Digital Security Camera Systems

When a person desires to buy digital security camera systems, either for home use or for a business, he will find a broad range of equipment, including CCTV video machines, CCTV lenses, video capture boards (with software) to use with computers, recorder systems (DVR), and other accessories. Also available is a range of digital video security camera packages to fit many needs. One thing to look for is the partnerships created between different types of electronics companies that will make available more systems that the buyer can use to fit into the specific needs at home or in the business. These partnerships will help fit more equipment into the intended use.

A digital video security camera can assist the owner in several ways. It can keep out unwanted people, even someone who desires to do harm. It can prevent accidents and give a visual trail of what happened during an accident. It can protect people and property and can help observe what's going on in the vicinity. Homeowners can use it to see who is at the door or even check on the house when they are not at home. Small business owners can keep track of shoplifters, burglars, and employees who are stealing from the business. Larger groups such as industries, research facilities, government buildings, or educational properties can be fitted with digital security camera systems to show any type of process going on in the vicinity. The basic components are a security camera, a display monitor, and a recorder. More complex technologies can also be added.

Available in digital security camera systems are either access control or sentry access control. Access control means restricting the entrance of a certain building or other structure to people who might want to enter. This could be physical access to a property, a building or to a room. The goal is to allow only authorized people to enter. In the past, the owner had to hire an entry guard or other person who could turn away unauthorized people or had to install locks and keys. These methods weren't always effective, and as modern society becomes more complex, less effective. But now with a digital video security camera, the same functions can be handled through technology. Keyless locks that had numerical push buttons allowed those who knew the right combination to gain entrance. The down side of this lock is that when the code needed to be changed, the entire lock had to be taken off the entrance and put back on when changed. This was a cumbersome process. On the other hand, digital security camera systems do not need to be disassembled to change the codes.

Another process that created systemic problems was the use of control cards and card readers. These readable devices allow people with cards to unlock the door by inserting the card into a reading device. Certain doors can be equipped to allow certain cards to enter and other doors to let other types of cards to enter. With this technology, the number of people using the process can be unlimited. The readers validate each person who wants to enter. Some of the more complex digital security camera systems use software to keep track of the card users. The software can monitor the activity through the doorway and keep a record of access both historically and real time. The software generates a log to keep track of access issues. These access controllers can come in single-door or multi-door versions. With more than one access point, the controllers can be connected in a network. That will allow all access problems to be configured and updated from a certain PC.

Another feature that can be built into a digital video security camera is an "anti passback" guard. That means that a person will be allowed to enter the building but not go back out. Most of the readers use radio frequency identification (RFI), which is much easier to use that the old swipe type of cards that used a magnetic stripe. The radio frequency identification only needs to be near the reader to register who is entering. Unlike the swiped IDs, the RFIs will not wear out or become damaged. They are also easy to duplicate. In places that need extra security, PIN numbers to be entered into a keypad can also accompany the RFI or biometric devices such as fingerprint readers or even retinal or facial scanners. The use of this technology means that a RFI can never be lent to someone who is not authorized to enter.

Knowing what is going on in private or business space is a definite plus in the world today. We all need to see what people are doing on our premises so that we can prepare ourselves to protect others and property. First Samuel 2:3 states, "Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth: for the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed." Using a digital video camera security system allows anyone to prove what has happened through taped incidents and not through arguments alone. That gives the homeowner or the business person the added advantage in a time of conflict or accident. And when access needs to be controlled, a digital video security camera can regulate the traffic twenty-four hours a day and assure the owner that the doors and other access points are securely managed.

DVR Security Camera Systems

When researching how to buy dvr security camera systems, several factors should be considered. Of course, price is an essential element, but other factors will determine how large your package is and where you buy it. The price can fluctuate from as little as $600 to as much as $5,000 or more. What is contained in these products are the number of camera supported, frames per second, compression technology, hard drive space, network connection or remote viewing capability, motion detection, scheduling, and ability to save work onto video or audio, or to a CD or flash drive. A color ccd security camera may contain as much as a terabyte of hard drive storage.

Another important factor is how easy it is to use. A good product will have easy search capabilities and audio support. Some of the smaller products have a basic 4 camera input and the larger ones have a 32 camera input and can be used in real time. The digital video recorder is really a computer that saves security images to a hard drive by taking the pictures from the camera feed and converts it to digital and compresses it.

DVR stands for digital video recorder. When looking for dvr security camera systems, check out how many frames per second the equipment can record. The calculation means taking the total frames per second in the system and dividing it by the number of video inputs. If a person has a 60 fps machine with 4 outputs, the fps would be 15. In higher end products, this can be done in real time recording. One important consideration is the size of the hard drive to use with the technology. Because digital pictures are saved on the hard drive continuously, the size of the hard drive becomes important. The specifications on the machine lists the size of the hard drive, but this is a rough estimate. Instead, look at the compression format. The type of cameras selected to use with the color ccd security camera will make a difference on the size of the product needed. Other features that will change the capacity are the scheduling or motion detection or even the field of view. These will affect the storage capacity and how much hard drive that will need to be purchased to do the job.

There are two ways to service the cameras. Either an existing PC can be altered to adapt it to the purposes or a machine developed especially for dvr security camera systems can be purchased. This last product is called an embedded system. An embedded system is far more stable and has fewer working parts so the equipment will most likely last longer and require fewer repairs. Several cameras can be hooked up to PC, allowing more flexibility. The owner simply plugs the cameras into the back of the PC. Because most cameras produce analog pictures, the PC then converts the analog into a digital picture. The digital video recorder will allow the owner to view all the views at one time, up to 32 cameras. A standard hard drive is 120 gigs. Monitors are best purchased at a local computer store to save on cost on shipping. Another problem with building a component system is that not all the parts will be compatible, therefore the resulting system may not work properly.

It's better to purchase an embedded product and save on the frustrations of bad compatibility. The software can be very sensitive to the type of motherboard installed or even the cpu that is used. Even the video card can cause problems. But if the owner decides to build his own product, it's essential that the owner set aside one computer to use for the purposes since this computer has to be altered. Other software should not be running while the color ccd security camera input is digested. When purchasing an embedded product, software for setup will be included. Also included are the power cord and documentation. The PC will come with a mouse and keyboard. The purchaser will need to select the cameras and applicable cables, and a monitor. An embedded product may just use a television. A PC machine will need a monitor that is compatible. Some companies will offer technical support with a purchase.

A person who wants to find the best equipment safety measures will take the advice of Proverbs 1:5: "A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels." Check out the many dvr security camera systems available on the market and make sure that the product will fill the needs of the business or other property. Each segment of the system has many different options, and the number of views desired is essential to determine before deciding on a color ccd security camera and PC-based or embedded computer. With the embedded machines, the software comes in basic machine code or Linux code. These tend to be more stable and to work more effectively than Windows. PC based machines have on-screen menus and a mouse. Many times they have more features than embedded machines. On the other hand, embedded products usually have one circuit board with software burned into the chip. That's why it's important to assess the pluses and minuses of each type of system before purchasing any component. Many companies out there will try to get a looker to buy their equipment, but the wise shopper will research what is best for his purposes.

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