Expandable Phone Systems

Small business phone systems are perhaps one of the most important equipment purchases that any company will ever make. Even though the Internet has become the advanced communication source of the future, the common telephone still provides a service that even high speed Internet cannot offer...a human touch. Even with the advancement of online commercial sites, the necessity for phone communications has increased rather than decreased. There are times when a consumer prefers to talk to someone in person rather than through email. Choosing the right telephone system is very important in offering the best customer service and office functionality that is required by any business.

There are many features, models, and prices when it comes to telephone networks for companies. Expandable phone systems are also available for companies that do not want to cut themselves short by purchasing a model that will be outdated in a few short years. Depending on the size of a company and the particular features that are needed, many small business phone systems can be quite pricey. There are several versions of telecommunications that can be purchased and each has its own pros and cons. Before asking for proposals from any salesperson, it is helpful to have a general understanding of the various choices. Communication units that are developed for approximately 10 users are called KSU-Less systems. Developed for the largest business section in American, KSU-Less units provide lots of advanced features at reasonable purchase prices.

They are cheaper for installation than some other choices because a KSU-Less unit can be wired into the existing circuits. This can save a lot of money in installation fees when rewiring to existing lines. KSU-Less models are intercom based units that combine the capabilities of cordless and corded telephone functions all in one. Smaller companies benefit greatly from this choice in both purchase price and advanced functionality. While KSU-Less units are the best choices for very small companies, mini-PBX models are widely chosen by companies that must accommodate the communication needs of up to 100 employees. Mini-PBX small business phone systems can either work through computer based or self contained models.

The contained models are easy to install and provide many communication options that mid-sized companies require. Options such as intercom capabilities, voice mail, auto attendant and more are available through contained models. The features available through contained units may be all a small company needs for telecommunications, but may not be enough for companies that need expandable phone systems through a variety of options which include computer based services. Mini-PBX computer options offer very advanced computerized features for companies that need to address all communication requirements in ways that are comparable to large corporations.

There are fewer companies manufacturing mini-PBX units that are self contained than those who cater to consumers that require a computer based format. As many companies continue to search for expandable phone systems that stay at the forefront of communication technology, the trend will be to move to the newer LAN options that use high speed Internet for all their office transactions. It is a natural progression for companies that use high speed Internet for other communications such as email, web cams and conference networking to continue with voice over Internet protocol for their telephone system needs. "For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?" (1 John 5:4-5)

Although this is perhaps the newest up and coming trend for telephone services in the future, some large corporations have already been using this format for years. Constant technical development of this option is making it more accessible for companies in general to use this form of small business phone systems via already installed high speed Internet connection. Sometimes it is easier for some companies to choose VoIP options over the more traditional, but highly effective PBX options because of the ability to share Internet cables that are already installed. High speed Internet opens the option of LAN based telecommunications for companies that already purchase broadband connection services.

The ability to purchase Internet services that include telecommunications for one fee is very attractive to companies that need cutting edge technology on a reasonable budget. Several problems with LAN based small business phone systems are being corrected such as problems with clear voice transmission and lack of traditional phone address listings. Although still in the early stages for broad accessibility, expandable phone systems through LAN connections is the next largest business communications trend. Combining telecommunication options with computer based technology will continue to revolutionize the way companies conduct their business. Computer based telephone systems and LAN based concepts have already set the tone and piqued commercial interest for future development.

Office Phone Systems

The best office phone systems to purchase could be one of the most important decisions that any given company or business makes. Telephone packages are vital communication tools that keep businesses connected to their customers, suppliers, investors, and each other. Having systems that allow easy access to the right department or person will prevent grief and frustration for clientele and other important people associated with the business. There are many different communication options on the market today, and finding the right communication tools for an office can be challenging. Those in the market for new communication tools may want to consider PBX phone systems, if the business needing a new communication tool is a fairly large organization. This system is generally used for offices or businesses that require advanced communication adaptability with many different functions available.

Choosing the best service or package may depend on the number of employees at a business. PBX phone systems usually serve businesses with more than forty employees. These packages can also be found at affordable pricing, making it an option for smaller companies, as well. Today, this type of telephone system no longer consists of the massive and complicated telephone cabinets and hardware taking up an entire office. Technology has ushered in the era of streamline and space saving hardware. This, other office phone systems, can now be stored and managed from a desk top. It is not only convenient for businesses, but saves a company dollars in costly real estate or office space.

Basic and extended features and functions can be found in many different communication packages. Many services will come with basic telephone communications and features plus many more options for the large companies in need of advanced communication solutions. They are fully programmable, allowing the business with this type of office phone systems flexibility and the technical support more complex companies may need, such as extensions across the globe. In today's global economy and business transactions, most business men and women need communication tools that allow them to be anywhere in the world and be accessible to their clients, customers, and business support systems. These complex phone packages do not necessarily cost companies thousands of dollars more for the many advantages offered. Surprisingly, programs of this nature may be comparable to other communication packages or systems that offer less flexibility.

Auto attendants are a common feature with many business communication packages. Most phone packages will have an auto attendant that is a recorded voice or message, instructing callers. Auto attendants will give callers information about how to reach the individual or department they are looking for. This feature is extremely important for large businesses that have high communications traffic and telephone calls volume that could overwhelm any person who answered phones or was the initial contact for a company. Of course, the auto-attendant cost companies much less that several switchboard operators.

Many features, like conference calling, are often needed in businesses. PBX phone systems offer international conferencing. Conference calls between office staff and those outside of the business provide the ability to save on travel expenses and to utilize valuable time management. Any telephone services under consideration should have advanced conferencing options for quick communication needs, putting people together in a matter of minutes.

There are many additional features offered with the variety of communication packages that businesses can purchase. Those researching communications for their companies should spend time investigating the different features offered by different communications companies. Before buying or investing in telephone systems, make sure that the systems under consideration will not only meet the communication needs now, but will allow for growth in the future. Many PBX phone systems offer updates and upgrades as part of their communications packages. The company that is looking to the future will want to make smart communication decisions now, with the future in mind.

An evaluation of a company's present needs and the goals and objectives can offer an idea of what the vital communication functions should look like. It is important to first decide what office phone systems should accomplish. With this information in hand, it is possible to start looking at suppliers that offer these specific needs. Many companies purchase complex communication systems and never use half of the services offered at their fingertips. When the company's needs are understood, wise decisions can easily be made. "So shall the knowledge of wisdom be unto thy soul: when thou hast found it, then there shall be a reward, and thy expectation shall not be cut off" (Proverbs 24:14). Putting together a team that can research communication options may be the best idea in gathering information about the various tools available today. The Internet is a great place to begin this search and will give companies an opportunity to comparison-shop the various communication tools before committing to one supplier. Taking the time to thoroughly research all of the options available today with PBX phone systems will pay off in the long run, bringing any company into the wide world of communication and networking.

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