Free Internet Fax Service

Using free Internet fax service is the wave of the not too distant future, and is even now becoming more and more prevalent. Utilizing this type of function directly from the computer desktop makes so very much sense, it is a wonder all businesses do not currently send this type of communication in this manner. Think of the paper that could be saved, the machines that would not have to be purchased and the energy saved simply by doing the faxing electronically. There are calculations out there that show approximately, how much waste is created each year for one business that decides not to send faxes via the computer. It is no wonder our environment is quickly becoming degraded and forests becoming razed. Businesses can be much more efficient and productive doing communicating electronically just as mail is sent in the same way.

Now there may be some people out there who enjoy the feel of paper between the fingers. This is something tangible people still enjoy. However, reading is quicker and less cumbersome using the computer, although not everyone enjoys reading electronic documents. There is available a free online fax service that can provide exceptional service to all business clients for very little money. Also, the service can help companies to increase productivity, reducing down time due to machines that get busy signals or that malfunction. There is wasted motion walking to the machine, wasted time filling out cover sheets, wasted supplies buying unnecessary paper, etc. So time management becomes a concern as does conserving financial resources.

Over the past few decades, scientists have recognized the importance of conserving our natural resources where the use of paper products is concerned. Much of our natural resources are from the jungles of South America, which are being reduced so quickly, they may be gone in a mere three decades. Our own native forests are depleted every day due to the need for paper products and other building materials. Americans tend to waste too much and care too little about what is used and how to use it. By beginning to communicate solely via the electronic network, much of this waste can be slowed or even halted. Using electronic communication just takes some awareness on the part of professionals everywhere, and a little effort to encourage fellow workers to care enough to use better means of sending documents. Introducing co-workers to a free Internet fax service might even result in a raise if it saves the small or even the large company money. How many businesses are not interested in that?!

Also, there are many free Internet fax services available out there easily identified and utilized. All the business person needs to do is to research the services and decide which best suit the needs of the company. Some of these companies offer a free online fax service for one month or more as a try-out period before committing for a longer period of time. A business can get a private faxing line to use on all business communication (electronic of course), and the faxing forms are always available via the Internet to pull up at a moments notice for use. Documents are accessed via email and are available any time and any where on the planet where there is Internet access. If the professional decides logging in to the free Internet fax service is too cumbersome to retrieve the faxes, then they can be forwarded directly to the personal email as well for ease of retrieval. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not on thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." (Proverbs 3:5-6)

One of the nicest amenities regarding the free online fax service is that no matter how many people want to send a document, every one of them can do this at the same time without encountering a busy signal! Getting busy signals may be one of the most frustrating aspects of using a regular machine, and so this doesn't have to be the case any longer. Everyone could use less stress in life, and this is just one way to accomplish that! Should the business decide not to utilize the service online, there is software that can be purchased which can be downloaded onto the computers at work, so that maximum privacy can be maintained.

This free Internet fax service can cost anywhere from $10 per month up to $30 per month, maybe a bit more depending on which service the company decides to choose. All of them, however, are much more economical than using that old bucket of a machine and wasting all that precious paper. The faxes are viewable as GIF files and can be accessed even if doing business in another country. Some services provide other amenities besides a free online fax service, so this would be worthwhile to check out. Some numbers can be set up as toll free, further reducing cost. Also, no longer will companies have to receive junk mail over the fax privacy is important and the free online fax service can accomplish this. Most files are transferred securely with password protection at all hours of the day and night. These services can also serve as a backup file repository where everything can be accessed in one place.

Another consideration that is expensive is purchasing ink every few months for fax machines. This is expensive enough for copiers and personal office printers, so why expend the extra dollars to have the fax machine and the ink too? Start doing things the right way, the ethical way, but most of all the easy way. Start using a free Internet fax service today.

Internet Fax Servers

Internet fax servers or Internet fax machines was a choice the sales manager of a high powered marketing firm had to decide. With salesmen out in the field all over the country, the ability to send faxes, or facsimiles, over the Internet even to salesmen that don't have facsimile machines at home is a huge step forward. The ability for facsimiles to be sent directly to email is now an everyday occurrence for anyone with Internet access. Being able to see facsimiles directly on the screen of the one to whom it is directed begins to close the huge security and privacy gap that traditional facsimile machines couldn't minimize. Any one walking past the facsimile machines could view important and perhaps secured documents before they ended up in the hands of the correct recipient. The ability to be able to scrap the dedicated phone line for the facsimile machine would be a great fiscal benefit and the cost savings in paper could also be huge. Plus the fact that the salesmen would not have to pay for transmission sending services or even find a service in remote areas is a big consideration.

With Web fax machines as a consideration, the sales manager began looking at the various possibilities. There were a number of facsimile machines that now possess Ethernet ports which give a direct line to the Internet. This device or the Internet fax servers could almost make an office paperless if the company wished to go that direction. As the manager began to look, the man found a well known company's basic Web facsimile machines starting at one hundred and fifty nine dollars. From that price the machines became more expensive as the capabilities expanded, to include traditional facsimile machine options. But as the man pondered the thought further, the question became clearer, and that was "Why would our company want to have regular facsimile capabilities if the goal is to get away from paper as much as possible?"

The man put that thought aside and began pondering the use of Web facsimile servers as a possibility. These service providers offered anywhere from free service for a few facsimiles a month to the handling of twenty five hundred pages a month for sixty dollars. If a person wanted to receive faxes only, the service was four dollars a month. Another service charged twelve cents a page and a onetime service offered up to ten pages for a flat fee of five dollars. These Internet servers have the capability to get any email from any employee and it anywhere in the world. These providers give a local number to the customer from which to send a fax and this is the process: Open a new email and put in the recipient's email address and phone number, and send the fax by email to the desired person. The difference between getting an email attachment and an Internet fax is that the fax is not an attachment to open but rather a full screen document just as an email message would be.

The Internet fax machines option came back to the fore as the manager considered the logistics of the decision. A hundred and sixty dollar machine was in the budget. On the other hand thirty five clerical staff running around all day sending some forty to fifty faxes to salesmen all over the United States and Canada, one machine might not be enough, and how productive could the AAs be if they were all waiting for machine time? Four Internet fax machines spread out over the office area could be a real time saver and alleviate the standing around. On the other hand the Internet fax servers could empower all of the staff directly at their desks, and that seemed to be the logical decision.

Getting Internet fax machines or using Internet fax servers is really the first logical step to an office becoming entirely paperless. One study suggests that an average size business uses over two hundred and thirty thousand pieces of paper a year. At five dollars for a ream of paper, that is a savings of over four thousand dollars a year, plus the cost of a dedicated transmission line. Enough of a savings for a nice office Christmas party! Add the security of the "for your eyes only" factor and this way of doing business can only grow stronger in popularity in the years to come.

"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field." (Matthew 13:44) Finding new ways to cut costs has to be at the fore of all business thinking and planning. If a company can see the value of Internet fax machines or Internet fax servers, it can be like finding a treasure hidden in a field. Being able to send multiple faxes at one time, saving some trees from less paper use, receiving and sending faxes from and to anywhere in the world without overseas phone charges and receiving faxes even when all the computers are off for the night and giving people in the field more options and ways to communicate can't be anything but a big advantage for any business. Within weeks of implementation of choosing one the of the Web transmission servers, the sales manager was receiving high praise from salesmen all over the country who no longer had to run to find a facsimile service late at night.

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