Infrared Security Camera System

A consumer will need to have an infrared security camera system installed to see in total darkness. There are many arrangements that a purchaser can buy to fulfill desired needs for surveillance. Much of the equipment bought for safety has illuminators built into the chassis. These units photograph in color in the day time and but change to black and white for night vision. Many units use LED (light emitting diodes) lighting, which is installed around the outside lens of the unit. It uses a light from a different region of the electromagnetic spectrum than humans normally use to see so they are invisible to the human eye. The low light captures the scene almost as clearly as if the photo were taken in the afternoon sunshine. Businesses have used this equipment with good results. Also available for those who cannot take the time to wire the equipment is a wireless infrared security camera. IR illuminators can be bought separately to apply to already installed products.

An infrared security camera system will work in color as long as the light upholds, but when sunset descends, the images turn into black and white. The built-in sensors turn on the LEDs and the cameras begin reading the LEDS. The level of light required to shoot good photographs is called the camera's lux. To calculate this reading, the lower the lux, the better the equipment can see in the dark. If the lux is 0.0, no light is needed at all to take photographs. The number of LEDs determine how far the product can see ahead in the dark. Also, when purchasing a wireless infrared security camera, remember that the size of the lens will determine the clarity of the pictures and the distance it can see ahead. Unlike earlier versions, at 940 nm, the hull of the machine will be invisible to the human eye even in total darkness. At 850nm, a slightly reddish or pinkish glow will shine through the dark. An "nm" is called the nanometer rating.

Although popular wisdom says otherwise, a wireless infrared security camera does not read the heat on objects it shoots. Instead, it sensors a type of light called infrared. Therefore, it requires its own light source. This light is independent of daylight and is not recognizable by the human eye. This light is either provided by the system itself or is provided by a separate enclosure. A reputable manufacturer will list its products' range and the angle of the beam. Some emitters produce an orange glow, but emitters can be purchased that produce only invisible light ranges. But this ability will cost more. The infrared security camera system can come in small sizes, like bullet cams, or larger sizes to allow for more IR cams. These systems are most amenable to areas that have little light but also are confined in area. Otherwise, low-light cams may be more desirable and effective. If the buyer has to purchase a number of IR cams to safeguard the property, it may be more cost effective to purchase low-light systems and take advantage of any light emitted in the area. Varifocal lenses are available on low-light systems. Therefore, low-light systems can take better advantage of the range of the lens whereas the IR systems must rely on the emission range of the special lighting.

For example, a 50mm lens with low-light could be set up to illuminate an entrance 100 feet from the product. The same distance with IR would pose a problem in that the IR lighting would limit the range before the range of the lens was exhausted. Therefore, 100 feet distance would be too far to get IR photographs. A large bank of IRs would have to be installed to complete the surveillance. On the other hand, if the desired surveillance is in a darkened area in which low-light would not function, then an infrared security camera system would be the best option. Also, sometimes a combination of IR and low-light can fit the property well. Most reputable lighting companies will help the consumer develop and install a plan for property surveillance that is cost effective and achieves the purpose. Some CCTV and DVR firms also offer do-it-yourself installation for those who have some knowledge of these processes. They will help the consumer determine which type of product will function best in the specified area.

Many manufacturers will put examples of what their product can do on their websites. Wireless infrared security camera can also be purchase in closed circuit television (CCTV), which enables the business owner to monitor and record the images taken by the CCTV. The product purchased can also grow with the business person's needs, so someone can purchase a basic plan with the idea of adding to it as the business expands or as other needs arise. The IRs are called day/night photographic equipment because they switch modes from day to night when the light changes. A built-in sensor tells when the light is too low for color pictures, and the pictures change to black and white, which is more effective at night. The sensors are built so that they will not trigger when cloud cover or other temporary light change may darken the area. The Bible tells us of God's care for us, "For thou art my lamp, O Lord: and the Lord will lighten my darkness," (2 Samuel 22:29). Just as God lights our lives, so we too can light up the darkest parts of our property with IR and prevent crime and have a record of the incidents that happen within our borders.

