Video Conferencing Solutions

Video conferencing systems are useful for businesses that have frequent meetings amongst employees in different locations. Video conferencing saves not only time and money, but also provides an added layer of safety as travel costs are cut down allowing the companies to invest money elsewhere, perhaps in divisions that require more attention. The ability to hold a meeting between one office and another either across the country or on the other side of the world is valuable, worthwhile, and can possibly lead to more lucrative business deals. The proper equipment can help to make conferencing easy and efficient and a valuable tool among businesses, corporations, and even schools and universities.

Technology has made tremendous advancements in recent years and has grown to encompass almost all aspects of life. Telecommunication has opened doors for all kinds of business ventures and educational endeavors the world over. Video conferencing solutions can encompass just a few people, to an entire office or classroom, whatever the need might be. The technology requires key pieces of equipment and then the sky is the limit. Telecommunication has come a long way since the telephone, an invention which literally changed the world by making it shrink as far as communications are concerned. Now a person or group of people can have a two-way conversation complete with audio and video.

Advanced technology has become more readily available to the common man, meaning that video conferencing systems are no longer strictly for executives, but rather a staple commonly found in offices. One of the aspects that makes this form of communication is the simple fact that by the technology eliminates the need for employees or heads of companies to travel between offices and aids in cutting back costs dramatically. Added benefits abound as the same pieces that are used for communicable reasons can in turn be used to aide in presentations. People are more likely to pay attention to a presentation if the production is accompanied by pictures, sounds effects or music, which not only make for more efficient meetings, but aid in the cultivation of creativity in employees which can do wonders for productivity.

There are many different styles of equipment which helps promote video conferencing solutions. A company need not invest in an entirely new system if they already have pre-existing audio and video equipment as updated pieces can easily be integrated with the old. There are many options and even styles to choose from in order to fit the decor of every conference room, office or classroom. Those who are interested in the technology would greatly benefit by visiting an electronics store or by searching the Internet for information and advice about all the various pieces of equipment needed to build successful video conferencing systems that will work to meet and satisfy any particular requirements a group or business might have. There are many websites that offer advice and tips on the latest advancements in the technology and suggest ways that systems can be upgraded and or integrated to allow for seamless integration.

Video conferencing solutions can help to promote and cultivate employee's abilities to work together as a team versus striking out as individuals. The value in promoting camaraderie in the workforce should not be overlooked as more can be accomplished by people who can work together, and ideas and solutions for problems are more readily arrived at when people are bouncing ideas off one another. Research has proven that working together in teams yields better results and aids in the development of ways that a company can prosper as whole. The market can be a competitive place and those companies which employee happy employees are more able to gain the much needed edge to remain in the forefront. In much the same way, the technology is also used to cultivate discussions in classrooms as well. Many universities and even high schools are equipped with telecommunication devices that allow for students to see, talk to, and essentially share in classroom style education with peers across the country or on the other side of the world.

Companies and businesses that employ the use of video conferencing systems are able to ultimately conduct more productive meetings due to the fact that a lot of communication is non-verbal. By being able to see one another when communicating, people are able to gain a better understanding about what each other is actually feeling or thinking. Employees are able to feel like they are taking more of an active role and are actually being heard and their opinions and ideas have a better chance of being taken into consideration and perhaps put into action. The ability to see facial expressions when ideas are bantered about can go a long way in either boosting one's confidence concerning an idea or help one to gain insight into how others respond which can prove to be vital information for tweaking ideas or strategies and ultimately improves the overall feeling of satisfaction after meetings.

The world is quickly becoming a smaller place as advancements in communication have risen to new heights. Businesses and organizations that desire to stay on the forefront would be wise to look into and invest in video conferencing solutions. Those who take the time to invest in this technology have the potential for saving time, money and become a better company or educational system. Wise investment choices can lead to stronger organizations as, "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding" (Proverbs 4:7).

