Expandable Cordless Phone Systems

Expandable cordless phone systems can offer many features not available in traditional telephone extension paradigms where landline phones in each room are just extensions of one another. These very versatile and convenient home networks make short work of getting to a telecommunications device on time, making the chance of missing calls more unlikely. As the reader shall find out, a cordless telecommunications system can be relatively inexpensive, or the unit can become quite pricey, depending on the quality and desired options that are chosen. While many people are opting not to have landlines any longer, the voice and listening quality still leave a great deal to be desired. For those enjoying crystal clear clarity with communication devices, a landline, be it broadband or the traditional analog line, the quality is far above the average cell phone experience.

The advantages of having cordless phone systems at home rival those of being able to take one's cellular device from room to room. But there are some unique characteristics that expandable cordless phone systems have over the cell. Consider that every room in the house can be sound monitored through the use of these versatile telecommunications devices. That could be handy when having a party and a person wanted to find out what their neighbors really thought of them! That advantage could also prove valuable in monitoring the travels of little ones padding through the hallways and rooms on their way to trouble or at least mischief!

Of course, most of these devices also have answering machines and here is another advantage to consider. From room to room, across these entire expandable cordless phone systems the answering machine can be accessed from anywhere in the house, including the bathroom. That might be a very handy ability to have from time to time. As was mentioned earlier, a simple one handset cordless device system can be very inexpensive. For fewer than fifteen dollars a 2.4 GHZ can be purchased that has thirty name storage capacity, and a nine number memory speed dial. Another key feature lets the user hit any button to answer without fumbling for the talk button, and there is voicemail capability, selectable ringtones, page/handset indicator and last number redial. IN the past the 900 MHz cordless phones offered little security and often the quality of reception was suspect, but the 2.4 GHZ capability allows for a wider range of reception and voice quality.

Consider the fact that cordless phone systems need only one phone jack in the house and depending on the system, up to twelve phones can be accessed from the one phone jack. The basic configuration for these expandable cordless phone systems is a base station that plugs into the communications jack anywhere in the house. All the handset listening devices that are part of the base station's network in the house pick up radio waves from the base station and suddenly there is basically no where one can't be and not have a phone unless maybe in a lead lined box. There are two line networks, four line systems, there are cordless systems for the hearing impaired and there are systems that can be used in a conference call setting. And for the ones always forgetting where things are, like this writer, there is that fabulous find button that sends out a distress beacon to all missing handsets that might be under sofa cushions, in dog cages, under the bed or maybe on the roof.

There is a certain standard that quality cordless phone systems aspire to possess, and that is the certification called DECT, which stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Communication. This standard was formerly a European only model, but is now seen on packaging for cordless phone systems in the United States. The telecommunication devices that have this label are a little more expensive than the twenty dollar units, but still relatively inexpensive at about fifty to sixty dollars for one and two handset networks. Since the very earliest no cord telecommunications devices were in the 46-49 MHz range, people could often have interferences from refrigerators and baby monitors to televisions. So then the FCC allowed 900 MHz which cleared up the interference with refrigerators but then it allowed people to listen in to their neighbor's conversations who also had a without a cord phone system. In recent years higher frequencies have been ushered onto the market and these devices allowed for more clarity and even more operating distance. Under ideal conditions, the new 5.8 GHz phones have an operating capacity of up to two thousand feet. "If ye then, being evil know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him?" (Luke 11:13)

The premium today in this fast paced world is on communicating as quickly and as clearly as possible. The old scratchy vinyl records sound pretty archaic and distracting to most people today and the crystal clear sound of digital reproduction on our mp3 files or CDs is just an everyday accepted fact. It is simply unacceptable to have anything but perfection so we can hear and respond to all verbal and audio nuances. But it is in the sheer quietness of our hours when there are no distractions, no noises, and no interferences that God does His communicating. If a person ever complains that God cannot be heard, it's a red flag to get alone and away from all the expandable cordless phone systems and cell phones and mp3 players and televisions and car horns and just sit and drink in the still small voice of God.

Voice Mail Phone Systems

Voice mail phone systems provide an easy way to handle incoming calls while helping to build customer service with clients and prospects. A busy professional will appreciate the features offered through voicemail phone systems. Customers can experience serene music while on hold or have the ability to go straight to voicemail and leave a message. Many plans include an auto attendant with the capability of transferring calls between extensions. Some executives like the feature of being able to access call records online or have voice messages emailed to them. Fax messages can also be transferred to email and viewed online with free email notifications and online account management. Some plans have the functionality of an after hours greeting and customers or colleagues can easily access a directory for extension lookup.

Sophisticated voice mail phone systems have the ability to dial by name and include call blasting features. Call blasting can be set up to send calls to many recipients at the same time and can be delivered immediately or scheduled for delivery at a later date. Maintaining quality contact with customers is beneficial to building relationships and will usually result in increased sales and profits. Using a good phone system helps to handle communications by streamlining incoming and outgoing calls. Customers are bound to appreciate a pleasant greeting, being able to get results by accessing a directory database, and the capability of leaving a message easily without frustration. Put God first in business by using biblical principles and providing excellent customer service. "Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord" (Romans 12:11).

Using keys on the phone pad will help the user utilize features for instant play, reply, pause, and delete while listening to messages through voicemail phone systems. If a busy professional is concerned about missing an important call a pager feature can be activated to automatically page one when a voice mail has been left. It is also possible to automatically transfer incoming calls to voicemail if needed. Some programs utilize a landline analog service or may offer the new VOIP technology that provides digital service utilizing one's computer. Free quotes are available online for purchasing a new system or upgrading one.

Combining telephone service with a computer system provides flexibility and quality digital service. Many companies that offer Internet voice mail phone systems, provides the capability of managing email, phone messages, and faxes through an email inbox. Being able to manage all messages and correspondence through one designated email address provides flexibility and makes it easy to see all telecommunications in one place. Using Internet technology may prove to be cost effective especially when making long distance or international calls. Some companies provide service through cable broadband that has unlimited calling and no long distance charges.

An automated attendant answers incoming calls promptly and professionally 24 hours a day. Voicemail phone systems usually include the capability of leaving a personalized greeting for all calls or specific ones. Some programs are set up to have several boxes for different departments such as order desk, customer service, or technical support. Memory capabilities will store as many messages as needed depending on the scope of correspondence within a company. Advanced features can be added with many programs as a company grows and the need for expansion is realized. Systems and services vary in price so do a comparison online for the best choices.

Embedded services are available through voice mail phone systems and work through a broadband connection without using a PC. This would be idea for a home office with limited space. A busy entrepreneur who works out of the home may use a laptop instead of a PC. Since it is cost effective to use digital phone service through an Internet connection one might consider investing in an embedded voicemail system. If business calls end up being long distance then using Voice over Internet Protocol technology will provide one with a way to make those calls cheaper than a traditional landline service. Some companies online that offer options on digital service have various options available to meet the needs of the start up business or the large corporation.

Advanced voicemail phone systems can handle incoming calls simultaneously. Some programs can provide dial back to users as soon as a message is received. Messages are accessible through a landline phone by using a security pin code providing immediate playback functions to recipients. Playback functions usually provide the capability of saving messages after listening to them and some programs will forward saved messages to email for later perusal. Some systems provide advance features to record messages ahead of time for certain types of callers and those messages can be blasted automatically as the need arises. Do a search online and find out the many features and options available with voice mail phone systems.

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