Home Burglar Alarm Systems

Home burglar alarm systems can provide security for the family, discounts on home insurance, and protection for assets. Keeping a home free from theft by using an alarm system has many features. Some of these include but are not limited to continuous protection through monitoring 24 hours per day, 7 days per week; instant fire detection or instant break in detection; and easy keypad operation. Insurance approved burglar alarms can mean a discount on insurance premiums. The discount can be applied to the cost of the security system. Security for the home or a business can be accomplished by just purchasing the equipment or by using a company that monitors and maintains the equipment.

Using a company to maintain and monitor security for a residence can remove much of the burden that homeowners feel toward keeping the family safe. Some homeowners may feel a great deal of distress over securing the home from intruders simply because they travel and are not there very much. Home burglar alarm systems can remove a great deal of the burden of worry by providing a service that ensures safety for all family members. Many of the companies that provide this type of service can be found on the Internet.

The service of home monitoring by an insurance approved company can be more expensive than a do it yourself custom plan. Someone who wishes to install and monitor an alarm without hiring someone else to do it can do some research, purchase the equipment, install it, and can save some money. However for the system to provide a discount on insurance it may have to be through a certified company that provides insurance approved burglar alarms. Companies that provide monitoring may already know what the average insurance company requires in order to give a discount on premiums regarding alarm systems. A homeowner who wishes to do their own security should contact their insurance company and find out what they will need in order for the insurance company to issue a discount on premiums.

Monitored security often includes a connection through a landline phone that immediately sends the signal to the company who provides the service and they call emergency services for their customers when it is needed. Companies that offer home burglar alarm systems provide continuous around the clock monitoring. They also have periodic routine inspections to make sure the equipment is working properly. Some companies will provide a free consultation and inspection of a residence along with a free quote for services and equipment. They also may have different packages to choose from that vary in price. These choices would most likely include a price for commercial and another price for residential, as well as variances in cost based upon the package chosen and the different types of equipment purchased.

Some of the choices offered to homeowners include motion sensors, smoke detectors, panic buttons, vibration sensors, and strobe lights. Smoke or fire detectors can be wired into insurance approved burglar alarms. In case of electrical failure a backup battery will keep the system working. Motion sensors and strobe lights can be included since these can be successful in helping to deter a thief. Someone breaking in that hears the alarm and is exposed by the lights will probably leave in a hurry. This type of security also alerts neighbors that someone is breaking in as well as sending a message to the burglar that the police will be there shortly.

Some companies that offer monitoring services advertise that the equipment, installation, and activation are free. The homeowner and business owner can do a search on the Internet to find these kinds of deals. However, the person who purchases these types of home burglar alarm systems will more than likely be locked into a contract for up to three years or longer. This will also include a set monthly monitoring fee and can include other fees or costs depending upon what is purchased. Some companies will offer to change out door and window locks to provide more security. Outdoor lighting may be another way that a person can improve home security. Most companies that offer monitoring services have a variety of equipment that can make a home more secure and safe. Listening to God by reading His word and obeying His word can bring security and safety. "But whoso hearkeneth unto Me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil" (Proverbs 1:33).

Along with equipment a company that offers monitoring services will request that the purchaser places a sign in the yard to let others know the home is monitored by a security service. Installing insurance approved burglar alarms will mean walking around the property to eliminate any possible sources that can benefit a burglar. There may be a necessity to trim trees and bushes to prevent a thief from hiding or using them to gain access to windows. In addition, some cities require that homeowners get a permit for any home burglar alarm systems. By registering with the city, a homeowner is guaranteed responses from emergency services.

Some good tips for home security without spending a lot of money include leaving on the porch light all night with a high wattage light, keeping all doors and windows locked during the day and at night, keeping all vehicles in the driveway locked, putting up dummy or fake security cameras, installing a do it yourself wireless alarm system, and not leaving a spare key outside. When away have the post office stop mail delivery and have the newspaper company stop paper delivery. Leave on a television and some lights to fool potential thieves into believing someone is at home.

