Do It Yourself Home Security

Do it yourself home security can help a homeowner to keep thieves away without having to spend a great deal of money. Some of the things that can be done to catch a burglar or prevent a crime are to install lighting around the perimeter of the property, use motion sensors that are sensitive to movement, and use a security system that can monitor the property when home or away. Home security tips might include becoming part of a community neighborhood watch, stopping the mail and newspaper while away, locking the vehicles in the driveway, and closing all blinds and shades. A burglar may not be tempted to break into a home if he or she can not see what is inside.

Install deadbolt locks and a peephole so that it will be easy to look outside to see who is there before opening the door. Keyed sash locks on the windows can help to keep intruders out since a key is needed to open them. Sliding doors can be fixed to be more secure by placing a broomstick in the track area or purchasing a lock that prevents the door from being moved from the track area. Do it yourself home security can help to provide safety for the family without the high cost associated with some complete home security systems.

Floodlights can deter a burglar especially when they are installed to light up the entire outside of the residence. Lights with motion-detectors can help to illuminate the porch and front door area. This will not only help to keep away burglars it will help the person inside see who is outside after dark. For the safety of the entire family, there should be a rule that no one opens the door to a stranger especially after dark. Even if the face of the stranger looks friendly through the peephole that does not mean that it is safe to open the door. Every family should have a clear view of the outside and should have some home security tips that are upheld by every person especially the children.

Installing a security system can be done without hiring someone else to do it. There are some suggestions on the Internet by doing a search on do it yourself home security and there should be instructions that come with the purchase. A wireless system will be the easiest to try and install without help. The main unit should be placed in an area where the radio frequency will be free from interference from other radios or from a television. Motion detectors should be placed in locations that are potential areas for a break in such as the front door, back door, and larger windows.

Every family should have a plan for safety whether it is where to go for bad weather, fiding a place of safety in case of break ins, calling 911, not opening the door to strangers, or other strategies. The family that has a plan that includes home security tips will fare much better than ones who do not. Parents who often leave children home alone should make sure that the children understand what to do in case of a break in or any other type of emergency. Do not leave children alone without at least two different ways that they can contact others. A landline phone can be disconnected from the outside box so make sure that the children either have a cell phone or a pager just in case something happens to the landline connection.

Solicitors can be thieves so when a stranger is at the door he or she should be viewed as a potential threat. Children who are alone should never open the door to strangers and should contact the authorities concerning any stranger that does not leave immediately. Do it yourself home security should include a motion detector at the front door that lights up the area well to discourage burglars from trying to break in. Unfortunately sometimes burglars can be friends and neighbors so parents should tell children that are left alone to not even open the door to people they know when they are away.

Installing surveillance cameras can provide a much safer environment for a residence. People who are tempted to break in to a residence will think twice before doing so if they see surveillance cameras. Cameras can be equipped with motion detectors so that a recording is made of any motion detected. They can be installed both inside and out. The wireless cameras are easy to install for someone who needs simplicity. For people who can not afford the real thing there are security cameras that are fake but only the installer will know that they are. A few minor precautions could make all the difference in keeping a residence safe. In addition, God's word can provide peace to His children concerning the worries of everyday life. "I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety" (Psalm 4:8).

Mace pepper spray is something that can provide some security to those at home and those who are going out. Mace pepper spray contains cayenne pepper or a similar substance that can inflame a person's mucous membranes and even cause temporary blindness. The person using the spray should be careful not to expose themselves to it when using it. The substance does become ineffective over time so it must be replaced periodically. Keeping it in several locations throughout the home might be a good idea in case of break ins or in case of assault. Additional home security tips can be found on the Internet by doing a search. Taking precautions now could mean saving a life in the future.

Home Security Products

Home security products create added assurance of safety to a home. Understanding the options available including cameras, motion lights, and monitoring will help determine the best decision based on budget and location. Burglar alarm supplies may only need to be added as a deterrent, thus saving money by not having complex systems set up in order to catch criminals. The downside to this approach occurs when an actual burglary occurs. Wireless systems create a low maintenance option, but are expensive to replace. On the other hand, simply installing motion lights may be all that is required. Determining the actual motivation for purchasing burglar alarm supplies will help narrow the choices considered for purchase.

Some companies offer all the components needed for a fully functional system while others only specialize in cameras or recorders. The costs for each camera can range from $200 to $2000 depending on the clarity and movement of the unit. Likewise the more complex recording the heaver the camera may become which may affect choices due to the area it will be mounted. When researching different options a person should consider the placement of each camera in order to fully understand a realistic budget. Local companies may offer a consultation where a sales representative will come out and recommend according to specific personal and structural needs. Once a single sales representative comes this information can be used to create comparable quotes with other companies. Of course every company will have their own opinion of what is truly needed, but the ultimate decision is up to the homeowner. Understanding the range of viewing each camera can provide offers measurements a homeowner can use to determine the best placement and variety of equipment. People living in a wooded area where wildlife may roam is probably not the best place to install a motion light. Unnecessary alarm is not the goal of any home security products. Their houses [are] safe from fear, neither [is] the rod of God upon them. (Job 21:9)

Many choices are available to ensure the safety of a house. Determining a budget and sticking to the original reasoning for purchasing burglar alarm supplies will make the whole process a lot less confusing. Outdoor systems are generally more expensive due to the weather resistance and total square footage covered, however hidden cameras for the inside of a house can add up quickly as well. The least expensive route is linking multiple visible cameras to a TV where the channels change to view the whole house. This system may or may not have a recorder attached and is generally not manned while in use. The purpose is to conveniently view children playing in another room and to deter visitors or employees from malicious activity. If recording is desired prices can range from $200 to $2000 simply for the equipment. Depending, again, on the purpose a simple VCR may be sufficient. This decision will depend on the frequency of recording, reviewing, and storing. When continuous recording is necessary, but viewing time is limited, a person may want to invest in a DVR recording system. These burglar alarm supplies cost more, but conveniently hook up to the computer and the data is stored on a hard drive, which makes storage space much larger. The actual size will depend on the size of hard drive purchased and it is recommended to purchase two in order to have a backup so no time is lost.

Deterring unwanted visitors can be as simple as adding outside lighting and a simple monitoring system, which will put a sign at the front of the house alerting all visitors that a system exists. These types of home security products generally have a monthly cost as well as set-up costs, but will most likely lower home owners insurance offsetting the cost altogether. Simple steps can be taken in order to further ensure safety without spending a lot of money on elaborate burglar alarm supplies. Keeping all doors closed and locked whether a person is home or not will create doubt in a criminals mind as well as keeping the porch light on all the time. People are creatures of habit and criminals look for a break in habit such as the unusual use of a porch light when leaving on vacation or a pile of newspapers on the front porch. Likewise, they watch predictable patterns such as when a person leaves for work or church. Safety is never completely ensured; however purchasing home security products will greatly lessen the instance of attempt and completion of intent.

Once the level of security is decided upon a person can start thinking about where information will be sent for viewing or alert. This is important because some home security products are not compatible with remote communications. If the system is installed in a vacation home, a person will most certainly not be in the area for most of the time the property is being monitored, therefore requiring remote access. Even in monitoring services through professional companies a person will want to feel confident in the communication lines even when physical distance is far. These monitoring services oftentimes include smoke detection and carbon monoxide detection, which will alert the proper authorities. Asking around to neighbors will likewise aid in making a smart decision based on the specific area. Each company will claim they are the best, but some are simply the best for unique situations. Evaluating personal concerns and geographic realities will create confidence in the final decision.

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