect any movement before and after the business alarm system is activated. Magnetic devices are normally placed at windows and doors to detect when either is opened. When the siren sounds strobe lights are activated to light up any area where movement is detected. In addition, some systems include video surveillance, fire protection, and environmental monitoring. Some companies that offer security resources advertise the capability of customizing units specifically to fit the client's needs.

Video surveillance can be set up to record any movement or motion detected. Video can be set up to computers so that a person can see live video while it is happening or view recorded video. Some cameras have a tape that records live video but it is possible to have the live feed save to a hard drive on a computer. A commercial alarm system can be set up to cover any sensitive areas. Video surveillance equipment will make it easier to identify burglars and monitor employees for questionable behavior. Retail companies may find it helpful to monitor transactions made by employees including monitoring at all check out registers. Banks and financial companies would benefit from using security cameras to monitor all transactions. Video surveillance also helps to serve as a deterrent for vandalism and theft. Security cameras can protect a company from false liability claims and discourage anyone who might report such claims.

Some companies that provide monitoring services may do an inspect of the property and may suggest some upgrades on locks and changes on lights in parking lots, at the front and back doors, and around the perimeter of the building. Entryways, exits, and parking lots should be well-lit. Locks on windows and doors may need to provide greater security to keep thieves out. A business alarm system is just part of the package to burglar proof a commercial site. Options that can be included with a security unit are visual alarm signals, glass break detectors, interior and exterior sirens, exterior bells, strobe lights, and video surveillance. Usually there is a contract involved and fees will normally include installation, activation, and equipment charges. Although some companies offer deals on equipment and installation to clients who agree to use their services for a certain amount of time.

Other ways to protect property and employees is through commercial fire alarms and environmental monitoring. A commercial alarm system can help to protect the property as can a fire alarm but to protect employees and the profits of a company there should be environmental monitoring and periodic inspections to make sure that all areas in the building are safe. Environmental monitoring can detect fungus such as black mold, radon, lead, and asbestos among other things. In addition, environmental monitoring can help to pick up traces of carbon monoxide, flooding, changes in temperature, and fire.

A good security solution will help a business owner to avoid inventory shrinkage and false claims from employees and customers. A business alarm system can deter a thief from breaking in and stealing simply by installing alarms and motion detectors at all potential break in points. If the alarm does not deter a thief then strobe lights and security cameras probably will. Choosing a company that is dedicated to providing continuous quality monitoring and quick turnaround of contacting emergency services will provide some peace of mind for the business owner. Before signing a contract the client should see if the contract includes maintenance on equipment as needed.

Equipment for security should not be so complicated to use that the business owner becomes discouraged. Many systems include a keypad that will arm or disarm the unit for ease of use. If the alarm goes off then it takes a password to disarm or reset it. Normally when a unit goes off the company doing the monitoring will call for the password. If there is no answer or the person answering does not know the password then the security company will call the police and emergency services. Most cities require that anyone who has a business alarm system register yearly.

A good reliable service will be licensed to operate, have insurance coverage to protect the client from any unfavorable conditions caused by the equipment, will have a code of ethics by which they operate, and have strict standards for installation and for the equipment that they use. A commercial alarm system will reduce the stress and worry associated with vandalism and theft. Companies who provide equipment and the monitoring service will sit down with the potential client and go over their different units as well as the costs. Some security companies offer free quotes on the Internet as well.

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