Wireless Smoke Detectors

Wireless smoke detectors can save a family while in a deep sleep and do not sense the danger or smell the smoke. A person usually does not notice smells while in deeper levels of sleep but sounds will usually wake a person. There are two main types of detectors; a photoelectric or an ionized smoke detector. Ionization units have a chamber that contains both a positive charge and a negative charge. When smoke enters the unit the drop in negative and positive ions causes the alarm to sound. The photoelectric unit is activated when the smoke blocks the light beam. Ionization units are cheaper than photoelectric units. Photoelectric units may sound when exposed to normal amounts of smoke caused by cooking. Ionized ones usually are not as sensitive but will beep when the battery starts to fail.

Most fire experts recommend using both types of alarms to better equip the home for safety. If one type does not work hopefully the other type will. Wireless smoke detectors can be linked together to all go off if one unit goes off. This can serve to alert everyone in the home and can be very useful especially in larger homes. The recommended amount of units in each home should cover every bedroom, living area, kitchen, and there should be units on every floor of the home. God expects His children to use wisdom and be smart about matters that can affect their own families. "Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety" (Proverbs 11:14).

There are some units that are made to sound through sensing heat and some that alert by detecting carbon monoxide. Some of the newer models have ways to record a message to everyone in the home giving instructions to get out of the house instead of just sounding an alarm. An ionized smoke detector works better in rooms containing flammable liquids or cleaning solutions. They respond quicker to fast fires that are highly flammable where heat is high and smoke is not so bad. Fire experts recommend having both photoelectric and ionized units in each room of the home for maximum protection from any type of fire.

Every family should have a plan in case of fire and each member of the family needs to understand what that plan is. After hearing an alarm one of the first things to do is to get on the floor and check the door of the room for heat. If the door is hot then the person should try to escape through a window. If the door is not hot then the person should slowly open the door while staying as low as possible. If a person has a phone handy they should call the fire department and tell them where their location is especially if they have no way of escaping on their own. Wireless smoke detectors can wake a person up from a deep sleep but if the fire is spreading fast it may still be difficult to get out of the home safely.

When trying to escape in a fire the person should stay close to the floor because heat rises. If the clothes happen to catch fire the best thing a person can do is to stop, drop, and roll; running can cause the fire to increase because oxygen feeds a fire. When a person becomes trapped in a room the most important thing to do is to try to fill up any cracks and keep the smoke out. A person can die from smoke inhalation. If there is a window then it should be opened but only a crack since too much oxygen will draw the fire in. Fire detectors can be lifesavers but if they are not checked occasionally they may not work when needed. An ionized smoke detector will usually beep when the battery needs changing. To keep detectors working longer between checks, a person can consider using long lasting lithium batteries.

To keep a home safe the inhabitants should consider carefully using any substance that could cause a fire and installing an ionized smoke detector where there is a potential risk of fire. Wood burning stoves and fireplaces can become fire hazards and should not be used unless they are properly installed. Portable electric heaters should be used cautiously and be placed in an area free from anything that is combustible. Extension cords can increase the risk of fire if they are not equipped to handle the power going through them. Gasoline should never be used in the home as it is highly combustible. Cigarette lighters and matches can be potential fire starters especially around children. Smoking in bed is another potential fire starter especially if the person who is smoking is tired and might fall asleep while doing so.

Some disabilities put people at a higher risk for harm especially those who are blind and deaf. For those who have hearing and seeing problems wireless smoke detectors will not help much. However, there are alarms that are designed to vibrate and flash. The vibrating ones can be placed under a pillow. The vibrating is activated when the alarm sounds. Seeing-eye dogs can be trained to wake up their masters when an alarm sounds or at the first sign of trouble. A disabled person needs to know where all the doors and windows are in case of an emergency and have a plan of escape in case of fire.

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