VoIP Video Conferencing

Businesses large and small are benefiting from VoIP video conferencing technology. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, involves using the internet to make telephone calls. This technology involves taking a phone call and breaking it down until it becomes digital units that can be transmitted via the internet and then reassembled at their destination point. As long as there is enough bandwidth to support the call, VoIP quality should remain high and able to keep lag time to a minimum. When insufficient bandwidth is the case, the quality of these transmissions can suffer. As companies explore the many possibilities of this technology, hosted IP telephony is becoming more and more popular. Advances in this technology are beginning to eradicate concerns over quality. The equipment that is needed for Voice over Internet Protocol includes special software that can be used with a personal computer. The computer will need an internet connection that has a high bandwidth such as DSL or cable. Other equipment could include a speaker, a head set or microphone, and video equipment such as a webcam, a computer monitor, or a television or projection device.

Some of the benefits of VoIP video conferencing are that it can bring people who are in different locations together and allow visual as well as audio contact. Whether the conference involves only two individuals or large groups of professionals on each end of the conversation, participants can share information, documents and displays, as well as conversation, as if all participants were in the same room. The ability to conference in video is not a new development. Videoconferences that used closed circuit television have long been possible and are almost as old as television itself. Mobile links using satellites have also afforded similar opportunities for years. Many of these older technologies were hampered by quality issues. The difference in Voice over Internet Protocol is the use of the internet as a means of connection. The concept of using digital technology to place telephone calls did not originate until the 1980s. Using Internet Protocol to stage a videoconference did not occur until the 1990s. Now, large meetings can be held face to face using this technology, or individuals can communicate visually using their own desktop computer.

Professional systems that make these internet based videoconferences possible can be quite expensive. For this reason, many small companies who wish to take advantage of this technology are outsourcing the expense of such a system through hosted IP telephony. One of the issues that must be handled in order to make VoIP video conferencing successful is echo cancellation. Sound delays can sometimes cause a speaker to hear the echo of their own voice. Echo cancellation handles this problem by constricting the scope of these sound delays. Trained professionals can create video conferences that can bring together three or more remote locations. A multipoint control unit is necessary for conferences that include a number of groups. The Bible describes the voice of God as a very powerful thing. "The voice of the LORD is upon the waters: the God of glory thundereth: the LORD is upon many waters." (Psalm 29:3)

Since audio conference calls have long been possible and come at a considerably smaller cost than hosted IP telephony, what are the qualities of the video conference that make it worth the expense? Eye contact is generally considered a major benefit of visual communication compared to communication that is only audio in nature. The ability to visually gauge other individuals in a business setting is seen as a valuable tool by some. A possible drawback to the visual approach could be an increased awareness of appearance and the lack of comfort that individuals might feel because of this. But as the popularity of this technology continues to grow, many of these issues may become a thing of the past. Overall, multimedia approaches to conferences, meetings, and collaborations are quickly becoming the norm. The availability of hosted IP telephony is making this technology a reality for many small businesses.

Not only is the business world benefiting from this technology, but private individuals are increasing using the home computer for similar purposes. That is not to say that ordinary telephone conversations or simple e-mails have become pass. Basic audio or written communication is still very useful tools and should remain so long into the future. But VoIP video conferencing can be a very useful in the business setting. The transportation costs of pulling together individuals from a number of remote locations can be quite high. The cost of setting up a video conference rather than pulling all participants together in one physical location can generally seem quite small by comparison. There are also occasions when live, face to face communications are necessary. Those with hearing disabilities can find great benefit in this technology since it opens the door for the use of sign language.
Companies that are interested in this technology, but are gun shy about the expense that could be involved, should look into hosted IP telephony. When shopping for a provider of this technology it is generally best to go with a firm that serves only business users. The amount of bandwidth that is necessary is another important concern. When a number of users will be taking advantage of this technology, professional installation of this service is a must. Installers that are on site can also provide useful training to employees and can help companies get the most out of the service that they are purchasing.

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