Web Based Security Cameras

When ordering web based security cameras, check out the features available because there are numerous advantageous to different companies. One feature to compare is the cost of different systems and how difficult it would be to wire it to the property that needs the safety surveillance. Some systems are meant for wired applications; therefore, wireless applications will not support the technology. Other systems will support wireless apparatus. Look for features that can be set for motion detection. When someone is detected on the premises, the camera will take images, attach them to an e-mail, and send them to the directed e-mail address. This equipment can also be set for audio functions when the system is connected to external microphones. The audio will also be sent to the e-mail address. The pictures will be in digital format for easier use on today's sophisticated equipment.

The web server connected to the ethernet security camera can be hooked up to either a standalone component or to a network or modem. Ethernetic equipment means wireless broadband network applications. Most of these systems will work with any types of photo equipment and can be connected to multiple units. The sensors can provide sharp and clear video with lifelike color representations. The cameras can pan, tilt, and zoom, which can be controlled from the Web interface or from the included remote control. Check to see how many degrees the product will pan and the speed for zooming closer to the desired figure when deciding on a system to purchase. Usually, the apparatus can be installed easily with plug-and-play features. By attaching a D-Link wireless antenna, the wireless range can be increased. Check to see if network conditions and environmental factors around the building, including volume of network traffic, building materials and construction, and network overhead, lower actual data throughput rate, will affect the wireless signal range.

No extra software needs to be purchased with web based security cameras and the information can be saved on a hard drive for permanent record. When purchasing a web based security camera system, check the resolution and the megapixel sensors. Another consideration is the number of pictures that can be taken with the ethernet security camera and accompanying products. A lot will depend on what your card can hold. To find out what the capacity is, divide the capacity of the card by the average size of the images. Changing modes on the equipment, such a setting for a lower resolution, with add to the capacity. The quality of the photos depends on the megapixel rating. That goes back to the resolution or sharpness of the images. So a buyer must determine the importance of the photo sharpness compared to the ability to the size of the card.

These pictures can be used for web attraction, weather monitoring, or high definition surveillance. The system may be able to support both ethernet security camera and a standard video connection. Another important feature may be the addition of an automatic mechanical day-and-night filter so that surveillance can be optimal at any time of day or night. This gives the absent owner a better handle on his property, especially at holiday times or other vacations. Also check the type of alarm triggers included so see if they can be adapted to the type of system desired. Some systems will add a time and date stamp on each image, but this will heighten the cost.

Some companies will help the newcomer to ethernet security camera figure out the type of system needed for his surveillance. In that case, the customer will fill out forms that show what he needs, and the company will e-mail back a reply. One of the cautions about using this type of equipment is that it shouldn't be used for voyeuristic reasons or to pinpoint minorities. CCTV (closed circuit) has been successfully used in businesses and government to aid in surveillance and to document activities that may have legal ramifications. If a company has some risk of being vandalized or robbed when no one is present, the web based security cameras can send video pictures of the incident directly to where the owner is staying, allowing him to react promptly to the situation. Or a business owner can survey his business during open hours when he is not present on the property. There may be areas of the business, such as an alley, that could use more surveillance than a front-door entrance.

Web based security cameras have often been used in a dishonest way, recording people for unscrupulous reasons. The Bible says that honesty is paramount and that we should be "providing for honest things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men" (2 Cor. 8:21). The use of these systems should be above board at all times, and not for nefarious reasons, even if the outcome is productive. For example, surveillance in fitting rooms would be an unacceptable practice even if that meant catching shoplifters in action. Most of these situations can be dealt with in other ways, providing for maximum privacy for customers. There are literally hundreds of products to choose from with all kinds of extra features to meet the needs of the business person or home owner. Check out the warranties included with the purchase. A common warranty is for 36 months parts and labor. A copy of the warranty can be obtained before buying anything. Also find out what types of mounting brackets, power adapters, and cables are included with the material purchased.

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